Enjoy the top 10 tips from episodes 1-25 of the Dirobi Health Show! So many powerful health nuggets here! Thanks to our amazing guests for their contributions to the show.

Well we’ve accomplished a milestone… over 25 episodes of the Dirobi Health Show!

And so far it’s exceeded our expectations and our guests have been OUTSTANDING!

But health is a tricky thing, and just because we heard a great health tip doesn’t mean we are going to remember it and apply it for the rest of our lives. So we thought a recap of the 10 best tips from the last 25 episodes would help our listeners ingrain these habits into their lives better.

So here they are, in chronological order:

1. Episode 2 and episode 18 from Jimmy Duggan. Best tip is about losing 20 pounds in 20 days, “You can do it!” Thousands have before you, and it’s a worthy goal that puts you on a better track.
-If you want to lose 20 pounds quickly, listen to episode 18.
-To avoid this being a yoyo diet, make sure you have a long term plan. What will you do differently in your lifestyle to keep those pounds off? If you go back to the exact same eating and exercise regimen, you will put them back on.

2. Episode 3 with Jose Reyes on how to supercharge your workouts with supplements.
-the principle of 5% better.
-If you really want to make improvements in your exercise, try a pre-workout drink.
-The research on BCAA’s is indisputable, drink 5-10 grams a day of them, preferably during your workout, but if not any time during the day. Your body will thank you and you will recover much better.
-Make sure you get a high quality protein within 40 minutes of every workout.

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3. Episode 4 and Episode 5 about Formula 7. Get the book at dirobi.com/resources
-This is my life’s work. Decades of study and passion for health and fitness culminated in this book, check it out!

4. Episode 9. Hara Hachi Bu has the power to change your relationship with food and your struggle with weight loss. What is the 80% Rule? Eating slowly and mindfully.
-For too many people, good health means eating stuff they don’t want, and lowering their enjoyment of food. Mistake! Good health and tasty foods go hand in hand, and even more so when you only eat those good foods until you’re 80% full!
-The awesome thing about formula 7 and this and the other principles is that you get to enjoy delicious food, you just eat it and portion it differently.

5. Episode 10 ultimate green smoothie.
-No other smoothie has to many benefits. Perfect blend of carbs protein and fat, great sustained energy for hours, all of your veggie and fruit portions in one drink!

6. Episode 11: the magic of losing 5 pounds.
-You don’t need a snazzy expensive program to lose weight.
-Just lose 5 pounds! It’s easy, it’s meaningful, and it MATTERS.

7. Episode 17 the 4 categories of health supplements.
-Most peoples supplement strategy is by accident, and based on phrases that start with “I heard that…”
-Review your supplements. Categorize them. Are you taking the basicS, that you are most likely to be deficient in? Are you using supplements strategically?
-Are you taking supplements daily not because you want to “feel something” next week, but because it’s part of a plan that keeps you from having health challenges in the future, and you are maintaining your machine?

8. Episode 22. Sinead Urwin and her life-changing journey of holistic nutrition in overcoming disease and sickness that we create for ourselves.
-She personally overcame several horrible health challenges through nutrition.
-The ketogenic lifestyle is laid out nicely.

9. Episode 23. Dallin Rogers in talking about getting results. Specifically these two quotes. 19:00 Fitness has to be a lifestyle, otherwise it’s tough to maintain results.
19:40 Do it because you love it, not because you’re getting results.

10. Episode 25 “You experience your entire life through your body.” A simple but profound insight by Michelle Lockhart, “The Quote Machine.” So many profound and meaningful insights.
-Well worth listening to this whole episode again!

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