Description: Dr. Bob Wagstaff is the inventor of the Orabrush. Since he sold that company, he has created new patents on something you probably take for granted… your toothbrush. Learn the latest in oral care, fighting bad breath, and, well, how to clean chickens in this fascinating look into the life or an oral care mad scientist.

If you have teeth, you owe it to yourself to listen to this episode with Dr. Bob Wagstaff. And if you struggle with bad breath, well, bad breath begone forever!

A former biochemist and nutritionist, Robert “Dr. Bob” Wagstaff invented the Orabrush® tongue cleaner in the early 2000s to help fight bad breath (90 percent of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue!). In 2009 he approached a university marketing class and encountered a student who said he could sell the product on YouTube. The video went viral and launch a huge success.

From its humble beginnings in Dr. Bob’s basement workshop, Orabrush® is now sold in more than 30,000 stores in 25 countries. It has become the #1 tongue cleaner in the world. He decided to sell the company but realized that much of the population still doesn’t have access to a good usable tongue cleaner or continues to clean their tongue with their regular toothbrush out of habit.

The solution: The Genesis Brush.

Genesis® toothbrush is a 2-in-1 oral hygiene tool.  It combines the toothbrush, tongue brush, and tongue scraper into a revolutionary design that cleans the tongue, beneath the gum line and the crevices in the tongue better than existing tools in the marketplace.  Its patented design will reduce bad breath (halitosis), clean your teeth and tongue from the white coating or film residue that stops you from having that beautiful pink tongue that everyone wants.

After giving the Genesis Brush to dentists for testing purposes with patients they discovered that people with braces benefited from the brush even more because of the specialized bristles.

Not your average whitening toothpaste! This fluoride-free activated charcoal toothpaste will brighten your smile, freshen your breath and leave your mouth feeling squeaky-clean!  It whitens teeth naturally with natural bamboo charcoal.  It is vegan approved and non-GMO, with no additives or artificial colors. 

Key Ingredients:
Coconut & Tea Tree Oils are effective against bacteria
Charcoal powder whitens teeth
Baking soda & Sodium Hydroxide aid in cleaning teeth

Find the Genesis Brush and other products on and

“The key to living the good life and longevity is being a doer and helping others.” – Dr. Bob Wagstaff

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