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Discover the many benefits of Cryotherapy! This popular recovery process of hyper-cooling is used to stimulate the body’s regulatory system and help with issues such as pain, inflammation, and swelling. Clients step into a cryotherapy chamber, where the body is exposed to dry, hyper-cooled air—that means anywhere from -133 to -320 degrees—in quick two- to three-minute sessions!

By almost all accounts, Brock Roberts shouldn’t be alive or able to walk today, according to the doctors that saved Brock’s life after a horrific car crash.

Brock’s recovery from a traumatic brain injury, debilitating pain and insomnia are often referred to as a total miracle, but he’s not keeping the secret to himself. He discovered Cryotherapy a few years ago and it has literally turned his life around. He is currently the owner of Minus 250 Degrees Cryotherapy.


The Cryotherapy sauna pumps liquid nitrogen in the form of a vapor around your entire body for 1-3 minutes.  This allows for a noninvasive cold therapy session, much preferred to the dreaded ice bath!

Benefits of standing in this chamber for a few minutes are significant! You should expect an increase in blood circulation, decreased inflammation, improve the antibodies in the body’s systems, increase endorphins, and get a boost of energy to name just a few!

Dave Cryo

We met a pro athlete on site who is an NFL hopeful. He had surgery on his ACL just 5 months ago and is working toward his pro day this month. The consistent use of cryotherapy in his recovery and training process accelerated the healing process exponentially.

How often should you be doing Cryotherapy?
First off, EVERYONE can reap the benefits of cold therapy in their health. You don’t have to be a pro athlete or a victim of an accident to do this. In fact, the average person could go in for 2-4 sessions per week, depending on their activity level and physical conditions.

Integrated Spot Cryo is another available option for persons with localized injury or pain. This includes massage therapy combined with hyper-cold treatment. For concussion victims, Spot Cryo has been found to help with increased brain functionality and better sleep.

Interview2Also, Cryotherapy can burn up to 900 calories.  That’s huge!

Connect with Brock Roberts and his team at -250 Degrees Cryotherapy here:
Website: minus250degrees.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minus250degrees/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryo250/

Minus 250 Degrees has medical professionals and massage therapists on staff, along with a variety advanced equipment to aid in recovery and healing. Treatments include cryotherapy saunas, Bemer PEMF therapy, recovery pump therapy, and unique massage therapies.
Note that Dirobi LLC has no affiliate or other financial arrangements with -250 Degrees Cryotherapy and this information is provided for your own education and enlightenment. Use Cryotherapy or other recommended services at your own discretion and risk.
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