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Anna Snyder and Elisha Villanueva are two moms who are passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. They created Flex It Pink in 2013 to support, encourage, educate and empower other women in their healthy lifestyle and fitness journey.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of women have followed their brand and joined their vibrant, fun, and motivating community.

Their number one priority is to help support every woman in each step of their journey without judgment. Quote: “We have been in the shoes from fluff-to-FIT and we are here to help you throw out the fluff and commit to FIT.”

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Transcript. Note this is done by machine and mostly cleaned up by a human, but please forgive errors as converting from talk to text is imperfect 😉

Dave Sherwin: 00:12 Hey, today I introduce you to Anna and Elisha from Flex It Pink. For those of you that have heard of them, this will be fun for you to get a behind the scenes glimpse into their world and brand and what they do. They are passionate about what they do. This was a fun interview with a lot of health nuggets. I’m excited for you to hear it. Before we jump in. A couple of housecleaning items. First of all, an announcement. I got this test group going who is testing out our Pounds and Inches Drops in conjunction with the Dirobi Un-Diet and so far it is exceeding my expectations. I was looking for a somewhat rapid weight loss, not too aggressive, but something that people would really be thrilled with and there’s people losing a pound a day according to this protocol, which is a good healthy lifestyle protocol.

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Dave Sherwin: 00:57 It’s nothing extreme and It doesn’t deprive anybody. There’s no calorie counting. It’s basically using time restricted feeding along with eating the right amounts of carbs, fats, proteins, and cutting out unhealthy foods and it’s working very, very well in a sane and fairly easy way. And so, uh, I’d love to have you learn about that. You can go to dirobi.com And there’s a video on the home page. There’s also a blog post called the Dirobi Un-Diet with that video and a bunch of information and just how to do it. And so if that interests you, I would love to have you as part of our group and to help you lose a few pounds and not only that, but more importantly, learn and eating and nutritional lifestyle that you could live with longterm that would help you get to your ideal body weight. So very excited about that and just how well it’s going.

Dave Sherwin: 01:50 In addition, we’ve introduced the Dirobi transformation packs and I’m super excited about that as well. We have certain packages of product onto dirobi.com that when you buy them, we give you access to flex it pink quote3precision nutrition coaching and procoach, which is a one year program that gives you flexible and dialed in workouts and nutritional training to help you reach the best health that you have ever been in. I am a precision nutrition certified coach and would be your coach in that software and so learn more about that. There’s also a video about that. If you go to the site and click on transformation packs, you can see the different packages available. Also, for those of you interested in precision nutrition, instead of paying $179 a month, you can get it for much less through this transformation package. So that’s also a very exciting program that we just launched. So now I introduce you to Anna and Elisha from Flex It Pink.


Dave Sherwin: 02:54 Hello everybody. Welcome to the Dirobi Health Show today. I’ve got the ladies from Flex It Pink. They have a huge following online, and I’m sure you’re going to love this show and Anna Snyder and Elisha flex it pink quote4Villanueva are two moms who are passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. They created, Flex It Pink in 2013 to support, encourage and educate and empower other women and their healthy lifestyle and fitness journey. Their number one priority is to help support every woman and each step of their journey without judgment. Uh, here’s a quote, they say, we have been in the shoes from fluff to fit and we’re happy to help you throw out the fluff and commit to fit. So thank you Anna and Elisha for coming on the show.

Flex It Pink: 03:35 Thank you so much for having us. We’re excited.

Dave Sherwin: 03:39 I’m excited to have you, your social media is awesome. I mean, you’ve got like 100,000 people following you on facebook. You’ve got a great instagram following and you’ve been doing this five years, right?

Flex It Pink: 03:51 Correct. It’s been a fun five years.

flex it pink quote5Dave Sherwin: 03:56 It looks like you’re having fun. That’s one of the things I really like and, and one of the reasons I’m so glad you accepted my invite to be on the podcast because it looks to me like you really are putting the fun in, in fitness for a tribe that you’ve built. And why don’t you talk to us about your backgrounds and what brought you, what motivated you to create Flex It Pink.

Flex It Pink: 04:22 Okay. Um, we, we kind of started, it actually turned into a pretty good business. But, uh, this, my story is, I, I’ve grown up. This is Elisha speaking. I’ve grown up, uh, I grew up as an overweight child. Uh, I come from a Hispanic background and that’s the way that my mom loved to show her love was just feeding us and we loved her back and ate all of her good food. And it wasn’t until I had my children of my own where I realized that I had a real problem and that I needed to change my lifestyle because I didn’t want my kids to grow up the way that I grew up as an overweight child. So that’s when I really started to change my life and I lost after I had my second son, my youngest son, I lost 80 pounds and found Anna and I are childhood friends.

Flex It Pink: 05:15 So we started just supporting each other on facebook. I started a small facebook group just because I wanted people to to join me in the in the fitness, my fitness journey and my health and fitness journey and Anna was a really good support system and we had been childhood friends but we had lost connection and she was just there for me on facebook and she was my cheerleader and for all of the group. We started adding more moms and we all started losing weight and because of the support of all the other women and so we started Flex It Pink. We’ve decided why don’t we open this to not just our friends, but let’s open this facebook group and make it a business to every woman that needs help. No matter if there are friends or not and let’s just help them on getting healthy. Being the best mom that they can be for their family and in raising their kids. In a healthy journey also. So that’s how Flex It Pink started. We didn’t never expected it to be as big as it is and we’re so thankful and grateful for, um, being able to support so many women on their, on their journeys to be fit, that we still have fun every day. Just helping women, empowering them. And it’s just grown to hundreds of thousands of women.

Dave Sherwin: 06:25 Yeah. That’s awesome. And so, Anna, when you were approached by Elisha to initially support her on her, her journey, what was your health background?

Flex It Pink: 06:36 Um, you know, I, I never really struggled with my weight. I was always very thin. I, I thought I was just like one of those lucky ones, you know, you have to work out. But after I actually had same kind of thing, like Elisha, after I had my second child, I was probably at my heaviest, um, for, for me. And um, I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was eating horrible. I was drinking soda all the time. So not only did I not look at them from the outside, I felt I didn’t feel good on the inside is either. So, um, I finally was like, you know what, I’m just going to go sign myself up for the gym, I’m going to cut back my calories, I’m not going to eat fast food as much, I’m going to cut back soda. And um, so that’s how it all started. I fell in love with a weightlifting and bodybuilding and I fell in love with helping others achieve the goal and let him know that, that, that they can, they can do it too.

Dave Sherwin: 07:32 That’s excellent. And then in 2013 you start this community and, and now it’s grown to hundreds of thousands of women. Talk to us about that journey. Um, you’ve alluded to it, you know, it started small, it was really just the two of you, um, but maybe talk to us about it in any milestones you hit and things you did along the way.

Flex It Pink: 07:52 Yeah. Well, um, so we first started, we running our local five ks and how it started was we had all wanted to match it or five k. So we’re like, well why don’t we just order some shirts online? And we ended up selling out of those shirts at this, I don’t even remember what the website was, but we sold out of their shirt completely and we got a group of 20 women altogether, a local five K and we ran it and so we kind of did that and then it was my 31st birthday and we opened up to our community online and we’re like, why don’t we everybody run three point one miles, which is a five k for Elisha 31st birthday. So we got a huge number, well for us at the time was 45 women from all over the US and they ran a five k for my birthday.

Flex It Pink: 08:37 And I was like wow, this is amazing. Like the support of these women. So we wanted to return, we wanted to give them something in return. So we’re like why don’t we, we decided to open a run and also why don’t we help charity. So we opened a run for breast cancer in October of 2013. So we ordered 10 medals because we’re like 10 women will want to buy, like sign up for this race online. Which we call them virtual runs now and we will send their medals when they’re done running the five k with us. So it actually, I think 80 people ended up signing up, so we had to order extra medals like rush order medals and then every single month after that it doubled and tripled and now we have. And then we a couple years ago he decided to turn it into a subscription box because we had so many people just wanting to keep continue to.

Flex It Pink: 09:27 They were using it as motivation. We’ve had women sign up for these five Ks and then go on to run full marathon. So the women use our monthly subscriptions, which has turned into now monthly subscription to just keep motivated, keep within our community. We send fitness challenges. God, there’s so much that it’s just turned into a support system and friendship. We made so many friendships online and friends of the community who have made friends and met up in their local communities within the community and it’s just turned into an amazing business, an amazing community for women to support each other and their health and fitness journey.

Dave Sherwin: 10:09 So five years in, in two minutes. I love it. That’s great. I think that gives us a good idea of who you are and what you’ve done in. And by the way, um, I don’t often interview two people at the same time and I can’t tell you how many times the non politically correct word guys comes to mind and I can’t think of the substitute and I’m sorry, but…

Flex It Pink: 10:46 guys and turn it into girls though when we’re talking to our community.

Dave Sherwin: 10:52 It’s so funny. But um, yeah, our language doesn’t quite work that way. So anyways, you’ve built an amazing community and, and you are passionate about what you do. That’s obvious. And as you talk about inspiring women in a nonjudgmental way to get more fit, how do you, how do you do that? Um, uh, you know, because it scenario fraught with danger and emotion and potential hurt feelings, um, um, the way you address people and help people to, to rise from where they are to where they want to be. So talk to me about this concept of the nonjudgmental encouragement, how the, how, how that works, how do you, how does that work? How do you deliver that?

Flex It Pink: 11:45 Well, really we just encourage others to find something that they love to do, whether it’s walking or lifting or crossfit

Flex It Pink: 11:54 or biking. Just find something you love to do and stick with it. Why? Why should we judge somebody for getting out and getting fit and healthy if we don’t like just for example, I’m off cue a little bit but Elisha likes to CrossFit, I like to body build. I would never put it down or her down just because she likes to do something else that I don’t do. So basically we just go find what you love will support you. Come to Flex It Pink, we will support you. If you like to walk around the block with your kids, come to us. Well we’ll encourage you to keep doing that. So I don’t, I don’t like that. People to other ways of getting healthy and fit down because there isn’t a wrong way to sweat. There isn’t a wrong way to get to get healthy and fit. You bonded, you’re moving onto your body’s moving and long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

Dave Sherwin: 12:43 Okay, so part of it is, is just being accepting of all forms a whatever a person is, wherever they’re at, you just want to bring him in and, and help them to, to be their best with whatever floats their boat, whatever is most motivating to you.

Flex It Pink: 13:00 Yes, absolutely. And I liked that you said float your boats because I say that.

Flex It Pink: 13:08 Exactly. That’s a great term.

Dave Sherwin: 13:11 As you become successful in doing this, you’ve partnered with love water.org. That’s love-water.org. For those who want to check the website, you’ve done that for five years. Talk to us about that. You’ve done it sounds like you’ve done some amazing work in Africa.

Flex It Pink: 13:26 Yeah. It’s like really grown close to love-water.org. They’re actually only an hour away from us. They’re their local charity headquarters and we partnered with them. I don’t even know how we found them online. I think they, I don’t even remember, but we. So we’ve done I think three or four runs for them now and they have asked us to help them again because one of our renters helped install a water well and Uganda, which has helped provide clean water for a village of 1500 people who were walking miles and miles for clean water. And so they, they, we actually have a whale with the fluxus thing name on it because of the that community and our subscription boxes and our virtual runners that have helped fund that. And um, we just did another fundraiser for them at the end of this year. So they put a second. Well we have another well with fluoxetine name on it and it’s really amazing that our community is working on their own journey, on their own journey, their own health and fitness journey.

Flex It Pink: 14:31 And then not only are they helping their own lives, but they’re helping lives of people in a village that they don’t even know what the amount that they’re helping. And we’re able to do that. And I just, it’s so awesome. It’s such an awesome feeling and we’re really appreciative. We love our partnership with world water. They helped us out a lot of videos and pictures of them with their, well by their role with their name on it and it’s just really hard heart touching to see that we were able to do that. Something so incredible and something that, you know, sometimes Americans take granted for that they’re so thrilled to have clean running water right in their village. I mean all the time Americans take, we have clean water sitting in our toilet and they are just happy to have one source of clean water that pumps out clean water for their entire village. So. And they send us videos and thinking flux at pink and I love water. Does amazing job at helping us get that content with the, from the village over there and it’s pretty amazing. So we’re very thankful to have a partnership with web waters.

Dave Sherwin: 15:33 That’s really cool. And if you would send me one of those images, I’d be happy to put one of those on the, on our blog with a link to a love water and do our little part to support.

Flex It Pink: 15:45 Yeah. If anybody ever just wants to support love water, they do amazing things and we honor instagram. We have all the videos and photos that will definitely send you those two. Will email him. Yeah, they do work. They also do work in not only in Uganda but they do work in Haiti and they’re all over.

Dave Sherwin: 16:02 Okay, that’s fine. No problem with that is very cool. And um, so now let’s move back into the fitness realm. You guys are very connected with a very large group of, of mostly women, I think you said 99 percent. So there’s a handful of guys in that group but mostly women. And um, and so you’re really on top of the current issues of the day. What are the top issues that you’re hearing in health and fitness and some of the, maybe the top barriers to health that you’re hearing right now?

Flex It Pink: 16:38 I don’t have time. I think that’s one that will never die, that people will say that they don’t have time to prep their mails or workout and are saying is you have time for what you make for. So like the average person now spends at least an hour on their phone and they could probably check their phone time, they could start timing their phone and see how often they’re on their phone. But I just remember that I also, there was a time of almost my whole life I was like, I don’t have time, I don’t have time to do that. And it wasn’t until I actually woke up at four in the morning before my kids woke up for school before I had to wake them up from school and just got that workout in to set my tone for the day. And I actually had to like schedule in it. Yeah, you might lose an hour of sleep, but you can do it. There’s, there’s really no excuse. But that is the biggest excuses that I don’t have time. I don’t. And it doesn’t really take any extra money and time and money is the biggest thing. I worked out at home for three years doing videos to Julia Michaels and uh, Tony Horton. There’s really no excuse and now everything is at the tip of your fingers. You could download something for 20 bucks and you could use it for ever.

Dave Sherwin: 18:01 Yeah, absolutely. So it sounds like it’s by far the biggest challenge. Anything else?

Flex It Pink: 18:11 Yeah, I think that’s mainly what we questions we get or I’m or I’m eating, I think too is a challenge for people. Um, and the biggest issue is like, oh, I can’t afford to eat healthy. Well, you actually uk on, you know, a packet of chicken you can get for $6, buy in bulk for bit. I mean, there, there is ways to eat healthy that doesn’t cost a fortune. Um, you just have to maybe not eat out an extra day, um, you know, or something like that. But I think those are the two biggest things that we get on a constant basis with people asking, um, uh, ways to. What am I looking for? Elisha? I’m drawing. I’m drawing a blank, a way to get healthy that they think that they can’t I guess.

Flex It Pink: 18:59 Oh, that we also get is how do you stay? How do you stay motivated? How do you get motivated to do. This is a big one that I get. How did, where did you find your motivation and that is something that I tell people like you have to, you have to define your why, like why do you want to do this? For me, I wanted to make sure that my kids grew up at a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle, and for, in order for that to happen, I needed to change my lifestyle because kids mimic, well, they don’t really have a choice. So the groceries that I buy, they’re going to eat, so I had to start buying healthy foods. If I wanted my kids to eat healthy foods, I couldn’t eat bad and then expect them to eat good. So my motivation was my kids.

Flex It Pink: 19:45 A lot of people is different. Do you want to audition? Never. I always tell people they should never be a number on the scale because that’s always going to change. Especially for women. I mean my weight changes two to three pounds every single day. That’s just a woman. So I always tell people don’t. And it should never be about a number on the scale. It’s so hard to do, but you want to fit into your old jeans and so just leave them on, leave them on your dresser every day and you need to do something every day to keep working towards that goal so you always have to keep your why in front of you and

Flex It Pink: 20:16 yeah, even if it’s, hey, I want to run a mile in seven minutes, are I want to lift 10 pounds heavier it. It could be anything. Just just keep it right in front of you and I promise you you’ll get.

Speaker 4: 20:27 Yeah, it always works out.

Dave Sherwin: 20:31 This issue of the scale. It’s a tough one because losing weight, we just know from statistics that that’s the top goal of, of most people. Of course there’s a lot of healthy people who want to get healthier as well and and goals like you break a 30 minute or 25 minute or 20 minute five k, things like that. Those are all great goals too, but for a lot of people it is weight loss and and they don’t understand what you said about kind of not trusting the scale. It’s hard because the scale of this become kind of the default mode of, of kind of testing your health so to speak, and yet it can be a liar and it doesn’t tell the whole story and we know that muscle weighs more than fat and Alyssa, so do you have to have that conversation with people and if so, how do you help them understand that and to get them past the negative emotions of the scale?

Flex It Pink: 21:30 Yeah, we tell people. I mean I started my highest was 220 pounds, so I mean obviously that’s an unhealthy weight for me so I obviously I need to be at a lower weight to be healthy and in the healthy category, but I tried to tell people that just put the scale away because it can be discouraging. So when you get on, when you’re doing all this hard work for two weeks and you go on a scale and like nothing budgets and it’s going to be really the. And it’d be like, well a lot of people are just like, including myself. At times I was like, well, I’m doing all this work and there’s nothing changing, so through it, like I’m just going to go back to my old ways, so we try to tell people to hide their scale. I mean, I know Anna doesn’t have ever step on the scale.

Flex It Pink: 22:13 Maybe once a year we try to tell people to hide it for awhile because it actually takes a long time for your body to start responding. We tell people four weeks to actually see any kind of results. You’re yourself six weeks for someone else to start noticing in eight weeks for like the whole thing to just start coming together and you just feel really good. That’s actually a long time before we tell people to try to step on the scale. And then you’re not stressing about it either. You’re not stressing about the number. Um, there’s other, there’s other. I mean, yeah, you can use it for tools if you want. Maybe you can weigh yourself once a month or whatever, but there’s other ways to manage your progress. Um, I, for me personally, I always encouraged girls, take pictures. Pictures actually do wonder if you’d be surprised a measure yourself. I mean that is, those are great tools that don’t necessarily focus on just a number on the scale. I know a lot of people struggle with not weighing themselves, but if you put it away out of sight, out of mind it and you can just do the pictures and measure it. It’s awesome. Yeah.

Dave Sherwin: 23:18 Yeah. That makes total sense. Um, and um, body fat percentage I think is more meaningful than, than the scale as well. But the bummer of that is it’s pretty inconvenient. Yeah. Unless you’ve got some, you know, a really good machine or someone else will do it or you can go do it at your gym, but I do throw it out there because, um, I think it is a good one and more meaningful. For example, from that for like my weight does, like I can weigh the exact same as I do now and be 21 percent body fat or I can weigh what I weigh now at, at 14 percent body fat and I’m a totally different person.

Flex It Pink: 24:03 That’s why. That’s why the pictures pictures once a week and do again a French fry aside and back. That’s why there’s are so important because maybe the number’s not moving, but you look at the pictures, you’re like, oh wow, my waist is actually a lot smaller, or my legs got smaller day or whatever your goal is if you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight because I think, you know, people struggle with both, but I think you would have to just take it case by case because I mean obviously when you’re overweight, like I was you, you gotTa, you can do the scale and that’ll work well. You could weigh in every once a week and you should see progress on the scale. When you start getting down to a healthy weight and where your body should be, then yes, definitely body fat. If you have that form of measuring, then that’s the absolutely best way to do it because you can measure your muscle, your muscle gain and all of that. So I think it’s case by case and who’s asking and I definitely agree with you with the body fat, that’s definitely.

Dave Sherwin: 25:02 But I, but I think what I’m really hearing from you guys, the underlying message either way is you’re encouraging behavior. You’re saying, look, if you focus on this correct behavior and your why and you’re doing the right things every week, you can hide the scale. You don’t have to worry about it too much because that will come around if you just keep on doing the right activity.

Flex It Pink: 25:25 Absolutely. Just keep pushing forward. Just keep just, I promise it all pays off well and we try to tell people like, you’re going to have to change it. This is a lifestyle. You’re not going to just be doing this for a few weeks until you hit your goal weight. That’s why we try to put it on the weight because what are you gonna do when you hit that goal? Are you just going to go back to your old ways? We encourage people to be, to be doing things that is a lifestyle change that you’re going to be doing forever because you’re going to. You want to stay healthy forever. You’re not going to want to go back and, and you don’t want to gain all this weight back that you’re trying to lose. So we definitely emphasis on lifestyle changes that are sustainable for, for ever.

Dave Sherwin: 26:05 Okay. I want to go backwards a minute and talk about something that you have a conversation with people about on a regular basis. And that’s the time aspect. This comes up for you guys all the time. And, and, and for some people listening, um, I just like to spend a couple more minutes on it because it’s a really, really interesting issue. Uh, we all have exactly the same amount of time in the day as Oprah Winfrey or bill gates or any, you know, fill in the blank with any successful person that you admire. Right now we have the same 24 hours. And, and yet we can delude ourselves into this feeling that we don’t have time. And in my opinion, it is an illusion. It’s a lie we’re telling to ourselves, um, and, and yet when you’re in it, I’m no better than anybody else. There’s certainly times I’m the same way.

Dave Sherwin: 27:01 I can preach this all day long, but there are times when I have that, that feeling of I don’t have time and, and so when, when you’re, when you’re hearing this, especially busy moms, right? I mean that, that’s really challenging because children are unpredictable. Like it’s really hard. You don’t know when your child is going to be sick or you don’t know when there’s gonna be a problem or you’re just super busy with, with, uh, whether you’re, you know, soccer and dance or whatever ever you’ve got on. So it is real to be very busy, but it’s also real that anyone can carve out enough time to be fit and so, so let’s just spend a little bit more time on that. So you deal with someone and she really isn’t know. You guys don’t understand. I am really, really busy. Like how, how do you deal with that?

Flex It Pink: 27:54 Yeah. We’ve actually had, we’ve done some challenge groups and we’ve had people say like the same exact thing. You don’t understand. Like I’m at my desk and I can’t. I don’t have a break all day long. And, and they were just coming up, everything that we tried to suggest, they would just be like, nope, don’t have time for that. Nope, don’t have. I’m typing all day long. Don’t even get a break. And because we were trying to tell them, okay, well you don’t have time for that, for working out. That’s fine. Can you bring your lunch prep the night before? I mean you have to have time to sleep. So carve out an hour out of your sleep. Sleep. Very important, very important part of your health journey, but prep for the entire week and take your, take your food. Because she was saying that she had to go to fast food because she didn’t have time.

Flex It Pink: 28:40 And we’re like, take your, take your lunch to work with you and eat it while you’re working and then walk during your lunch break. I mean you have to have a lunch break. It’s the law. But everything was coming up. So eventually we were just like, okay, well we’re suggesting everything that we possibly can to try to help you. Your why, your why, why you want to do this. This isn’t big enough, so there are some cases that was an extreme case where you’re just like, you don’t want it bad enough at this point when we’re trying to suggest everything that we can then. So it really depends on, on your why and how bad you want it and if you’re going to carve out the time. I also think like scheduling your day, um, made her a little bit easier for people if you just, you know, um, on Sunday write out everything you need to do, everything that needs to get done and then be like, oh, you know what, I can just get up 30 minutes earlier on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I can get a quick 30 minute workout in or um, you know what, I’m going to meal prep on Sundays because I have a free hour.

Flex It Pink: 29:38 So I have healthy meals for the rest of the day. So sometimes people just need scheduled, um, for themselves to see like, hey, you know, actually I really do have time because I could make time for this. You see what I’m saying?

Dave Sherwin: 29:51 Yeah, absolutely. I haven’t done this yet, but keeping a journal I understand has been really helpful for fitness coaches. Now I’m a nutrition coach and so and so we’ll often have people keep a food journal. You know, there’s nothing like writing down for three days in a row every single thing you put in your mouth and when people do that, they often have a shocking experience. Right. I bet the same is true with a time journal, right? If you told people, okay, well maybe you’re right, so for the next three days I want you to on the hour from when you write down what time you woke up and then what you do, you know, every hour until you go to bed and send me that I think. I think that would be interesting.

Flex It Pink: 30:38 That’s a great idea. Next time we get somebody that when you start playing on your phone, write that down when you’re done. Write that time down when you’re watching TV. But I do understand. I mean people work. I mean, we work from 6:00 AM till 9:00 at night when we’re, when we’re doing our shipping weeks and stuff, but sometimes I’d rather sleep than your workout, so I know and I know that that’s my choice. I know that I’m choosing to sleep over working out. So you just have to, yeah, you have to be real with your time. And in that time journal would be interesting because that’s how I started my journey with logging everything thing that I eat and it definitely was an eye opener. So I do agree

Dave Sherwin: 31:26 and then of course you can get a different job. People think they’re locked in like, you know, life is short, you know, and uh, to me health is number one. It’s the number one thing. It’s number one before spirituality, it’s before my family is before everything. And the reason for that is because none of those other things happened. If my body doesn’t work right. And so for me that’s a huge epiphany. Once you decide that your physical body is the way you experienced the entire world and that if you don’t look after it, that eventually you won’t be able to look after anything else in your life, at least not properly, not 100 percent. Right. So, um, I, I just think that priority wise people sometimes forget that like a job is obviously very, very important and part of looking after yourself and you got to have money and you gotta have housing and food and all those things you get from your job. But I do think some people persistent a job. If your job is so intense that you can’t, to me, that’s, that’s a, that’s a deal breaker. I’m going to quit that job anyways. I don’t know if you’ve ever told anyone that and I’m not telling you. Hey, bozo listening.

Dave Sherwin: 32:54 This is just for perspective. But, uh, anyways, we’re health nuts, right? So for us, we have this perspective maybe other people don’t have, but to me I want to, I want a healthy lifestyle and everything. I want everything to fit. I, I want my family to fit. I want to be healthy, I want my work to support my lifestyle, not the other way around. You know, so this is the way I roll is my, my business is supposed to support my lifestyle, not I’m not gonna sacrifice my lifestyle for work, you know? Yup. Definitely.

Flex It Pink: 33:30 That’s why eventually just. It’s obviously your health isn’t that important to you. Then if you’re going to think of every excuse and put everything else in front of it, then it’s just not that important to you.

Dave Sherwin: 33:42 Yeah. Yup. That’s kind of what I think for those of you listening, judge, Judge for yourselves, I guess, but this issue of time is important. I’m not trying to say it’s not actually think it’s very important. I do think those feelings of being overwhelmed or absolutely real, but somehow I believe we could all find a way to create a healthy lifestyle. I just, I just hold that as a, as a belief. I think if people really tried.

Flex It Pink: 34:07 Absolutely. I mean if I was in that situation, I would go to my boss and be like, look, I need my brain to be healthy in my body. So I’m going to take a 15 minute break around the building, walk around the building for 15 minutes because I need this and it’ll actually help me work better. So if you like it, then agreeing with me. If you don’t, then I’m going to go with someone who is going to allow me to take a 15 minute walk during my break.

Dave Sherwin: 34:32 Yeah, absolutely. Okay. I want to switch gears now. You’ve got a lot of moms in your tribe raising children. Uh, one of the things that I know from chatting to you before the show is, is how important it is to you to raise healthy children. You mentioned that as you introduce yourselves, I mean, this is a, this is a big deal. So what are some of the tips you give to moms who are trying to raise their children in a healthy environment? And you know, we live in a culture of fast food, sugary cereals, um, we live in a, in a kind of a carb addicted society of, of, of highly processed foods with low nutritional value. And unfortunately it’s really in it’s way less expensive to feed our children unhealthy food than to feed them healthy food. And so this is a tough situation, but you guys are dealing with it. Can you talk to us about that issue and how you’re advising moms who are looking for good ways to raise their children a healthy environment

Flex It Pink: 35:38 in their home? Yeah. Well we are strong believers that women are the health leaders of the family. I mean we cook, we buy groceries. I mean idea my family, not every month some of the dads do it, but for the most part women do that and we try. We try to let them know that you are the healthier, like what you are eating is what your kids are going to eating, what your health, your life style is, what your kid’s lifestyle is going to be an statistically like children are going to do. Like if, if they see their children working or their mom working out, then they’re statistically going to be healthy and workout when they get older. And it’s the same thing with food and nutrition. And I tried to tell the moms that really just educating them is going gonna take them a lot.

Flex It Pink: 36:26 Oh there’s going to be a lot easier if you educate them on why they need to feel their buys with healthy food. And I give him the example of when my. We went hiking one time with my four year old and he wanted cheetos and I told him that to try to eat this apple and it’s going to make him. He is going to make his hike a lot better and stronger. And so the Cheetos, the cheetos are going to slow them down and not make them feel good after the hike. So he was all excited that he. I mean, just mentality. I mean a four year old you could give them a pill and tell them it’s just sugar pill and they’re going to believe they’ll believe anything. But the mentality of that, that asshole helped him hide stronger and faster up that hill.

Flex It Pink: 37:07 And he was excited to eat healthy. So if you educate them on why they need to eat healthy and why it’s important and it’s gonna, help them in their basketball games and be smarter in school and just educate them on why they need to fuel their bodies with health, with healthy foods, then they’re going to want it. They’re going to be more excited to do it and just make it fun too. Fun and dot the ladies stuff here. Fridges have fruits and vegetables. I’m bias. Lean meat, conservative, you know, fatty meats. I mean there’s, there’s, there’s ways to make a little changes, little changes go a big way. Um, you know, and just, I don’t know, like fruits and vegetables, fruits, you know, they have natural sugars in them. They’ll, they’ll get the, you know, some kids are like addicted to sugar. Like we see we see a lot of obese children nowadays.

Flex It Pink: 38:00 So instead of buying a candy bar and be like, you know what, let’s let’s have some grades and said, you know, freeze a great. So is there, I mean, I don’t know if is like handy, but there’s like a healthier snack versions that you can that don’t cost a fortune. Um, and we do say like, yes, I mean there are kids don’t deprive them. Like every once in awhile I’ll buy my kids oreos and they are ecstatic because I brought them some oreos and milk so I private on, they’re still kids, but definitely make it importance on why they need eat healthy. And you could, I mean I hide, I shred Zucchini and my meatloaf all the time and they love it. Like you don’t have to make it like growth and eat this broccoli because like you just gotTa make it fun and, and educate them on why it’s important and there’ll be a lot more respect to the receptive to it and they don’t really have a choice. They are your kids. So you got to like just stop buying sugary cereal and be like, look, we’re going to cook eggs this morning. We’re going to have toast. And you could sprinkle a little bit of sugar and cinnamon on a toast and then it’s good. It’s just like the mentos crunch. We’re gonna make her own today.

Dave Sherwin: 39:06 It’s interesting. Those are all great tips. It’s something you guys are talking about as you’re describing these different ideas and situations, you know, the Apolis or the cheetos and, and, um, fruits and vegetables in the fridge. It reminds me of my wife and I are both into health and fitness and, and uh, she, we both exercise regularly and we eat fairly well. We’re, we’re not perfect and I don’t think many people are um, but what we. But, but we did have neighbors in the home where we, we, we mostly raised our children. We’ve moved now, but we were 18 years in one location and we raised a healthy family. I’m happy with the way we raise our children. And sugared cereal was a treat they got now on that and we did enjoy ice cream and chocolate and had some treats and, and my children, none of them binge on it and none of them have have developed bad habits, but they would have friends who did have very, very strict parents that had no sugar type parents. And I sometimes saw those kids come into our house and find the treats we had and gorge on them. Like A. Yeah, they can find a way. Like there’s, there’s gotta be a balance, right? Like, like what, you, you, you talked about giving your, your children oreos. They don’t live on Oreos but oreos or an occasional treat. I kind of, I think that’s important. I think if you get too extreme, um, then you’re more likely to raise a problem child. Yeah. What, what are your thoughts on that?

Flex It Pink: 40:51 Oh, I absolutely agree. I feel like that’s with any parenting, if you’re stuck in any areas, if you’re super sick, they’re going to rebel a same with nutrition. So yeah, we have ice cream we have on our house, we have doughnut Fridays, so every Friday if they have a good week and we go to donuts in the morning. So I think a donut every once a week is not going to be bad for them and their kids. And he stopped. I mean, my, my youngest son, he’s the one that gets to go because my oldest son goes to school early. So. But he’s, he’s like, I’m, he’ll eat like half a donut and he’s like, I’m good. This is good. Like they’re not avenging because he rarely gets it. I think it’s fine. I mean you do have to like, I mean you have to let kids be kids and in the world that we live in, they’re going to find ways to get it in early.

Flex It Pink: 41:37 Yeah, they, they, they get treats too. I mean, you know, that’s totally fine. I tell them, you know, if you, if you want some ice cream tonight, you know, make sure you eat some fruit and you have a healthy dinner and then you can have a little bit of ice cream. Like I think that’s definitely. I definitely agree with you. A hundred percent I think taken away completely. They’re just, it’s going to go all bad in the long run. So a little treats here and there is totally fine. It’s not going to hurt him and, and they’re going to be happy kids.

Flex It Pink: 42:07 I mean, we don’t need a good cheat day.

Dave Sherwin: 42:09 Yeah. Yeah. I had someone on my podcast a few weeks ago who said, stop calling it a cheat day and start calling it treat day. And I thought, oh, cool idea. Right? So anyways, yeah. So we all, we all do a plenty of this, but basically you’re just teaching to mostly have a lot of fruit and vegetables, lean meats, healthy food generally treats on occasion. And uh, and that’s the way you guys are raising your kids.

Flex It Pink: 42:38 Yup. Yup. Yup.

Dave Sherwin: 42:41 Well then let’s, let’s jump into the, the nuts and bolts of your guys’ diet. Now we’re going to get personal with what’s in your fridge and pantry. Okay. So I want you to share with me some of your favorite healthy breakfast ideas. Let’s start with that.

Flex It Pink: 43:01 I really love to make. Um, I actually just had them this morning. Protein pancakes. I get the Kodiak cakes. They have tons of great, awesome flavors. I throw a scoop of protein in there, um, one egg and I mix it with cashew milk and either make a waffle or make ’em on a pancake on a pan. High end, high in protein. Very little carbs. Um, and, and it fills you up. So that’s my favorite breakfast. I use that quite often. Are you having for breakfast?

Flex It Pink: 43:31 Well, actually I do. I like do intermittent fasting. I liked to, I don’t like to eat breakfast before I work out. I know some people are different thoughts on that. They have somebody will think that you have to eat breakfast. I personally have worked for me. So after my workout I come home and I liked, I love to have like a white bites or um, I like to make egg sandwiches with on a Friday. Gonna Toast. I love a white.

Flex It Pink: 44:00 I do eat oatmeal quite often too, especially like my, my heavy lift days. You can just make it with almond milk a little bit. I do a little, like a teaspoon of honey cinnamon cut up with a half a banana. Him and there’s breakfast

Dave Sherwin: 44:15 and I just want to comment on those Kodiak cakes. So I found those myself. I discovered them about probably two years ago. Costco had um, and I, and they were, you know, they had a sample of Kodiak cakes and I bought some and I brought them home and the first time I met him I was like, oh, these aren’t as good as normal pancakes. And I was kinda disappointed because I thought they were, I liked them a lot. Um, but you know, you got a honk and big box of them from Costco. So we kept having them. And uh, let me tell you what’s happened is um, as we kept making them, um, making them, my whole family has changed and now we don’t make pancakes any other way.

Flex It Pink: 45:01 They’re so good. Have you had the other flavors?

Dave Sherwin: 45:06 No, I didn’t know there was other flavors. They have double chocolate.

Flex It Pink: 45:11 They have blueberry, poppy, poppy, CPAS, my favorite. There’s peanut butter, there’s all kinds of theories like the plane, the big, that’s the one I use today, but you can, you can add stuff to it. Like we, you know, sometimes I’ll put peanut butter on top instead of, you know, a little bit of peanut butter instead of syrup or sugar free syrup. So Kodiak cakes are like my favorite and I crave them. Often Times I do make those when I do make them, when I want him to treat like I want something good.

Dave Sherwin: 45:42 Yeah. Okay. Well cool. Well let’s move on to a lunch. Favorite healthy lunch ideas.

Flex It Pink: 45:53 Let’s see. I have to run to the other day. I made horrible day. I took out the middle and I filled it with um, with the darkest ranch flavor tuna and it was delicious and super easy and super healthy. I like to make stuff that says quick and good. That’s my favorite lunch. I love to have the sandwiches. I made those a lot because it’s a good source of protein that you get your card from the bread. Well I don’t use white bread, but

Dave Sherwin: 46:21 what kind of bread do you use?

Flex It Pink: 46:23 I like the uh, barely the low calorie wheat bread and I like the, his bread

Flex It Pink: 46:33 and then Dave, I think it’s Dave.

Dave Sherwin: 46:36 Fred or Dave’s killer bread. That’s my favorite. That’s my favorite yet. And it’s really good. Toasted named after you. And it’s mixed the best toast ever. Oh, it does

Flex It Pink: 46:52 peanut butter. Oh my gosh, it’s so good to do that too.

Dave Sherwin: 46:58 Okay, cool. How about dinner?

Flex It Pink: 47:02 Um, I left Turkey meatballs. That’s probably one of my favorites. It’s super easy. Um, I usually add a little bit of a bread crumbs and egg. I chopped up onions and garlic and I just super easy to go in the oven. I make extra so it will last a couple of days. That’s my favorite dinner. Healthy Dinner Tacos.

Flex It Pink: 47:29 I fried shell of course by the street taco according to the corn Tortilla. So they’re really small and then if I want more I’ll just eat it with like a taco salad. But uh, we, we make a lot of chicken, like pre precooked chicken or pork because my husband lived pork but we could get the week before. So we have a lot of Tacos. You can make chicken Tacos, chicken enchiladas throughout the whole week. We just press chicken, chicken salad. So I’m talking with a lot. I do laptop as though don’t. I don’t eat fried Kale. But yeah, there’s anything wrong with corn tortillas don’t. But if you tried, you can. I use, um, because my family likes. There’s fried, I use avocado oil actually to either buy a big old thing at Costco, so I Guess Brian, a little bit of avocado oil. I know it’s still oil, but you still want your body still needs a little bit of fat so I use that to pick the treaty as instead of like the vegetable oil or, or anything like that.

Dave Sherwin: 48:34 Yeah, good point. And it has a much higher flash point than olive oil. A lot of people don’t realize that olive oil doesn’t make a great oil for cooking if not for frying I should say. Um, and so of oil is much better for, for that use than a olive oil.

Flex It Pink: 48:52 Me On the avocado oil and I use it for everything. Even when you’re cooking chicken, just sprinkle a little bit in the pan or I use it for a lot of stuff. Avocado oil is my favorite oil to use with um, with anything when I’m cooking.

Dave Sherwin: 49:08 Excellent. One last thing on, on nutrition, and I think this will be a really good one, especially where you have have kids, and you’ve alluded to this one earlier with the apple versus Cheetos, but what are some of your favorite snack ideas, especially those that um, you know, do you, do you have healthy snack ideas that your kids. Like?

Flex It Pink: 49:30 My kids, they like the celery and peanut butter you can make up put on love, which is you cut the salary, put the peanut butter and raisins on it, so it looks like ants on a log. I could make fruit salad for them and they’d eat it for days. Yeah. My kids love hard boiled eggs. They always asked me to make them for them. And a fruit is if I see I’m grabbing a bad snack. I mean sometimes we’ll have chips sometimes for their lunches and they, they know that that’s only for a treat in their lunch. Sometimes if I see I’m trying to grab them like, nope, go grab a fruit or apple or granola bar. We have a good granola bars and planting tips that they want chips. They love those tips are so good and they’re all like whole 30 approved, so they’re just have salt and planning teams. Um,

Flex It Pink: 50:28 carrots and ranch. You can buy the yogurt ranch. Um, we do that at our house. It gets them to at least see some vegetables. Those are mainly our, my mainly snacks that I like to give my kids.

Dave Sherwin: 50:39 And for those of you listening, I love peanut butter too and we’ve mentioned that a couple times on the podcast. I just want to point out that the ingredients list on peanut butter should read peanut, your peanuts like that. That’s it. It’s peanuts that you do have to be careful and just because it says natural across the front of the label, you still have to turn the bottle and read the ingredients, right?

Flex It Pink: 51:06 Yeah. Usually almond butter, almond butter. Usually if you want the peanut butter, you got to go to law. We have Algebra, we go to Albertson’s and they have like that whole natural food section and they usually have the PA, the natural peanut butter over there.

Dave Sherwin: 51:19 Yeah, just peanut. Yeah. And Costco has one to quite a large tub of a chunky or smooth and I’m pretty sure that the only ingredient is peanuts. It separates. And so you got to step it up. Yeah. Now what have you guys got coming up? You’ve been doing all these events for all these years. Anything exciting in 2019 to talk about?

Flex It Pink: 51:46 We have, I’m just, we have some shows coming up like we do expos and we are trying to launch more leggings and sports bras for women because we do have women of all ages, shapes and sizes. So a lot of companies have closed that or you have your, you’re like I’m a small and I’ll have to order like a medium or large in their sizes. So we want women to just feel when they ordered their shoe size, like I’m actually a large in a, in a large woman so they don’t have to order like a two x and feel more insecure about their side. So we’re working on just always making women feel, feel comfortable in their clothing. And that’s one of our big things that we’re working on this year is just.

Flex It Pink: 52:32 Yeah, and continue to grow our subscription box members in our virtual run to help keep the women go in and we’re hoping to launch your podcast as well this year. Yes. So Dave, if you want to come on our podcast one day,

Dave Sherwin: 52:45 I would love that.

Flex It Pink: 52:48 Talk about nutrition for the ladies.

Dave Sherwin: 52:52 I would be thrilled to be thrilled and honored to be on your podcast. So you just let me know, uh, when, when, and, and, and how, and I’m there now your clothing line and we haven’t talked too much about that. You just mentioned it. Why don’t you talk a little bit more about your clothing line for those listening and what types of things you offer?

Flex It Pink: 53:12 We just launched our leggings. Um, of course their squat proof. So you’re in the gym and you don’t have to be insecure about when you’re squatting or bending over the squat group and they’re high waisted to just hold in all the, the mom, Tommy’s out there like ours. We love the high waisted and um, we just want women to feel comfortable and feel good in their clothes when they’re out working out. So that’s the big thing we’re working on and we do our subscription boxes do come with inspirational and motivational things on their tank tops. We have teams that have all kinds of awesome things. I’m like, I was one was hustle and heart and it’s on oil, pink oil, so all our clothing is something to keep them, like if they live in an and they’ve shirt says get it girl, because he hadn’t shared that says get it girl. You’re like, okay, I’m going to get it.

Flex It Pink: 54:03 Yeah. Feeling strong and motivated.

Flex It Pink: 54:06 So we just continue to work on that.

Dave Sherwin: 54:10 What’s this? A subscription box.

Flex It Pink: 54:14 Our subscription boxes and we send them out every month and they include a virtual runs, which this year we have five. We normally have six but we’re changing a few things around with their boxes. So we have five this year that we do partner with on all of our charities. Um, love water is our big one and they get a tank top every month and something every month is different. It’s always something that for health and fitness, blender bottles or water bottles or healthy snacks, we work with a lot of companies who send healthy snacks like skinny pop or a kettle corn. I can’t think of the name. We can look for a tiny seniors, honey stinger protein, cookies, protein cookies and stuff like that. We work with companies that send giddy. Anything that has to do with her health has. It’s just to keep you motivated and inspired and working towards the goals. We send it in the box and every month is different.

Dave Sherwin: 55:10 Cool. So how much is it

Flex It Pink: 55:14 our boxes or putting nine $97 a month that we don’t appreciate being. Um, and it, like Elisha said, includes the tee, the tee shirt, you know, tinker t and then all the goodies, all the virtual runs for only 29, 97.

Dave Sherwin: 55:28 That sounds so cool. And you’ve got to check out all our products on [inaudible] dirobi.com and let me know if there’s something you want to throw in a box sometime. That’d be fun.

Flex It Pink: 55:38 Great.

Flex It Pink: 55:41 Anything we’re up for anything?

Dave Sherwin: 55:44 Well that sounds great. You guys have been awesome. And you’ve got such great energy and I can see why so many people are following you and loving your message. Before I let you go though, is there anything that we haven’t talked about or anything you want to talk about a little bit more and some closing thoughts here?

Flex It Pink: 56:03 Well, we just want women to feel comfortable in their journey and feel supported. So if they don’t ever have a support system, they, we just want him to know that they could have come to Flex It Pink and we’re here for them where there were your cheerleader will help you any way we can. And that’s basically what we want women to know and don’t ever give and keep your eye

Flex It Pink: 56:24 on, on those goals and know that you can do it. We believe in you.

Dave Sherwin: 56:31 How do people get in touch with you or follow you online?

Flex It Pink: 56:35 Um, you can go to our website at flexitpink.com. You can find us on facebook at flexitpink and on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/flexitpink/. And then we also have a closed online community. You can search Flex It Pink fitness and that will, um, that’s just all women,  If you need somewhere to like talk or privately you can, you can ask the community for help. I’m being confined to there.

Dave Sherwin: 56:59 Excellent. Well thank you again so much for being on the show. Okay, and for those of you listening, this is Dave Sherwin wishing you health and success. Thanks for listening to the Dirobi Health Show. Visit dirobi.com. To learn about our free bottle Friday contest and subscribe to our newsletter to get sweet deals and flash sales.
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