005 Jose Reyes on Formula 7 Principles

PodcastHEAD Episode 5

Podcast Episode 05This episode was recorded when I interviewed Jose Reyes of DAS Labs in episode 3, but was too long to fit in that episode. I asked him about each principle in Formula 7, and he gave some great nuggets and ideas on each principle.

So, I thought it would be best to break this out as a stand-alone episode. Enjoy!

2:00 Hydration. Keep water with you! Drink every time you eat. Shoot for a gallon a day. Try electrolyte balancing. It also adds some flavor.
4:36 Eat SLOWLY and mindfully. Being full is a chemical reaction. When we feel full, we are probably over full.
6:36 Hara Hachi Bu. Eat only until 80% full. Reese’s monkey experiment where one group of monkeys were calorie restricted by 70% over the control group, and had measurable overall health.
8:14 Develop a personal supplement strategy. Buying supplements puts skin in the game and helps your commitment. Adjust spending on unhealthy foods and put it into healthy supplements instead.
13:38 Macros: Eat the right amount of carbs, protein and fat daily. Track your intake for just one week and see where you’re really at.
16:00. Get 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies daily. Jose’s cheat is cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles.
18:30 Exercise 5 hours a week. This should be fun. Do something you like. It does belong last, because the other 23 hours of the day is what makes the biggest difference. The exercise is the icing on the cake.

20:30 I want you to picture somebody who’s 30 pounds or more overweight but determined to lose some weight and start exercising. What do you say to that person about the type of workouts, duration and intensity while they are losing weight?
-Need to find out why it failed before. Work with any physical limitations. Find out what she really wants to look like. Then implement a plan with baby steps. Make meaningful changes every week. Start with light exercise, and add just a little bit at a time. Ask lots of questions!

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