032 On Phytonutrients and Eating Rainbows.

Ep. 32 Blog Artwork 01Phytonutrients may be the key to your improved health, energy, and performance. Especially is you are currently eating the Standard American Diet (SAD for short 😉 Michelle Lockhart, RN, BSN breaks down phytonutrients, and how eating more of them, from all the colors of the rainbow, can help us enjoy better well being and quality of life.

Intro: The modern diet of western society has lead to obesity, heart disease, cancers, and other ailments. Could veggies be the solution for most people, and if so how?

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What are phytonutrients? “Phyto” means plant. Nutrients you already get.
2:30 Eating the rainbow means eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, and spices.  Choose from different colors every day.4:30 Spices are an easy way to add nutrition and flavors without calories.
-Black licorice (not twizzlers but the real stuff) are excellent for women going through menopause.9:30 On “superfoods.” Onions, garlic and cayenne pepper.10:30 The rule of thumb with plant based foods is that the darker the color, the higher the phytonutrient value is.

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The stronger the taste, the higher the phytonutrient value is.

So switching from a light potato do a purple potato makes a difference.

Carrots come in various colors, including purple. Purple carrots are more nutritious than orange ones.

12:20 Pomegranates are another super food, with their dark red color.

12:55 On expanding your world and experimenting with this huge opportunity to eat from the huge list of fruits and vegetables.

13:41 Write a list of fruits and vegetables you have never tasted, buy one, and google how to prepare it. Krabi is a favorite Michelle discovered. Purple cauliflower over white.

15:20 Even beets come in a few different colors. Persimmons are wonderful, super sweet and really good.

15:40 People say “I don’t like vegetables.” What they mean is “I don’t like the broccoli I tried when I was 10.”

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16:20 The best prebiotic on the planet is chicory.

17:20 You don’t know what you don’t know. Dave’s epiphany from eating more veggies for 6 weeks.

20:00 I think if people knew how good they would feel after 6 weeks of eating more vegetables that everybody would do it. -Dave Sherwin

20:45 On the new landmark study from Stanford. It doesn’t matter whether you eat low fat or low carb, what mattered most was quality of food.

22:03 The two reasons vegetables are so healthy: 1 Vitamins and nutrients. 2 Fiber

22:54 Fiber is a cancer killer, and it keeps us full longer. It stabilizes our blood sugar. It keeps our whole digestive tract clean. It manages our cholesterol.

24:45 Vegetables are the most amazing carbs on the planet.

26:00 A serving of vegetables Eating 7-10 servings of vegetables is ideal. Shooting for 5-6 would be good. Most Americans eat 2-3 servings per day.

26:34 A serving of vegetables is a cup of raw, or half cup of cooked.

26:45 On the Ultimate Green Smoothie. An easy way to get a lot of servings of fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning.

30:15 About the The How Not to Die Cookbook.

31:15 Michelle’s favorite breakfast: A tropical fruit smoothie with an orange as the base, fresh cubed mango, papaya, and protein powder.

32:00 What colors do what? See chart.

45:00 Summary. How to eat a variety of colors every day. Eat the rainbow!

48:00 Plants are our greatest ally and our best fuel.

49:00 Stop looking at the Lucky Charm rainbow and start looking at the fruit and vegetable rainbow!

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