031 Testosterone Boosting for Men and Women (Natural and not so natural)

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The “Everything you need to know about raising testosterone” episode with West Norwood, MPA-C. Includes a punch list of 5 natural testosterone boosters, along with an outstanding overview of testosterone, how it works, and how you can raise your levels naturally or with professional help.

Bio: WES. NORWOOD, MPA-C Masters of physians assistants studies from Toro university in Nevada.  DEA, giving him ability to prescribe contolled substance HE is also an instructor at the National Commission of Certification of Physicians Assistants.

Currently he spends most of his time helping men and women who suffer from lowered levels of testosterone and estrogen.

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Intro to the topic.  What exactly is testosterone? On androgens, steroids, hormones, etc.

5:50: How does it act differently in men or women? The difference between testosterone and estrogen, and how they determine human development and growth.

9:45 A little rant on Olympic cheaters. Dave gets very impolitic and pics on Eastern European women who appear a little too manly.

11:11 Healthy testosterone has a big effect on cognitive abilities, not just strength and muscle.

12:30 What are the healthy ranges in men and women? Men 264-916 Nano grams per decaliter. About 1/3 of a can of pop. Women 10-55.

17:53 What about changes in society and lowered health, how is that affecting hormone levels?

18:30 Pubmed and Google Scholar good sources of clinical data.

19:30 Normal aging results in loss of testosterone at a rate of 1-2% per year.

20:00 by the age of 60, 70 and 80, 40% of men are below the optimal ranges. But other circumstances can lower testosterone precipitously before that though.IG009

27:00 How much does exercise, nutrition and lifestyle affect our levels? What gives the biggest bang for the buck to improve things? Exercise is huge, and we can exercise into our old age. Don’t stop moving when you retire!

31:28 On nutrition. “Nutrient dense food is hard to come by anymore. Improve the quality of your food.”

“I’m not going to be perfect, but how can I run my body more efficiently?”

33:44 Lifestyle issues like sleep and stress? How do they affect testosterone production? Sleep deprivation really does effect testosterone levels. Caffeine, stress, and medicine as well.

36:00 Before taking sleep or depression medication, try to identify the source of the problem.

37:20 The importance of a yearly physical.

38:24 Dave’s research online research and “The 4 Hour Body” tips for how to boost testosterone naturally:

Natural Testosterone Boosting Tips
1. 4 brazil nuts morning and night.
2. A teaspoon of cinnamon every day.
3. A natural supplement like T-bomb Xtreme
4. Increase red meat consumption
5. High intensity exercise


40:00 Wes breaks down why the 5 tips above are effective.

45:18 Wes’s world of boosting testosterone and estrogen for men and women. If natural methods fail… Ageless Mens Health are just the ticket. Check their website here: https://www.agelessmenshealth.com and take the online test.

51:20 The obvious signs of low testosterone. It’s a misnomer that they have to have a libido problem to have low testosterone.

Signs of low testosterone: Difficulty concentrating, weight gain, low libido, and afternoon fatigue.

53:40 Tell us about what you do? We try to treat people in an aggressive way that doesn’t do harm.

It’s important to treat people in a way that doesn’t shut down their bodies ability to create testosterone.

57:50 What happens when somebody starts testosterone boosting? There’s a progression. First they start sleeping better at night. Then they start to have more energy during the day, they’re mentally clearer, and over a few weeks to 3 months they know what their peak is. Muscle fibers will strengthen and thicken. Recovery is better. Workouts that would normally make them sore won’t. They have to be warned to not out work their ligaments and tendons which take longer to strengthen.

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