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Dive into the wisdom of Buddhism to help you with your health journey. “Mindfulness” is not just a cool buzzword, but a meaningful method of improving your life in every way, from health to relationships. Get some great tips on mindful eating, and other great life tips in this episode. With Noah Rasheta, host of Secular Buddhism, the 2nd most popular Buddhist podcast in the world.

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Noah Rasheta is a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, and author, as well as the host of the podcast Secular Buddhism. It’s the number 2 most popular Buddhist podcast in the world and in the top 50 of all religious podcasts.

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He teaches mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy online and in workshops all around the world and works with others to make the world a better place as he studies, embodies, and teaches the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy, integrating Buddhist teachings with modern science, humanism, and humor. 

Tell us about Secular Buddhism and what got you started down that path.

“Do not use what you learn in Buddhism to become a Buddhist, use what you learn in Buddhism to become a better whatever you are.” The Dalai Lama

“There’s not a set of beliefs you have to adhere to, it’s more like a set of practices you apply in your day to day life.” Noah Rasheta

“There’s nothing you need to convert away from or convert to, these are just tools you can use in your life.”

You talk a lot about what “is” and the story about what is, or conceptualization. Please describe that philosophy and how it could be affecting people in their health.

14:20 “The idea of an ideal body is the perfect example of a conceptualization, and holding onto that concept as a truth is the perfect example of unnecessary suffering people experience.”

16:30 This episode is about mindful eating, but let’s start with a definition of “mindfulness.”

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Mindfulness is a form awareness or attention, but specifically applied to the present moment, and in a form of neutrality.

“Mindfulness: The unbiased awareness of the present moment.”

I can be aware of something, and aware that I’m aware of something.

19:50 Dealing with the word “should” as it applies to eating, weight loss, and body image. Dealing with guilt and shame regarding thinking we should be or do certain ways.

20:50 There is no way something “should” be, just ways that things “could” be.

25:20 There’s no way that you should be, but there are a lot of ways that you could be, and to me that makes all the difference.

25:50 Now that we know what mindfulness is, how do we apply that to how we eat?

31:30 On the Buddhist philosophy of interdependence.

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34:00 The “coffee table meditation.”

35:30 What are some practical ways to eat more mindfully?

42:50 Let’s talk about Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from the Standard American Diet (SAD) point of view:
-breakfast is usually a high carb, sugary breakfast eaten while rushing out the door.
-Lunch can be another hurried, fast food affair, or perhaps a business meeting, how can we apply mindfulness here?
-Dinner consists of processed foods, few vegetables, but is hopefully eating with loved ones. How about mindful tips at dinner time?

52:55 Zen story about a guy who wants to be enlightened.

54:20 On meditation to help people be more mindful. One of the misconceptions about meditation is that it’s supposed to change me. I’m supposed to do it because how I am is wrong. But that’s the irony with meditation, you just sit with whatever you are experiencing.

Meditation: Nothing is supposed to happen, you just sit there with whatever you are experiencing.

Meditation as a tool is very simple. If you were just to watch clouds, you would sit there without judgment. It’s just allowing everything to just be what it is.

Meditation could be as simple as just sitting and being aware of what’s going on. You’re just watching it all.

In time, you become a lot better at just allowing things to be.

How to find Noah:
secularbuddhism.com (Click on this one to follow Noah’s podcast)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/noahrasheta/

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