10 Great Movies On Health

While watching movies isn’t necessarily a “healthy” activity, (unless you like running on a treadmill, stationary biking, or stretching while you watch) it can be a great way to kick back and enjoy time with loved ones.  Instead of watching an action movie or a chick flick this weekend why not learn from and enjoy a movie about health! Here’s a list of 10 movies all about health for you to check out:

[This list is based off of a Fandango list you can find here.]

  1. Super Size Me
    A funny and eye opening documentary where Morgan Spurlock makes himself a guinea pig of only eating McDonalds fast food for 30 days straight.
  2.  Bigger Stronger Faster
    A deep and raw look into the musclehead, win-at-all costs mentality that leads some into the world of steroids and addiction.
  3. Fast Food Nation
    Based on a non-fiction book by Eric Schlosser, this film peels back the hood on the fast food industry and discusses the real social and economic costs of our fast food.
  4. Forks Over Knives
    This documentary delves into how animal-based and processed food centric diets contributes to degenerative diseases and how this can be reversed.
  5. How To Live Forever
    In the words of Queen, “Who wants to live forever?” This documentary delves into what it means to grow old and age, and what we can do now to prepare for our inevitable later years.
  6. Pumping Iron
    Pre-governor, pre-American icon, pre-movie star, this is the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he competed for Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe.
  7. Thank You For Smoking
    This satirical dark comedy follows a big tobacco spokesman tries to simultaneously promotes smoking and tries to be a good role model for his son.  A great reminder of the real damage caused by smoking.
  8. The Road to Wellville
    A semi-historical comedy based on the life of John Kellogg (founder of Kellogg brand) follows him as he creates one of America’s first “spas” using unconventional and sometimes ridiculous methods.
  9. WALL-E
    While most view this Pixar as a cute robot love story, there is a deeper message about the future of human health, consumption and society, which is important as we move into the next few decades.
  10. Food Inc.
    A shocking and paradigm-shifting documentary about commercial farming and what happens to your food before it reaches your table.

Another film we recommend checking out is “Cancer Can Be Killed” by Jeff Witzeman. He was kind enough to be interviewed on the Dirobi Health Show, you can check out his episode here.

Download this episode here