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A lot of health and fitness has become too medical and industrial… It’s not fun to come to the gym to just to fight for your health. Excercise should inspire you to play! Learn how to make exercise more meaningful, fun, and life-enhancing in this interview with Aaron Ogden, founder of Kolifit.com

Aaron Ogden received his BS at the University of Utah in Exercise Physiology. He is also ACSM and WFR certified. Aaron has been a Fitness Trainer since 1998 and loves working with people and to make exercise enjoyable life experiences!

“I’m inspiring people to live a lifestyle of play that encompasses fitness.”“One of the reasons I love the outdoors is because you have a plethora of activities to choose from. Depending on where you live, you have different activities available in different seasons.”

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“A lot of health and fitness has become too medical and industrial… It’s not fun to come to the gym to just to fight for your health. Excercise should inspire you to play!”

Adventure Fitness defined as fitness that inspires play. Adventure is a playful activity in an environment that includes elements to challenge us physically.

Winter Sport Case Study: Craig, 62-year-old and successful entrepreneur and Mt. Dew enthusiast. Aaron invited him on a backcountry skiing trip. It started with training on equipment and mountain and avalanche safety. Training regimen began for cardiovascular fitness. Weight loss became incentivized by saying, “If you lose 10 to 20 pounds you will feel more efficient in performing this specific activity.” By the end of the year, he was down 20 lbs and could be outdoors for 8 hours of constant movement!Ep. 36 Quote 4 01

“I don’t want to see exercise as something to be dreaded. I want to see it as something fun and increasing your quality of life.”

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What are you going to do with your fitness?

Gratitude trips are outings where you reward yourself for working out and utilizing your fitness in a new way. These gratitude trips evolved into Adventure Fitness and corporate training programs.

If you’re going to participate in the outdoor adventure, exercising and being fit is a way of reducing your potential for being injured put into a dangerous situation.

When you put in training for an event or activity, you will gain a greater appreciation when it is over.

Summer Sport Case Study: 17-year-old, who has the dream of whitewater kayaking in Iceland. She trains diligently each morning and has been developing essential kayaking skills like rolling and other river maneuvers.

Most people know what they need to do, but they need a mentor who knows how they think and inspires them to stick with their goals to accomplish something incredible.

KOLIfit was created based on the idea that people really want experiences as well and physical activity. Clients can work with Aaron and his team remotely by going on to their website and signing up.

What is your passion and why are you choosing to be fit? If you haven’t answered that question, it will be hard to establish an active lifestyle. If you love something active, let that be your goal and driving force to a healthy lifestyle.

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