Podcast 003: How to supercharge workouts with the right preparation and supplementation Guest: Jose Reyes

PodcastHEAD Episode 3

Podcast Episode 03v2Intro, Jose’s back story. Spearheading the fastest growing GNC in the nation for 4 years. Moving on the DAS labs and creation of Bucked Up!

On workouts in general. 30 years ago a “workout” was perceived to be going to the gym and lifting weights… bench, squats etc., with long rest periods in between. Today, workouts are often high intensity (CrossFit, Zumba, HIIT, Insanity, Tabata etc.) and a lot of people are into endurance sports like triathlon, running, etc. Do you see a change in the way people workout today, and how they prepare for their workouts, compared to 20-30 years ago?

20:00 Intro to pre-workouts

27:10 Dave’s epiphany on pre-workout and post-workout drinks.

31:46 Proprietary versus non-proprietary blends pros and cons

36:15 Pre workouts for different types of workouts

39:30 On creatine

41:00 Woke AF

41:10 On Caffeine

42: More on creatine

43:40 The Dirobi Pointless Game Show

51:14 On Intra-workout supplementation. Leucine and other amino acids.

53:15 Avoid cheaply sourced aminos made of duck feathers etc.

57:20 How much BCAA’s?

1:02:20 Post workout supplements. Hormone free protein.  Avoid the industrial food complex. Go for grass fed, hormone free, all natural products.

1:08:10 On caffeine. Sources, amounts, pros and cons.

1:22:40 On supplement industry critics. The power of 5% better.

1:25:16 Understand how much caffeine you take in daily.

1:26:19 Closing remarks.

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