099 On Fasting, Keto, and Middle Aged Awesomeness with Larry Zimberg

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Larry Zimberg has 15 years of experience as a CPT (certified personal trainer). He was the head of training and nutrition at the International Sportscience Institute (ISI) Los Angeles. He was a National Sales Director Beachbody during the P90X craze.

Listen in as we touch on great tips regarding intermittent fasting, the benefits of being “Keto-ish,” and how Larry has achieved middle-aged awesomeness through his health habits and studies.  (And how you can to 😉

Larry shares great info and insights into intermittent fasting for weight loss (16 8), plus general life success and awesomeness. Listen in here:

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Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss (16 8)

Now this interview with Larry Zimberg was a lot of fun. I’ve known Larry for a long time. As a matter of fact. He’s the guy who put me in my family on to the program P90X back when it was huge, you know, and we talk about that a little bit.Ep. 99 Quote 4

He was a national sales director of Beachbody during the P90X craze and it was fun to kind of revisit that. He said that the P90X revolution was kind of like a Beatles album and it really was it changed the way exercise is done. And since then, I’ve actually implemented a couple of the ideas Larry suggested. I signed up for the Beachbody program. I didn’t know they’d put all those programs online. I’ve been doing their yoga program, which I really like. I’ve got kind of burned out on the whole youtube yoga thing. I don’t know if you’re doing that. If you ever just workout at home and put on a youtube video they used to be awesome. And now there’s commercials right in the middle of a lot of these things or three or four commercials like watching television, it drives me nuts.

Intro to Larry Zimberg Interview

Dave: Hello everybody. Welcome to the Dirobi health show. Today. I’ve got a special guest, Larry Zimberg, who has been a mentor of mine in the health world actually over the years and so I’m excited he would come on the show. He has 15 years experience as a certified personal trainer. For three years. He was the head of training and nutrition at the International Sports Science Institute, the ISI in Los Angeles for two years. He was the national sales director at Beachbody and we’ll talk a little bit about that. There was exciting stuff going on. Well, Larry was there. He is also a very successful businessman. He’s been a top earner in network marketing for 20 years, is a nationally recognized top trainer and helps people, he’s basically a life coach, helps people in their businesses, in their own personal development, increasing sales, whatever it is they want to increase in their personal or business lives. That is currently what Larry is doing. So Larry, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Larry: My pleasure, Dave. Nice to always chat with you and really appreciate what you always do as well. You’re always, you know, out there striving to help people get better. And it’s a wonderful thing and it’s a great opportunity, to reach out to folks, hopefully make a difference. So I, I appreciate you having me.

Dave: Yeah, well that’s what it’s all about and I know that’s your world as well and so hopefully people will listen in and it will be meaningful and helpful. I know we’ve got a couple of topics that are passionate that we are both passionate about that we will talk about. So I’m excited about the interview. Glad you would do it. And before we jump in, I want to hit you with a couple of things you probably weren’t prepared for, but did you know that one time when you took me and Perry Wakefield to a gym to give us some training here when you were visiting on business, you’re the first person I’ve ever seen asked to have peanut butter put in your shake at the gym. Did you know that?

Larry: Well a unique distinction then. I had no clue. I’m happy to be your first Dave.

Dave: Yeah, it was, we had this great workout. You coached us, he trained us on some stuff, and then we went to to get a shake from the shake shop at the gym. And Man, you, you made this custom concoction. Like I’ve never seen you, you know, your nutrition.

Larry: Well I, you know, I have always had an interest in nutrition and physical health as well as of course the mental and emotional health and, just being better and creating a better life. So I’m glad that a dose of peanut butter can help make that happen.

Dave: Yeah. And let’s start with the, the physical side of things. I do want to talk about personal development and some of the life habits that you’re currently coaching in. And I have some insight into that and I’m excited for our listeners to hear that. But let’s start with the physical side. You mentioned you’ve always had an interest in health and fitness. Does that go all the way back to being a child? Tell me your, your background in the health and fitness world.

Larry: Well, I, I just always enjoyed working out. I assume that some of that is, I wanted to look good as well as feel good. So I just kind of really like just getting in there and getting after something and sweating a bit and, and you, you know, exercising stimulates you in many ways. So, I just enjoyed the feeling of getting in and doing a good workout. I mean, my background and, you know, I did some, some Sporting, activities and sports activities. I always loved to play basketball up. That was, that was the sport that I gravitated towards and, and, ran a little track and things like that. And, but I always love being in the gym as well, and not just to, not necessarily to, to be any type of a competitor or bodybuilder. And I, you know, I’ve always had a lean frame so that, that wasn’t really in my wheelhouse anyway, but I just loved going to the gym and, and kind of getting after it. And, so that was just something that resonated with me.

On Intermittent Fasting, With Great Tips for those using it for Weight Loss

Ep. 99 Quote 1Dave: Yeah. And you’re staying current. You’ve been in this game for a long time and you’re still learning and growing. As a matter of fact, you hit me up, first of all, when you heard one of our podcasts where we touched on time restricted feeding and intermittent fasting and you’ve had some insights there and that’s a fairly new thing within the last few years. It’s really gotten traction. Anyway, talk to me about your personal experience with an understanding of intermittent fasting, time restricted feeding, whatever the buzz words are that you currently are using. I understand those terms are used differently by different people. So maybe we should start right there with definitions. what’s your understanding of the current use of the various types of fasting?

Larry: Well generally in, as has been my experience, it’s generally referred to as intermittent fasting, and yeah, I’ve been aware of it for a while, it was brought to my attention by someone who I feel has always been, I would say one of the smartest people in the nutrition world and someone that I respect a great deal. And they brought it to my attention a couple of years ago actually. And so I did the research and some of which I can mention to people to find out more about it. And it made sense to me.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting…

So I hopped on board and I started recommending to friends and family. And really, whenever the subject came up, I would definitely recommend it to them. And I’ve had some friends, truly have seen some amazing, amazing results. And I’m talking about things that some people might even balk at. The results were so outstanding regarding people getting off medication or whether it was high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol and Association of things. Rheumatism, arthritis. It was just a really, life changing for so many people. And I was just glad to be able to discuss it with them. And I’ve just been a huge proponent of it ever since.Ep. 99 Quote 2

Dave: Excellent. That experience you described is very, very similar to my own. Once I committed and jumped on the bandwagon, it was nothing but good for me and continues to be till this day. So I say Amen to everything you just said. How did you start applying it? Are you doing like an 8 16? Are you doing two meals or three meals? You’re basically just skipping breakfast, know there’s, there’s nuances to how people are implementing this. Talk to me about how you are doing it on a daily basis.

The 16 8 Intermittent Fasting Protocol

Larry: Well, again, there’s always variances. There’s always people that are going to have their little take on things and, and some of those folks might have an agenda as well. But the general rule, and again, when I say general, I’m talking about the majority, and in this case, the overwhelming majority of intermittent fasting, do what’s called 8 16, eight, as an example. And all that means is you’re, or eight, 16 if you want to flip it. So you’re eating for eight hours during an eight hour period of the day and fasting for 16 which fasting just means not eating. So, for an example, let’s say you get up at seven, you have your first meal, your breakfast at 11. It’s really based on having three solid meals a day, nutrient dense meals, and we can get into the, you know, type of nutrition and, and eliminating snacking for a couple of reasons, which I’ll go into later if you want to keep discussing it.

Tip: Don’t Snack Between Your 3 Meals During Intermittent Fasting!

Larry: So you’re limiting yourself to three meals a day and they are separated by a four hour time block. So again, let’s say you get up at seven, you’d have breakfast at 11 lunch, at three dinner at seven, and then obviously you’re not eating again for 16 hours. So that eight hour period, which is 11, 3 and seven, you’re having three meals and then you’re fasting for 16. Obviously you’re not eating again until you the next day and you’ve slept. The important part of that that helps make intermittent fasting work is that four hour window. So you’re not eating for 16 until after you’ve gotten up. And there’s a reason for that. because that’s when you maximize HGH. And again, that’s the moral of the whole story here. And we can talk about that. And then you’re giving your body a chance to, to, you know, not feast right before you go to bed, which is not a good idea either.

Larry: So it’s really centered around that. Now there’s different variations of it. A lot of people do five, two, which means you’re eating normally for five days a week and you’re going through a complete fast two days a week, you know, just a water fast. And that, that is somewhat in the minority is that I would say the second most popular, but it’s way down the list. It’s basically the 16 8 so that your body isn’t always having to deal with digesting food. And that’s the process of eliminating snacking. You know, we, we never really did that as a society, as a race of human beings. We never really snacked all day. It was, you know, got up, you had your breakfast, you had lunch, you had dinner, went to bed. Of course the food industry wants us to snack. And then it became, and I was part of the group that used to tell people, hey, eat less more often, you know, have six small meals a day.

Larry: you know, graze like a cow, don’t slop like a pig. That was the general philosophy. That was the general thought process for a long time until the science became so solid about intermittent fasting and giving your body a chance to rest and not always having insulin in the body, reacting to you eating food, you know, causing a metabolic response and having this very harmful inflammatory hormone go raging through our body all day long as a response to eating all day long so that your body gets a chance to rest and repair, which happens when you’re not eating. so without getting too much into the biology, it’s basically the 16 8.

Dave: Yeah, absolutely. And then, do you ever cheat on weekends? There is some research that five days a week gives pretty much the same benefit is going seven days a week. I have seen a study on that. I tried to just go everyday personally, but sometimes I go to a party or I just want to, you know, I just feel like a snack on a Friday night or something like that. And so I’m pretty religious about it five or six days a week. How about you? I and I and I definitely don’t fast on the weekends. For me, the 16 eight is about as long as I want to go hungry for, honestly I’m really not hungry anymore. My body is totally adapted to where, you know, I, when I have breakfast, typically at 10:00 AM, I’ve usually had a hard workout at the gym at six or seven.

On “Cheating” on an Intermittent Fast… Can You Enjoy Cake at a Wedding?

Dave: And shockingly, thinking back to my older self that was starving right from the minute I woke up and I usually ate before I even exercised, my body’s totally adjusted and now I sleep, I work out, and I do just fine until I have breakfast. So the hunger hasn’t been a problem for me, but you know, having a late dinner on a Friday night or a party or something on a Saturday night or something like that. I don’t mind breaking the rules for myself then. Talk to me about that, cause I know there’s people listening, that like the idea, but picture standing there at a party on a Friday night with tempting food and drinks that they want to eat. How do you deal with that?

Larry: Well, I deal with it fine. And just one thing I know you said about the weekends, five to doesn’t have to be Saturday. Sunday you could pick your two days to be Wednesday, Thursday, it doesn’t matter. However, with regard to what you just mentioned, look, all of this depends on your goals. So I’ve had people who were very restrictive for a while because their main goal was fat loss and weight. And so they were, they were real strict about it. They were very committed for a period of time. Just like with your diet, whether you’re eating Keto or not, or you’re allowing some carb intake. So, you know I’m not the person that would say you can’t have anything because I can’t live like that. You know, I enjoy having a bite here and there.

Larry: You’re going to go to social events, you’re going to go to a wedding, you’re going to go to a birthday, you’re going to have a party, you’re going to go watch a game and want to have a hot dog… Whatever it is, if you’re adhering to it most of the time. And when I say most of the time, I’m talking about 85, 90% of the time, I, I would tell you, go ahead, enjoy yourself, enjoy life. It’s not going to have that great an impact on you. but again, this is all according to goals. Can I talk about intermittent fasting for a minute and just kind of give my, my take on it?

Speaker 5: Absolutely.

Fasting for Autophagy

Larry: But the greatest thing about intermittent fasting is that it creates something called a autophagy And and autophagy is the process of our body recycling damaged cells usually brought on by insulin issues. So, imagine your body picking up debris in the cells, just shuttling this debris and damaged cell parts and then recycling it. And, and in the process creating new cell parts. So you’re clearing out, and that’s what this does. You’re clearing out damaged cells, you’re, you’re cleaning out precancerous cells through the body’s own recycling process, the body’s own ability to do that. And you’re maximizing the body’s own ability to generate new healthy cells that support anti aging, cardio protection immune support. And actually a complete boost of the immune system, which you can do either with intermittent fasting or longer term fasting.

The Science of Autophagy and Intermittent Fasting

Larry: You have a complete boost of your immune system. you can improve your brain function and brain cells, your nervous system, also known as stress. And, and the most potent thing that activates and triggers the autophagy is fasting and intermittent fasting. I know this may sound too good to be true and all of that, but this is a done deal, by the way. This isn’t one person’s opinion, a fad, just the next new diet. Johns Hopkins USC oncology is, is using this to help diminish, and, and treat cancer. I mean, if I sat here and, and named names, it would seem like I’m trying to qualify it or justify it. And, and there’s just no sense in doing that at this point. It’s solid medical science and factual human biology that’s undisputed. It’d be like me sitting here and trying to tell you who agrees with gravity. You know, it’s a done deal. it’s just had a hard time getting traction, especially here in the United States because there’s no money in telling people not to eat.

Larry: There’s no money in telling people not to eat. And really the rules of this are so simple. There’s no pharmaceutical companies that can bank that. There’s really no books to buy, no programs to purchase. There’s just some very simple rules. I’m sure people are going to because it’s, it’s getting so huge. There’s always going to be folks that are going to tell you, well, I’ve got the best, you know, and they want you to buy something. But it’s just not like that. And you know, I would tell anyone listening that if they really want to learn the basis of this whole thing, there’s a movie called Science of Fasting and it’s free. If you’re an Amazon prime member, it’s less than an hour. And it’s fascinating one of the original studies done on this documentary type thing. you know, Europe and Eastern Europe has been doing this for ever to help diminish and, and in some cases completely rid the body of many diseases. And I would say the moral of the story is that this happens because intermittent fasting suppresses insulin release and it maximizes human growth hormone. can I explain that real real quick?

Larry: Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and make that one real quick and then let’s move on because I got a lot of other questions I want to ask you.

How Intermittent Fasting Works it’s Magic.

Ep. 99 Quote 3Larry: So understand this: insulin creates inflammation in the body, right? Intermittent fasting decreases inflammation, which is the root cause of disease in the body. Like cancer, heart disease, according to everyone’s studies and according to the studies at Johns Hopkins, intermittent fasting significantly decreases that infflammation. So that is being sent to the body. So intermittent fasting basically repairs us as much as that can happen in the body’s own ability to do that. Intermittent fasting makes that happen. So if you can picture every time you’re eating poorly or eating something or overeating or so insulin is released in the body, you know, again, as a metabolic response to us taking in calories, insulin gets released. Now, if you can picture this, when insulin is going through your body, always dealing with you eating right, even if you are having those small meals.

Fasting to Manage Insulin and HGH

Larry: We used to tell people six times a day, insulin always being released into the body to get food. When insulin is running through your body, growth hormone, human growth hormone shuts off. So when you’re turning one valve on, the other one completely shuts off because the two things can’t be in the body at the same time. The two things can’t happen the same time. So when you’re suppressing insulin, you’re maximizing human growth hormone. Now when we were younger, we had a lot of that. We were creating a lot of that. We were putting out a lot of that. As we get older, that happens lessand less, but what human growth hormone does is repair. So if you can just imagine why is HGH helping people with disease and and helping them dial the clock back. In terms of the things I mentioned, anti aging and, heart support, and immune protection and all of these things is because you’re maximizing that human growth hormone.

Larry: It’s like if you could dial your body back five, 10, 20 years, depends on how old you are. 30 years. I think you would, we would all agree we’d have less issues. That’s what it does. That’s why you create these things because you’re suppressing insulin so you can maximize human growth hormone and so tighter skin, you know, would your skin be tight or 10 years ago would you have joint pain? I mean, you could go on and on and on, but this is why it works so well. And just to, to, to kind of wrap up that intermittent fasting along with intermittent fast and clearing out cellular debris and keeping those cells healthy, HIIT, which is high intensity interval training. Also does that, the study show that HIIT type workouts also do that. And high interval high intensity interval training is just short term exercise that’s high in intensity and everyone can Google it and see how to do that.

Larry: There’s lots of variances. And then of course you can’t just eat anything, which is, can I just talk about that quickly? Yeah, the food part of it. So now again, all this depends on your goals. I stick to a more Keto friendly diet. and again with intermittent fasting, if you need to lose weight, weight’s going to come off. the greatest benefit is the ETOPHAGY. But again, what is your goal? I adhere to more Keto friendly diet. And the reason for that is, is because when you are eating Keto friendly diet, your body switches from burning carbs and burning sugar to burning fat. It’s just that simple. You’re throwing a switch in the body and instead of burning glycogen or sugar, now you’re burning fat. And I say Keto friendly because again, just like you mentioned Dave, Hey, can I have a piece of cake at a wedding?

Larry: I mean, yeah, you should in my opinion, but I’ve had friends who have become intermittent fasters and very strict on their Keto because they wanted to lose the weight before breaking the rules. That’s fine, whatever it is. But the rules here, again, very simple and actually depending upon how old you are listening to this call, someone named Jack Lalanne, had it right, Jack Lalanne was on TV for like 40 years with his dog, I think dogs name was Scout, the German shepherd, who obviously didn’t live 40 years. and he always said he just never ate anything manmade.

Pro Tip: Never Eat Anything Manmade.

Larry: Pretty simple rule. Yeah, just never ate anything manmade. If it came in a box… you know anything like that. But with Keto it’s basically a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet and there are reasons for that. And getting into the Carb, you want complex carbs, which are color. I would say fruits and vegetables, easy on the fruit and try and keep that in the morning. starchy vegetables, right? Like corn, peas and potatoes, maybe some beans. For those that are allowing some grains, definitely unprocessed whole, although I’d keep that to a minimum. as a general rule you want to eat high fat and the reason for that is because fat is very satiating. It keeps you full. The reason why you’re not hungry when you’re getting up in the morning is because you’re having the right nutrients, right?

Intermittent Fasting with a “Keto-ish” Approach

Larry: Fat keeps you full. And since you’re burning fat, you want to introduce the body to more fat. And so it’s really quite simple. And by the way, the benefits of eating more Keto friendly aren’t limited to just shedding a few pounds, you also get greater mental clarity and focus, decrease carb cravings as I mentioned, that is very satiating. You get greater energy and the fat that comes from oils, MCT, olive, coconut, avocado, fruits like Avocados and berries. Eat lots of meat, lots of protein food if you’re eating meats, preferably grass fed or organic. Again, those low carb dairy… again, Dairy’s fine, have organic dairy and nuts and seeds. So all of these things, and fiber, which again slows down the digestive process and keeps that insulin level low. All of this really helps. Those things together, are as I’m concerned, are the most anti aging things you can do. People are out there buying creams and doing all these things trying to roll back the clock. Nothing will do that for you and your health, and your brain, like intermittent fasting, you know, you can go see Ted talks on how they’re using it to help with dementia and every other area because it rolls back the clock as much as anything possibly can.

Dave: Okay. And that is an excellent exclamation point on everything to do with intermittent fasting in terms of when to eat. You’ve given us some great instructions on what to eat. And you did allude a little bit to exercise now you were at Beachbody as the national sales director and although P90X had been introduced before your time, you were there during that time. You’ve described that to me as being like a Beatles album that P90X was just a social movement. It was a big deal. I’d love to hear you talk about that. You may not even remember you sent me a Freebie. When you got the position at Beachbody, you sent me a gift of P90X and that was a great gift. As a matter of fact, at the time I was trying to get my kids to exercise more often. And so as a family we actually bought these rubber mats we would put down on the (cause we didn’t like doing on the carpet in our family room), we put down these rubber mats down on the floor, like linked together like a big jigsaw puzzle. We turned on the P90X and we did that and it was huge. And introducing my kids to exercise and how it could be fun and invigorating and a great way to start the day. And it was a really fun, a really great gift that you gave us and we really enjoyed it and it was kind of a movement. I’d love to hear you talk about that and what it was like there at Beachbody in the heyday of Beachbody and I know they had other programs that were very popular as well. But talk to us about that.

That “Beachbody” Thing…

Larry: Well Beachbody without a doubt makes, (I’m not with them anymore, just so you know, isn’t a plug or anything). I’ve got nothing to sell. But, Beachbody makes the greatest products are not in the industry. And a P90X was a movement and you know, it’s part of what they do, the Beachbody network. National sales director, people probably think of that title in the more traditional term. In network marketing, which is my industry, it has to do with sales and marketing and the right approaches and everything, but it really has to do in the network marketing world with guiding the field and, personal development and programs that help them succeed as distributors. Right. So, the story with Beachbody obviously, you know, they were and still are (not as much as they used to be of course, because the whole medium has changed to online)… but huge on TV. You know, you can flip through and always see a Beachbody infomercial for their exercise programs still to this day.

Larry: And they’re hugely successful because it makes so much sense to people. First of all, their programs are the best and they work. They’re effective, like none other. But it also, and part of that reason is, is the program itself of course. And then the ability to have that guide there and that personal trainer in your living room doing it with you and you’re with them course following a set program, something structured, which is also incredibly effective. And there are a variety of them depending upon what you want to do, and your goals and what you want to achieve. But it’s also the time factor. You know, we’re so busy these days and, and I know myself, I started working out from home because I didn’t have an extra half hour to get myself ready, get my stuff together, go to the gym, park at the gym, go through signing in and getting in the locker room, doing all that stuff and then having to turn around when I’m done with my workout and do it again to get home instead of just boom, pop in the disc.

Larry: And you’re good to go with the structured highly effective program that helps motivate you with a bunch of folks, do it in front of you as well. So that’s why the popularity of of that came along obviously as big as it did with P90X was because it just, like I said, it was a Beatles album, you know, it was the most popular movement ever and of the whole genre and got a lot of traction and of course, then Beachbody rather than remaining all of the successful programs, you know, they, they kept going in and building on that and then they came out with a, what I consider the best calories you can put in your body, which is called Shakeology. It’s their premier product of the entire network, it’s just a shake that you drink once a day that’s incredibly nutrient dense. I consider it a very important part of anybody’s intermittent fasting because it’s one of the three meals that I have every single day and I recommended to everyone that I talked to intermittent fasting about because it helps you get that one meal. You don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to cook, it travels if need be and it’s nutrient dense. So it’s got the protein, some complex carbs, it’s got high amount of fiber. it’s just the right ratio of macronutrients and, and it’s got a prebiotic and a probiotic and the super grains and adaptogens and on, and on and on. So now I only have to think about two meals and I’m maximizing… That’s the point of those three meals is you want each meal to really count, make them nutrients dense, so that came along and just took the network to a whole other level.

On Personal Development and Life Skills. And Getting Rich.

Dave: Wow. Okay. And then has your, has been, your background is network marketing and, and I know that in network marketing there’s a lot of focus put on personal development, personal skills, and improving your skills and your habits. And you recently closely with Jeff Olson. I’ve been surprised just how many people have read the book Slight Edge. I hear it mentioned on podcasts. I hear it recommended all over. And you’re friends with Jeff, right?

Larry: Yeah, he was my mentor. I mean he was the guy who I gravitated towards. I heard him speak and just hit every single note with me. It resonated with me at a very high level. That’s one of the things about the industry that I hadn’t experienced before in life where we’re, and when I say the industry, I’m talking about network marketing industry because it’s really just a giant personal development program with a product wrapped around it. So, when I heard Jeff speak, and read his book the Slight Edge I went, wow, nobody ever talked to me about this stuff before. You know, they didn’t teach this in school and this was really the holy grail. And the Slight Edge, is just the anti quantum leap. You know, it’s the whole philosophy of those little things that you either do or don’t do, that add up to who you are, what you become, what you achieve in the upcoming weeks, months, years ahead. In other words. like I said, it’s the anti quantum leap. Those little things are so easy to do. They’re just as easy not to do. And it’s just following the old adage, you know, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, you know, it’s, it’s an apple a day. Keeps the doctor away. It’s not seven apples on Sunday, right? So, yeah, small daily habits. Of course you have lived your life by this.

New Speaker: I mean you weren’t going to say this, but I’ll say it for you. I know you’ve earned millions of dollars in network marketing and been extremely successful and now you are spending your time helping other people be successful in whatever venture they’re in. Right? Basically you’ve moved into the next phase of your career you’re in now is really personal coaching. It seems to me, you’re a lifestyle coach now, or how do you describe yourself?

Larry: Well, I talk about it in terms of success, and success doesn’t necessarily have to be finances. I know, they say money can’t buy you happiness. Although I think broke people made that up.

Larry: Yeah, probably.

Larry: Yeah, it doesn’t cure all the ills, but you can be unhappy and in some really great places. Let me tell you.

Larry: So,

Larry: yeah, I, I mean, can I tell you my story real quick?

Speaker 8: Sure.

Larry: Because that is kind of how this all came to be. So, I know I really have to do bullet point this. Bottom line is I found myself at 40 years old having to start over through a failed business and all this kinds of stuff. And I didn’t graduate high school. I didn’t have a resume that would get me a job at Krispy Kreme. So I used to play guitar for a living. So, I was heavily in debt. I’m wondering what am I gonna do? How am I going to get that life? I always wanted, how am I going to ever get a house? How am I ever going to get a retirement? You know, I was just wondering what’s going to happen here for myself? And thinking how am I going to live the life I always envisioned for myself and hope to live? And someone introduced me to this industry. It found me or I found it or whatever.

Larry: And actually at first, you know, I went to one of these meetings, I kind of walked out of there and I was like, oh, these people drink koolaid. It’s what I always heard about it. I was a musician, so I was too cool for school, for this type of thing. and I never thought I’d take a look at it again. Then a really great friend of mine, a guy who’s still my best friend, (just talk to them about an hour and a half ago), was in a company making six figures working from home, living the life. And I saw a whole different side of this industry. he introduced me to some people, some folks I’ve met who were really solid human beings, very, very, very caring people, people who are very successful, who had a whole different take on things.

Larry: And that really struck a chord with me. They talked about success. They talked about creating the life you that you would like and that this industry allows you to do that. You know, I really found that this network marketing business is the most moral democratic form of compensation that it’s the ultimate equal opportunity employer and a true level playing field. You know, they didn’t have a picture of me down at corporate that says (inaudible) and my main goal was freedom. That’s what I always wanted. I always wanted freedom. I always wanted to come and go as I pleased. I am not the corporate guy, never have been, never will be. I’m unemployable as they say. I didn’t, you know, again, with my background, what was gonna happen, you know, they were going to say, okay, go sit over there for 35 a year and maybe we’ll bump you up to fourty in five or 10 years, you know, no thanks, not me.

Larry: So I went on a quest to find out, look, I know people do this, what do they do? And Luckily I bumped into something that I feel is the true level playing field. So the greatest thing that came out of this were people came out of the woodwork to help me and I had great mentors and basically what they taught me was, look, if you want to become a doctor, you study medicine, you want to become an architect you studie architecture… if you want to become successful study success. The information is out there that this isn’t rocket science. It’s actually pretty basic. And they started introducing me to things and books and like I had never read before, but then I met Jeff Olson, Slight Edge and I thought, wow, this is right out there for anyone.

Larry: And what it taught me is that you can’t be all you can be by remaining who you are. You know, your income will only grow as far as you do. And they taught me to sharpen my ax. And, and what I mean by that is it’s really after, that thought is, is from the quotation by Abraham Lincoln, which is if I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend four hours sharpening my ax, two hours chopping the tree instead of what a lot of people do is, which is continuing to carry around a dull ax three never goes down. They taught me to sharpen my ax and to keep working on myself. They pointed me in the direction about reading what successful people have done, read about the road, read about failure, read about what it takes. And what it takes is a constant investment in yourself because you’re the variable, in anything you do, you are the variable.

Larry: So it comes to this opportunity, network marketing, some make it, most don’t. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it is everywhere in life. Why do some people get to the top and other people don’t? Other people are always blaming, pointing a finger because some people sharpen their axe. Other people just keep whacking with a dull ax. And the the great thing about network marketing is that or, really sharpening your ax with regard to anything you want to achieve is that you can rise just as far as your talents can take you. The great thing about our industry is it provides the seeds, you know, for you to do that, but you’ve got to bring the water. And then anything in life you got to bring the water and the water is you. You don’t have to do the work you don’t want to do for the rest of your life.

Larry: As human beings, we’re capable of so much. We are capable of doing so much, but few of us really tap into our full potential and our true abilities. You know, we have opposable thumbs, independent brains. We can do whatever we want, what we want. But to that you’ve got to understand that it’s not a mystery. There’s a formula to it. What people showed me, this is why I love our industry so much is because it’s available to anyone and people revealed that to me and invested in me and taught me to study success. And there’s a definite roadmap for that. And again, a lot of it it just understand that you’re the variable. People can show you the information. The information’s out there. It’s not, you know, knowledge that counts is what you do with what you know, that counts. And so, you’ve got to understand, if you’re looking to go from point A to point B, then you’ve got to, as they always say, do something different. If you want something different it’s really just working on yourself. You look at any, I equate this all the time to sports because people like Kobe or Michael Jordan, you know, they were first in the gym last out of the gym. If they had a bad night, they would go back in and say, hey, I just went in and worked harder. And they’re always working they’re at the top of their field, yet they are the people that are working hardest on themselves. They don’t stop because they’ve achieved, they keep growing. And that’s what you have to do if you want freedom, if you want independence, if you want to create a better financial life, better health life, you’ve got to take steps towards doing that. And that doesn’t stop, that doesn’t stop. Right. So am I making sense to you, Dave?

Dave: Yeah, absolutely. Really making sense to me because, you know, I spent some time in network marketing and while I wasn’t very successful really, especially compared to people who really go on to make the big bucks, my time spent there and being introduced to the concept of personal development, being introduced to guys like Jim Rohn and Jeff Olson, changed my life. I don’t do network marketing anymore, but I was glad I spent time there because of those things. I still try to listen to self improvement type of audio is on a daily basis. Meditation, is something I’ve talked about ad nauseum on the show, but to me that’s a very important part of my personal development. You know, our brain, we experience everything in our lives through our consciousness. And from there we make all of our decisions. And so to me, to start with the very root of who we are and improve it, and then from there it’s our health.

Dave: And from there it’s our wealth. And to absolutely work on those fundamentals on a regular basis has changed my life and continues to do so. So you’re preaching to the choir. I’m certainly not perfect at it. I’m not trying to stand here and suggest I’m a paragon of personal development and achievement, but I’m certainly a lot better off than I would have been without being introduced to these principles. So I’m a huge fan of personal development of the principles of success you’re talking about and yes, absolutely, you’re making sense. You are an expert in it. Like say you’ve been a mentor to me in health and I appreciate that and to a lot of other people in business and in life. So, people listening, how can they get ahold of you if they’re interested in your services? You are doing personal life coaching, right?

Larry: And you said you’re not perfect and it’s never about perfection. It’s about progress. And I am doing success coaching, what I call it and you know, people help me and when I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen in life and I just, I love passing it on. I mean, I love passing it on. I have done it in my industry for so long and began doing it then for anyone and others, you know, those components of health, finance, helping people, guiding them how to get out of debt and starting on a plan. You know, a lot of people hope for a plan, but hope is not a plan. We can’t wait on some day know which is by the way, not a day of the week. So just being able to guide people and work with them and help them, you know, was again for, for me, a result of me getting involved in that business of network marketing to help people, you know, just be able to ease the pain financially and gain their independence.

Larry: And then just kind of using those same principles and adding in everything that was in my background to help people move forward in their life and create the life that they want, create a better situation for themselves and their families. And like I said, that’s the water. You know, you’ve got to bring it and you got to keep bringing it. And the idea is to just keep moving forward. You know, that’s why our feet face that way. So the direction we’re meant to go. So if people want to get hold of me, well I think you have the information, right? They can reach out to me through Facebook or linkedin. I have no book for people to buy no seminar for you to attend. This is a personal relationship. I do one on one with individuals who, just want to, as I said, create more success in their life, get the ball rolling, and are mainly ready to take action because you know, it requires action.

Larry: It requires you making a decision that, you know, you want to be somewhere else a year from now and working with someone to help you get there. I mean, if we could all just get the information and just do it, that would be great if things work fine. Yeah. But they don’t, I had my mentors, I had my coaches who stuck by my side and because I showed up, they invested in me and they showed up. And really that’s the relationship. And how it works. And as I said, I just love passing it on.

Dave: Well, I appreciate that and I’m grateful for you taking the time to be on the podcast. As Larry mentioned, I have links where you can contact him on Facebook and linkedin. I’ll put those on the show notes. Those show notes are at blog.dirobi.com. So if you’re interested in connecting with Larry, simply go to blog.dirobi.com If you do a search for the keyword Zimberg, Z I, M, B, e, r. G, you’ll find that easily. And this will probably be episode 100. I’ve got a few recordings right now to put out, so it’s going to be right in there, 99 100 101 somewhere in there, depending on when you’re listening to this. it’ll be easier to find if you’re looking for it right after we record. Otherwise you’ll have to do a little searching.

Dave: But this has been excellent. A lot of nuggets. Larry, you’ve brought a lot of great tips and ideas, everything you said on intermittent fasting and then the Diet to go along with that. The plug on Shakeology. I just want to go back to that for just a bit. You know, I ate shakology shakes for quite well and this is gonna sound terrible, but, I kind of got sick of them over time. And maybe I just, when I listened to you though, talk about them as a meal replacement to go along with intermittent fasting. I think, you know, that’s really a great idea and you’re tempting me to go back to it, but, it’s been awhile. I wonder if there’s other flavors or maybe I just, you know…

Larry: they now make a Vegan formula, which I think is the best tasting. It’s my preference actually. And, and most people don’t know how to make these things, you know, it’d be like saying, oh, I didn’t like that chicken when somebody made lousy chicken. I look forward to my shake every day and it’s also a big relief that I don’t have to cook another meal or buy another meal. And I can get those nutrients and I can get them quickly. And it just helps people get through those requirements of having three nutrient dense meals today. And you know, but I’m a big believer in shakes. I just don’t like the crummy protein powder that’s out there, and I’ve had just about everyone’s shake and I’ve never had anything that meets the quality. I know what goes into that. I know the ingredients, I know the integrity behind that product. And you call me when we’re, we’re done with this and, and I’ll tell you how to make it. I walk people through and then they go, oh my God, it’s really great. It’s great stuff.

Dave: I’ll tell you what, for those of you listening, I’ll put that information in the show notes.

Larry: I can help them out with Shakeology. I mean, I, you know, I was grateful to be a part of that and I get people on Shakeology all the time.

Dave: Okay, Larry. Well, any closing thoughts before I let you go? Anything that we didn’t touch on enough that you want to touch on a little bit more or any, anything at all? You want to just leave with people as a closing thought here?

Larry: Not really. I mean, I, you know, if anybody’s reaching out, they heard me to say, you heard me with Dave and I appreciate you taking the time to listen and I just want you to know that you can create, you know, it can happen for me. I know it’s a cliche, but wow, is it true? I mean, if it could happen for a guy that didn’t graduate high school, used to play guitar for a living was the couple hundred thousand in debt and just had some fantastic people enter my life and show me that, you know, there’s an option, you know, and then you have an option you always have and whether you want to take advantage of it or not is up to you, but it’s out there for you. And if I can help, let me know.

Dave: Excellent. Well, Larry, thanks again for being on the show and to those of you listening, this is Dave Sherwin wishing you health and success.

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