Wow! This has got to be one of the most interesting, informative, and fact filled episodes on nutrition available online. Michelle is an absolute pro, and with her 30 years in nursing, combined with 4 powerful wellness certifications, she really brings it in this life-changing powerhouse of a podcast.

0-3 Became single mother in 2015. Began taking care of body through nutrition and exercise to take back control of life. This started her on a journey of healing body through exercise and nutrition.

4:00 “An eating plan is a long-term life-changing process.”

4:20 For all of her years of treating patients and putting them back together, she realized that she would rather prevent the sickness and falling apart in the first place. Provides them with the keys and resources that they need to prevent the disease that is prevalent in our society now.

6:30 Every single person has a mountain to climb, and every time we reach the top, we get a new one to climb.

6:50 If you can have control of your body and health, that will put you up a notch in your ability to handle and deal with the other things that come into your life. (Financial, relationships, jobs etc.)

7:15 “When you have a handle on your health and we feel control of your body, you are more able to handle the challenges that inevitably come to everyone in this lifetime.”

8:20 Family member became a drug addict, ended up in a facility. There, he was provided with a program designed with physical things such as drinking water, exercise, and nutrition for healing.

10:40 Our current method of practicing medicine originated in the 1920’s. The focus of medicine began to shift from preventative modality to treatment modality. Doctors and patients want quick fix medicine.

11:30 The rate of health issues related to lifestyle are at an alarming trajectory. Problems include obesity, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and diabetes.

11:45 About 29 percent of medical schools teach nutrition and on average spend less than 20 hours devoted to the topic.

12:00 We’ve grown up with the idea that if you have a problem, you go to the doctor and they give you a pill and you get better.

12:20 The truth is that you can modify and control the six-major independent health risk factors for just culinary heart disease alone.

  • cigarette and tobacco use
  • high blood cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • physical inactivity
  • overweight and obesity and
  • diabetes

Four of these six are about nutrition.

12:50 The cost of medical care is skyrocketing, when the reality is we can take that money, invest it in healthy food and it would really change the whole dynamic of the med care system

13:10 Metabolic syndrome is affecting 23% of adults

  • Waist circumference for men over 40 inches and women over 35 inches
  • HDL is less than 140 for men and 130 for women
  • High blood pressure

23% of adults have three of these and 70% of those have all of them.

14:00 1 in 3 people have high blood pressure and most of it is caused by what we eat.

14:20 “80% percent of our health is what we eat and 20% is how we move our body”

14:40 Hypertension is almost always a symptom of a greater health problem, it’s not usually a stand-alone.

15:00 Every one of the high blood pressure medications has side effects and doctors prescribes more medications for those side effects.

17:20 “To me the good news is Yay! We can eat great foods and take care of these health problems. Isn’t that amazing?”

18:00 The two greatest lifestyles to change are quitting cigarettes or other addictive behaviors and changing the way you eat.

18:10 To be more successful on a long-term basis, you need the help of a coach.

18:30 Metaphor of “escaping the matrix” is explained.

20:40 Demographic of people that come to Michelle for coaching are people that have been diagnosed with something negative from a typical office visit.

22:00 The struggle with finding health coach explained.

23:20 Food is all about utilization, storage, and elimination. We need to feed our bodies in a way that utilize the greatest number of calories that we put in, we store less, and eliminate what we don’t need.

24:10 What does your long-term life health goals? What does your ideal body look like? What does your ideal body feel like?

25:40 Setting three-month goals to reach that. Weekly progress and checking up provide guidance, accountability, support, and a cheerleader.

27:40 Successful life-changing story of one client who lost 40 lbs., dropped two of his medications, and gained energy and happiness.

31:30 We’ve got to get out of the mentality of just feeding our hunger instead of feeding our bodies.

32:15 Change needs to take place on an individual basis. When you change an individual, you take the people that come behind them.


Q: What is your favorite breakfast?
A: Bare-naked granola with 8 oz. Icelandic skyr, a couple raspberries and blueberries, 2 tablespoons of hemp heart and a dash of coconut for sweetener.

33:45 Siggi’s Icelandic skyr – buy it at Smith’s. Includes 9 probiotics.

38:30 Bacteria in your gut sends messages to your brain. Reprogramming those signals takes time and thought.

39:20 Eat anything RX is for fructose malabsorption prebiotic probiotic enzyme


Q: What is your favorite lunch or dinner?
A: It would include a lot of vegetables. Nutrients from vegetables from every spectrum of the rainbow. Make a stir-fry of vegetables, chicken breast, and quinoa.

42:50 Instant pot for easy cooking and quick meal preparation.

44:50 When you look in your fridge, ask yourself what color haven’t I eaten today.

45:00 Before you put something in your mouth, ask yourself what is it that I need my body to do today?

46:25 The body will use what it needs. You need to make sure you are feeding it what it needs so it doesn’t use it up from our bones or muscles.

48:10 It’s all about thinking and being intentional about feeding our bodies what it needs.


Q: What is your favorite healthy snack?
A: Chips with quinoa, chia flax seeds, and millet with fresh salsa including tomatoes, cilantro, and onion. Find these chips at Costco!


Q: If you could only recommend one book to all of your clients on health what would it be?
A: The Complete food and nutrition guide by Roberta Duyss. Buy it at Costco for 18 dollars.

52:35 My whole motivation is just to help people live a good life and a good life is incorporated into a healthy life.

52:50 “You experience your whole entire life through your body and if your body is not healthy, your life is not as whole and complete as it could be. “

54:50 Discover your strengths and abilities and match the right foods to help you be successful long-term.

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