006 Lessons Learned from 100,000 Weight Loss Customers!

PodcastHEAD Episode 6

Revised Podcast Episode 06Intro: These ideas took 7 years and over 100,000 rapid weight loss customers so hopefully there’s meaningful nuggets here that will work for you!

2:18 People focus on results, not behavior. Those who focus on behavior reap the rewards not just of weight loss, but a huge increase in overall health and activity.

3:10 Lindsay’s story and goal to lose 100 pounds. 90 days of great behavior with no results! But she stuck with it and lost 35 pounds in the next 30 days. Sometimes weight loss takes a long time.

7:29 Lack of education. There’s too much information out there on health and nutrition. The key is to find out what really works, and most importantly, what works for YOU.

8:26 You can’t out train a bad diet. It’s 80% diet, 20% exercise.

8:53 You have to educate yourself. Listen to good podcasts, read good books etc.

7:15 Next problem: Lack of movement. Many people don’t find an exercise regimen that makes their heart sing, they try to achieve good health while detesting exercise.

10:37 Bad influences. If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you.

13:24 Strike while the iron is hot! Ride your waves of high motivation for as long and as far as you can! The power of “power ups.” Short term, massive changes in behavior.

14:38 Every 5 pounds makes a huge difference! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq8bvXbZtuk

15:05 I learned that in order for dieters to achieve their weight loss goals they need to be truly faithful in following the protocol.

16:06 Another factor that contributes to their success is proper meal planning, and sticking to it.

16:38 I have also observed that those with positive attitude are happy even with small weight loss. They still stick to the protocol. Those that get disheartened when they do not see results right away are the ones that quit easily.

17:07 The biggest challenge is sticking within the calorie count. Preparation is key.

18:06 What things are they NOT telling you or being honest with you about do you think?
-People who are saying they did not lose a single pound even after a month most probably did not stick to the protocol. They say they did follow the plan, but I am pretty sure they skipped a thing or two because it is merely impossible not to lose even a single pound, with the 800 calorie plan especially when you are doing it for a month.

19:39 To make sure you are being honest with yourself, use an app like My Fitness Pal just for 3 days and enter everything you eat. It is often enlightening to see just how much stuff you are really putting in your mouth.

20:50 More on the Magic of losing 5 pounds…

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