024 A Deep Dive Into Creatine Supplementation with Jose Reyes

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Creatine is one of the most respected fitness supplements available. Clinical studies have been done on it in hospitals, on athletes, on male and female, and various age groups.

Today our guest Jose Reyes is going to explain to us just how it works and how it might benefit you in your fitness journey.

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Podcast notes:

0-5:45 Some research and thoughts on creatine in general.

6:23 What is creatine? And the relationship between creatine and ATP production.

7:50 Importance of hydration while on creatine.

8:40 Who would benefit most from it?

10:23 The comparison between ATP and a combustion engine.

11:40 Use of creatine in conjunction with 5000 IU vitamin d3 to treat seasonal depression. Increases plasma levels.

12:40 Sneaky tricks of the supplement companies to watch out for.

15:10 Plain old creatine is probably just fine. And it’s a myth that it causes bloating.

15:49 The problem with people. If you take a supplement but don’t change your bad health habits, don’t blame the supplement! Fat burners just won’t work if you eat 6 pieces of pizza for lunch. It’s called “compensation.”

17:00 Does it work differently on men than women? Well… no. Men and women have the same cells, and creatine will benefit men and women equally. Everybody should be taking it not just for physical health but mental health as well.

20:30 If you take creatine and workout hard, you should see increases whether man or woman.

20:20 But are you SURE it won’t make you bloated? There’s NO EVIDENCE that it causes bloating. It was all from a past marketing ploy gone wrong. It’s a made up self fulfilling prophecy.

24:08 The only creatine with human clinical studies behind it is Magnapower (which is an ingredient in DAS Labs 6 Point Creatine.

24:44 The importance of not being magnesium depleted.

25:00 Are there any downsides or side effects? Not generally, but check with your doctor if you have kidney problems or have other health challenges. Generally speaking, a healthy person should not expect any negative effects.

27:00 How much and when? It probably doesn’t matter. And a loading phase is bunk. Just start taking it as directed. Most people take it post workout with an insulin boosting food like a banana.

28:00 All types of creatine have merit.

29:00 More on Insulin boosting while taking creatine. Insulin is a storage hormone. The theory is that it helps pull in the creatine, and protein too.

30:00 Are there times when you should take it, and certain times when you shouldn’t? From the research Jose has seen, it doesn’t matter that much when you take it.

30:45 Don’t take it with anything acidic like orange juice.

31:30 How should average middle age people who work out 3-4 times a week use creatine? Just take 5 grams a day.

32:50. Sorry Muscle Milk. Google “heavy metals in protein” for more on this subject.

33:00 on products designed for pre-natal and post-natal mothers.

37:00 More on the mothers and the children.

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