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Clarissa has an amazing personal story of transformation, and successfully lost 100 pounds that she has kept off, no easy feat.

Now she is a Certified Health Education Specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion which she describes as a “beautiful blend of public health and the psychology of change.”

Clarissa is passionate about Wellness Coaching and making healthy lifestyles, liveable. She enjoys her job at Nutrition Factors where she makes Nutrition fun and practical. One of the ways she does this is by teaching about the GRID DIET which we’ll be learning more about this today’s episode.

The word “diet” here should not be understood in the traditional sense of “go on a diet” or deprive yourself of calories. The Grid Diet is an online system that makes meal choices, shopping, and healthy eating easy and fun, and is a true lifestyle improving software.

Show notes:

5:00 How Clarissa lost 100 pounds. She made it easy, baby steps, just one choice at a time.

5:53 Choose to get away from negativity, shame and guilt! Start to focus more on a lifestyle than on dieting.

8:06 What was the journey that lead to being 100 pounds overweight? It all started with negative thoughts, and when life got hard, the negative thoughts expressed themselves in bad choices and fast weight gain.

9:20 Learn to be kind to you

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