5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System (The Easiest Methods)

Here we give you 5 ways to boost your immune system. Easy ones. Why? Because you’ll be doing your future self a HUGE favor.

People with strong immune systems are less likely to get sick, and a strong immune system can even protect you from metabolic conditions down the line.

There are several quick and easy ways to boost our immunity. In this post, we’ll look at 5 ways to boost your immune system. So you can feel your best and have a higher likelihood of preventing illness. So continue reading if you’re looking for ways to provide your body with more defense against illness and infection.

Your Immune System Is Actually Working Nonstop Every Single Day

Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins, pathogens, and harmful bacteria. And the only reason we are not in a perpetual state of sickness is thanks to our robust and ever-adapting immune systems. So, strengthening our immune system helps us fight off bacteria and viruses that can cause illness.

As our immune system works diligently to ward off pathogenic bacteria and viruses, there are a few simple and effective steps we can take to boost our immunity. Numerous studies and mountains of scientific data support each of these. These can be done by almost anyone, and best of all, they take very little time.

5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

1. Move Your Body Every Morning

Now before you write this off as a given, there is actually a reason for moving your body that very few people know and understand, and it’s called the lymph system.

As blood is carried through our bodies, delivering oxygen and other vital nutrients to our cells, it eventually reaches the capillaries. The area where it is transferred from an artery (the vessels going away from the heart) to a vein (the vessels that take it back to the heart and lungs for re-oxygenation). At these capillary junctions, however, a percentage of cells, liquids, and nutrients in the blood leak out, causing them to float free in our bodies.

This is where the lymph system comes into play. It is a series of tubes and nodes of similar shape and size to our veins. Which collects this spilled-out material and transports it back to the arteries to be integrated back into the blood.

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Here’s the catch though! Unlike our arteries and veins, which have a pumping heart to keep them moving, the lymph system relies solely on pressure. And forces from the movement of our muscles to take its contents back upstream to eventually arrive back at the heart.

This means when we don’t move our bodies, the lymph in our bodies collects and stays stagnant. Stagnation is a breeding ground for disease, infection, and viral outbreak as our immune system must focus on these problem areas to fight off these issues.

Moving your body does not have to mean doing an intense CrossFit workout. In fact it doesn’t even need to be one that makes you sweat. Gentle yoga, tai chi movements, stretching, and walking are enough to start up your systems, wake up your body and get that lymph fluid pumping.

2. 5-9 Servings of Vegetables & Fruits Each Day

There are so many ways you can get these in. But here are a few of our favorite dishes to help you achieve this:

  • Green Smoothies for breakfast – spinach, kale, blueberries, raspberries, chia seeds, bananas, MCT oil, eggs, and protein powder are some of our favorite ingredients.
  • Roasted vegetables – make ’em in bulk and take them to lunch in tupperwares throughout the week.
  • Buddha bowls – the variety is infinite with these simple, healthy, and delicious lunch/dinner options. Staples we usually include are spinach, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, carrots, sprouts, asparagus, whole grains such as quinoa, cuscus, and brown rice or faro.
  • Vegetable-based Instant Pot stews and soups

If you struggle to get enough veggies per day, modern, robust Greens and Reds powders help tremendously. Check out the best one we have found, Earth’s Creation Greens and Reds Superfood here.

Do yourself a favor. Listen to the 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System podcast here:

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3. Take The Right Supplements

In our modern world, much of our food is starved of nutrients. Commercial farming, lower food quality standards, and other factors have resulted in food that doesn’t contain the amount of nutrients it used to. While supplementing used to be something thought of as a nice bonus to improve health, many doctors and health professionals are now prescribing them as a mandatory part of a complete health regimen.

To boost the immune system specifically, antioxidants, trace minerals, and colloidal silver are a few of the ultimate supplements. It includes:

Mimi’s Miracle Glutathione

Glutathione is known as nature’s ultimate antioxidant. It is a naturally occurring molecule that is found inside every cell of the body.

But our levels decrease with age and life circumstances. Glutathione eliminates free radicals, helping to get rid of waste, improve energy levels, and improve the quality of sleep. Truly, it is one of the body’s most effective antioxidants, as it is the only one that is intracellular.

Mimi's Miracle Glutathione - The Mother of All Antioxidants

Mimi’s Miracle Minerals

Mimi’s Miracle Minerals contains a potent combination of fulvic and humic acids, packing over 70 trace minerals. According to research, Fulvic Acid has immune system boosting properties, and improves the body’s use of oxygen, creating healthier, more robust cells which are better able to function and cleanse themselves.

People report many benefits, the main ones being increased energy, better sleep, and better growing and looking nails and hair. In addition many people who are prone to colds and the flu note a significant drop in instances of sickness per year. “Everybody in the office got sick but me” is common feedback we get.

4. Fast and/or Practice Time-Restricted Eating

Intermittent fasting (IF) and time-restricted eating have seen a huge surge in popularity these last few years, but their health benefits have been well known and practiced by cultures all over the world for millennia.

Kevin Rail provides some of the best information on this topic in his interview on the Dirobi Health Show, so I recommend checking it out to learn more, but here’s the bread and butter of it:

The power behind these two forms of fasting is huge. The benefits are innumerable, but in regards to the immune system IF provides your body a period of time during which it can remove toxins, reset systems, and not expend energy on digestion. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to truly cleanse your body.

5. Meditate and Relax

Tension and stress are literally life-killers. Many studies have shown that people who tend to feel stressed and tense get sick more often than those who tend to remain relaxed. The science behind this concept has been proven in many ways. But the root of it is simple: tension is a stressor your body puts energy into resolving. This is energy that might be helpful for other functions, such as fighting off pathogens.

A quick hack for relaxing is to meditate for 10–20 minutes each day. An even quicker hack is to take 3-5 deep breaths. Breathing with the diaphragm instead of the chest. Feel your belly go out as you breath in deep, then relax and let it go out slowly.

During these breaths, take notice any areas that may be tense and mentally imagine “breathing into” those areas. Also, imagine exhaling the tension with each breath.

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By following these 5 ways to boost your immune system, you support your bodies natural immune system and are doing a huge favor to your future self.

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