Rapid Weight Loss with World-Famous Jockey, Jimmy Duggan

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Jimmy Duggan is an English Jockey from Hillingdon, Middlesex. If there’s one thing Jimmy knows, it’s weight management! His career depended on it. Even with this success though, he was at one point called, “The fattest jockey in England.” Click below to listen, or read on to learn how Jimmy became one of the most successful jockeys of all time through rapid weight loss methods!


How important is weight management to a jockey?

The scale meant everything. For me, and for most of the jockeys, when you get up in the morning you get on the scale and you know that if you’re not eight pounds lighter by that afternoon you can’t ride in the race. So if there are 100,000 people at the races and you don’t make the weight, then you’re letting down all those people.

So there was a massive pressure along with the weight and how important the scales were. I can remember every single day, I’d look through my fingers at the scale and see I was a lot heavier than I anticipated, and I’d cry at the thoughts of having to lose that weight prior to riding in the afternoons. 

The concept generally recognized by the public is that when a jockey tries to lose weight before a ride in the afternoon it’s like how wrestlers lose their weight before a match. Well, it’s not like wrestlers at all. Wrestlers and boxers can go and eat whatever they want to after the weekend. But jockeys have to keep that weight off too because you have to weigh back in the same weight as you weighed out. We have to maintain the same weight before and after the race.

So after losing eight pounds, I would have to race without gaining any more weight. And that was a tremendous challenge.

I was generally known as the ‘fattest’ Jockey in England, and I can laugh about it now. I laughed about it then because my weight fluctuated so much. I had a dietician tell me once that my natural body weight was in the 150-pound range and that is a spit as I can with the lowest possible body fat percentage. I mean in my twenties I was often 140 pounds, so I was racing 10 pounds below my natural body weight. And so the natural inclination initially is for your weight to jump back up. So I was constantly suppressing my weight, and as a consequence, it’s fluctuated all the time. And when it fluctuated above my body weight, I was heavy. I was heavy a lot of my career because of the fluctuations.

It was a constant struggle. In fact I retired when I was 28. And the main reason why I retired was because of my weight. I was just so dead tired of fighting dead in myself from the constant battle of getting up every morning. And I would run five miles in the morning in a sauna suit or a rubber suit.

A lot of the times I would then have to go to a sauna on the way to the races or sit in a sauna for an hour and a half at the race to lose the rest of the weight. And that just wears you down eventually. Your body or your mind can’t take it anymore, your mind especially.

On Weight management and losing pounds and inches rapidly

When I retired, I put on a lot of weight very quickly and then I would get it off again. People would ask me about it, and I would tell them to exercise, watch your macros, all of that. But in theory it was very easy advice to dish out. But in practice it took a lot of doing for me even knowing how to do it for my whole life.

And then I found Pounds and Inches Drops for the first time, and having done the first round of pounds and inches drops for me, that was it. It was a whole new awakening because for so many reasons, and we can talk about each of the reasons, but for me my appetite control and the energy that I felt when I had the Pounds in Inches Drops. And every time I’ve taken them since it was phenomenal. The difference was just incredible to what I have lived my whole life doing.

The help of supplements in rapid weight loss over straight dieting…

Prior to that point. I found that using a supplement made a difference over just a straight dieting. It was for me as well as the protocol. The structure of the Pounds and Inches Drops suited me brilliantly, because there were no gray areas. I had my food groups, I had my calorie count that I hit, and then the drops. It allowed me to stay within that without being ravenous, without ever having insights.

I had a lot of trouble on many occasions hitting that calorie count, which was a complete reverse for me as from what I had experienced. I had always struggled to stay within the calorie count. And now all of a sudden I was not having my apple or my orange on the day because I just wasn’t hungry, and yet I felt fantastic. I was able to live normally and lose weight every day. So yeah, it was amazing. It’s amazing.

Jimmy Duggan is a legend in the steeplechasing world, entering over 3500 races, winning 311.

1 in 10 mounts falls in a race, from a height above 5 feet at 30-35 miles an hour. Jimmy has between 400-500 falls in his career.

And he has, literally, lost 8 pounds in one day. Not something we recommend, but hey, if you’re wanting to lose 8 pounds in the next month you might want to listen to his ideas.

Jimmy is also a well known face on American television, as the voice of steeplechasing and the leading steeplechase analyst in the country on TGB which broadcasted to 51,000,000 homes through their affiliation with Fox.

Since retiring from the saddle, Jimmy has since moved to the United States where he has become a successful businessman, now married to his wife Jane (July 2003) with one daughter, Grace.

Intro. On horse racing, “Falling off” doesn’t really do justice to a rider and horse going down at 30 miles and hour. Being the voice of Steeple Chase in 51,000,000 homes. How many bones have you broken? 🙂

16:30 Becoming a weight loss expert and adviser.

18:30 Pounds and Inches Drops in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet.

19:50 The concept of “Rapid Weight Loss.” Pros and cons.

21:05 Rapid weight loss studies https://blog.dirobi.com/rapid-weight-loss-wins-slow-weight-loss/

21:56 no ill effects from rapid weight loss. Jimmy has helped hundreds of people successfully lose weight quickly.

24:30 the importance of daily weighing.

26:00 How to get the Formula 7 book free.

28:50 How to deal with hunger pains. Jimmy went 56 days on a 600 calorie diet with no hunger pains! (Also not recommended, but part of his story.)

34:10 Intro to the “tray diet.” A simple way to eat that doesn’t require calorie counting.

36:00 On the macros, getting Carbs, Protein and Fat right.

41:20 Comparison of English food to American.

45:20 Recommendation to The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs.

47:40 Let’s say a friend of yours tells you they have tried to lose weight many times before, unsuccessfully,  and they REALLY want to lose 30 pounds. What advice can you give them that would give them confidence and help them be successful?

50:30 LAST QUESTION: How can people follow you or reach out to you if they want to know more?
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