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Millions of people suffer with digestive problems and malabsorption issues, but Sinead Urwin, M.A., has tons of great tips and ideas on how to solve the problems of digestion and gut health.

“The Gut” is a pretty simple way of thinking about a fairly complex process. Let’s discuss what “the gut” really is and what’s happening.

It’s something many people are struggling with right now, and whether its just some occasional digestive issues or serious malabsorption problems, this episode can help! Listen in as Sinead Urwin explains what some of the major problems are in our modern diet, and how you can make some simple but significant tweaks in your diet to have better digestion, weight management, and better over all health.

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2:16 “Gut Health” is all about how well your digestion works. How much your body is capable of absorbing the nutrients we need from our food.

3:08 We are eating more and more foods that are not recognized as food by the gut.
Problems from this include:
-The body starts to break down inside
-Brain fog
-Weight gain
-Auto-immune disease
-Various other chronic illnesses

Good digestion starts in the mouth! We aren’t chewing our food properly.

It’s easy to not make the connection between many of these symptoms and our gut health.

5:30 “Foreign Invaders” of the gut:
-hydrolyzed and GMO grains
-processed foods
-refined sugar.

6:00 On Leaky Gut Syndrome.

8:00 Some of the Formula 7 principles that help with digestion:
1. Drink more water
2. Drink slowly and mindfully

9:00 The body is eliminating toxins during sleep. Drink a couple glasses of water just before bed to help the body cleanse.

10:40 If we can reduce inflammation we have found the best chance of healing our gut. Water is key.

Where there’s alkalinity there’s very little inflammation. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Tip: Add lemon or a dash of apple cider vinegar to water.

12:30 Tip: Kombucha. Its a really effective probiotic.

13:45 It’s not easy to be fully hydrated. You have to drink a whole lot more water than you think.

15:12 It’s much more effective to sip water throughout the day than drink a bunch of once, the body absorbs it better.

15:40 On the power of slowing down and eating more mindfully. When we eat quickly we eat too much.

17:00 On Energy Conservation. When we eat properly we use the minimal amount of energy to digest, and have energy left for everything else. Slow eating leaves lots of energy for other things, including healing.

Tip: Add green juices to your diet.

19:00 The top mistakes people make in their gut health.
1. Chronic stress manifests itself right in the gut. This is why our language is: I feel sick to my stomach… from a stressful situation.
2. Oversanitization. We are terrified of germs. The problem is that getting rid of bad bacteria also gets rid of good bacteria.
3. Over medication.
4. Gluten is not recognized as food by the body. If forces the body to work over time to protect itself.
5. Refined sugar. It’s like throwing gasoline on an inflammatory fire.
6. Refined grains.
7. Trans fats and omega 6 fatty acids.

22:30 Stress is the number one problem, we take on too much. We need to build up our emotional buckets and resilience.

23:45 On stress: Check out the Secular Buddhism podcast.
-Exercise is key. Get the endorphins flowing! Stress kicks out adrenaline and cortisol, we need to counteract that.

26:42 Get out and exercise first thing in the morning, and go to bed early, and that’s really going to help with stress and exhaustion. Exercise, sleep, medication, and surrounding ourselves with positive people.

27:20 Kryotherapy!

29:00 Let’s talk about absorption issues. We have a product, Eat Anything RX that has probiotics, probiotics and enzymes that is specifically designed for people with fructose malabsorption, but I take 2 before breakfast and 2 before lunch because I have become aware of the general health improvements that come from pre-biotics, probiotics, and enzymes. So while it’s a game changer for people with fructose malabsorption, these three elements are also excellent general health supplements for just about anybody.new eatanythingrx 280x356

31:14 Probiotics produce the good bacteria we need. Natural foods that have probiotics are:
-Apple cider vinegar

31:41 But we won’t get the most out of our probiotics if we don’t take prebiotics. Foods with probiotics include:
-dandelion greens

They pass through the stomach undigested, then become food for the bacteria in the colon.
-Eat the stem on broccoli and asparagus
-Flaxmilk with protein

It’s one thing to not be able to absorb the nutrients we eat, but some of the vitamins like K2 and B vitamins are produced by the good bacteria in the stomach.

We have completely wiped out our enzymes through stress and diet, it’s no wonder we have all these allergies.

33:00 I don’t believe that any person should be drinking milk. After infancy we don’t produce digestive enzymes for lactose. We can’t digest it.

35:30 Dave’s cheat cereal recipe:
Special K with berries
Gene Pro protein powder
Almond milk
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Anything from a coconut is amazing for the body.

Stay away from soy milk and rice milk, but the other milk substitutes are good.

37:14 Another point against milk: it’s very acidic and feeds our inflammation.

38:17 If we try to change to much at once we might do it for a week or a month but we won’t do it long term. Change one thing at a time.

38:55 A researcher in the UK had his teenage son eat every meal at McDonald’s for I believe 10 days. He measured his healthy gut bacteria before and after, and it was down 40% in 10 days. Thoughts?

40:30 Eating fast food is a double whammy. We aren’t getting the nutrition we need, plus we are killing our gut bacteria.

42:00 On fermentation. Kombucha. Braggs apple cider vinegar. Saurkraut. Kimchi. Sprouts. Sprouted Tofu. Take a good probiotic supplement.  Our food supply is so void of nutrition that a probiotic supplement is necessary.

44:00 Lots of greens. No calorie leafy greens

46:00 There’s no such thing as perfection, we all have our vices. And that’s OK, because we are all human. Live by the 80/20 rule or 90/10.

48:36 I think it’s really important to just think about what it is we are eating on a day to day basis and identify what the culprits are, then figure out how to replace them with more nourishing ones.

If we start to feel restricted or deprived it won’t work, we need to have a replacement.

49:44 Contact Sinead at mybodyonelife.com

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