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The fact and fiction of protein!

To help me explore protein and its critical role in our health, I got the assistance of Dr. Brian Parks. Dr. Brian Parks not only has a PhD in Genetic Bioscience, his dissertation was based on protein research. So there just aren’t many more qualified experts on this pretty blue orb who know more about the subject than him.

Before entering the health industry though, Dr. Brian worked as a counter terrorism for various government agencies for 17 years.

And yes, he’s been both sot AND stabbed along the way while apprehending bad buys.

He then Played minor league professional football for 7 years and is now focused on his four companies while raising his 4 children. 16 year old daughter, 10 year old son and boy/girl twins that are 2 1/2 years old.

He started musclegen in 2014.

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4:10 Fact of fiction: Protein is protein (all types are basically the same, plant based, animal based, supplements) False. Plant proteins aren’t complete.

Best source of protein is from a variety of whole foods. But most people don’t get enough protein from their diet, so supplements can help.

Quality matters! If you see a 10 pound container of protein beside a 2 pounds container for the same price, there’s a good reason for that. In supplements, quality matters.

6:40 Some details on his PhD and research into creating a pure protein that is highly bio-available.

7:00 There is a huge difference between proteins, both whole food and supplements.

7:45 Best whole food sources of protein. Chicken, beef, pork, fish, edamame, shrimp, etc. And protein supplements.

9:10 Is beef the devil we are told it is? There’s mixed info out there, but it comes down to your DNA and blood type on how well you handle meat, and moderation is key. “A” Blood types do well on red meat. Other types may not do as well, but just eat it in moderation with other whole food proteins.

11:00 Eggs? Good or bad? How many are too many? A: Eat the whole egg. There is cholesterol, 3 a day max is probably a good idea. Back to that whole “moderation” thing. A three egg omelet is a normal and OK thing, probably no more than 4.

13:30 How much protein do we REALLY need? The RDA on protein is .8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. So a 150 pound person should have about 54 grams. Do you agree? How does it change for those who are very active, and those who are serious lifters?

Answer: The food pyramid is upside down. Protein is more important than some experts think. A gram per pounds per day is probably good advice, and possibly more for heavy lifters.

Dr. Parks geriatric patients have nutritionists who keep them in the 1 gram per day per body weight. The RDA is too low.

17:00 The type of exercise doesn’t matter that much. After any type of exercise, eat or take protein. Whether light exercise or heavy, one gram per pound really is a great measurement.

Don’t take too much, you can create internal inflammation, dehydration and other problems. If your eyes turn a bit yellow, you probably have too much! Or are dehydrated.

20:00 On taking too much, it’s a common thing in the fitness industry. People take more thinking it will do more, but taking the prescribed amount is best.

21:40 How much can a person absorb in one sitting. Studies conflict on this. Whole food is absorbed and used best by the body. 40-45 grams of whole food protein can be absorbed and used at a time. For protein powders etc., bioavailability matters. Only about 30% of most supplements will be absorbed.

23:30 Interesting results from a human clinical trial he conducted about bioavailability.

24:30 Don’t pay as much attention to grams per serving as effectiveness of the product.

25:20 In the whey protein world, the higher the isolate level the better.

26:30 Protein isn’t as important for endurance athletes as it is for lifters, fact or fiction? Even Crossfitters are endurance athletes. They and other endurance athletes tend to focus on carbs, but should follow the “1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day” rule.

Don’t assume that higher protein intake equates to weight gain. Rather, their muscles will repair faster. Long slow exercise demands protein just as heavy lifting does.

28:45 Surprise questions!

1. Favorite healthy breakfast. Blueberry pancake mix with GenPro and Bisquick. Creates a delicious protein waffle.

2. Favorite healthy lunch. Leftovers from dinner, or the local grocery stores hot counter for turkey meatballs or grilled chicken, or a restaurant with angel hair pasta and grilled chicken.

3. Favorite healthy dinner. Grilled steak with baked potato or sweet potato and fresh veggies.

4. Favorite healthy snack. Popcorn! Unhealthy: Oreos! Popcorn fills you up without taking in a bunch of calories.

32:39 Throwing in a tasty unhealthy snack may actually keep people on track than trying to be “too” clean.

33:00 Protein for kids. Put a variety of things in front of them. Don’t limit them too much because it can create food allergies. Help them develop a taste and flavor for a wide variety of foods. Add protein supplements in high carb foods to ensure they get enough protein.

High carb, low protein meals at school are the norm.. and cause kids to fall asleep after lunch.

Vegetarians must supplement with protein or they won’t get enough from their diet. Thoughts?

35:00 Many trainers advise getting a protein portion within 40 minutes of exercise. What are your thoughts on that? It’s imperative. Immediately after exercise it’s critical to get protein into your system as soon as possible. Dr. Brian takes his protein to the gym so he can drink it right away.

Right after a workout the body can absorb it best. If you want to repair muscle, grow muscle, and lose body fat, take protein right after your workout. The window closes around the 40 minute mark.

36:50 Give us a quick over view on other products in your store. musclegen.net

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Genpro is the flagship product. Low calorie, vegan friendly, very high absorbability. Can be added to anything! Juice, soup, coffee etc. You won’t even know it’s there!

Beef protein is another interesting gone. Tastes super good.

Organic Muscle is another winner.

Elite Intra workout.

39:00 “Micronized” protein explained. Highly bio available, if you put it in water it will immediately start to absorb, and it absorbs very easily and quickly in your body.

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41:20 Last word. Use common sense when you purchase protein. If it’s too good to be true it probably is. Find quality protein supplements versus the cheapies. Make sure the majority of protein comes from whole foods.

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