All Things Skin Care with Youtube Sensation, Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson is a sought-after skincare expert and holistic health coach and esthetician. He is also the Best-Selling Author of the acclaimed book Acne Free In 3 Days (1 Million+ Copies Sold) and has a very successful YouTube channel, Chris Gibson Live! He was recently featured in USA Today on the topic “7 Freaky Chemicals In Your Skin Care Products and How to Avoid Them”. Chris has been popularly featured on CBS, ABC Family, Fox News, The Daily Buzz, and numerous lifestyle television and radio show across the country and in Canada.

How did you get started in the skin industry?

I had acne at age 11, tried all the things and nothing was working. I lived with the idea that when I hit my 20’s it would go away and it didn’t. At the time I was studying to be a broadcaster and the hiring agent said, “Until you clear up your skin, it’s going to be hard to find you work.”

So I went back to this dermatologist again, got the same prescription I got before and just tossed it in the trash and walked out the door. There was no internet so I had to go to the library and start reading, and then I went to an herbalist. Long story short, I learned about ingredients and food and how it all affects your skin and I ended up clearing up my cystic acne myself.

There were 3 days where I went on a full fast – no sugar, no dairy, and my skin cleared up. This brought me to writing a book and publishing it on Click bank, which ended up doing very well. I went on to study nutrition and two years later I made a better book.

There happened to be a TV producer who picked up my book who suffered with acne at 45 years old and when she followed what I talked about in the book, it worked for her also. She ended up sending me an email and had me come on TV to talk about it. From then on I was on TV for 5 years talking about that.

What To Avoid

  1. Alcohol both in your products and drinking too much alcohol are big problems for skin. It dries the skin out, weakens the bonds and fiber glass and hinders production of collagen. Make sure to REALLY stay hydrated if you’re going to drink.
  2. A high intake of refined sugars weakens cell walls, does not help collagen production at all, and as we get older we want to preserve that collagen in our skin as much as possible. You want to try to stay away from refined sugar as much as possible and stay around 26 grams of sugar per day. We don’t want to raise the glycemic index because it’s just going to raise the inflammation issue in the body and inflammation in the skin is going to lead to that rough look, puffiness, red-flushed look, and large pores.
  3. Over stripping the skin or over cleansing with hot water. Taking really hot showers or baths dries the skin out. You also want to make sure you’re using a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you want a clear, foaming cleanser or body wash. Your skin should never feel squeaky clean and tight. It should feel hydrated, moist and clean. There’s a big difference between those two feelings. Your skin should not even feel like it needs moisturizer. If it does then the PH of your face wash or body wash is not right for your skin and needs to be bumped up to a gentle version. Same thing, if you have dry or normal skin, I recommend to use a creamy cleanser that has oil such as, orange oil or glycerin that hydrates the skin.

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Recommended Daily Routine for Men

It depends on your skin type and depends if you have facial hair or don’t because facial hair traps oil and bacteria.

Generally, do at least a night cleansing to get off bacteria from touching your face, sunscreen, etc. Then apply a light water-weight moisturizer if you have dry skin. If the goal is anti-aging, then in the morning apply a vitamin-C serum or an alternative if your skin is sensitive to that – something to get the cellular turnover moving which would be a glycolic acid serum. If you are prone to breakouts I would recommend Niacinamide because it helps regulate oil production.

I do skin peels and use a product by the Ordinary brand called the Peel Solution that sits on the skin for 10 minutes and loosens those dead skin cells that get trapped and stuck to the face and I do that twice a week. Then I use an exfoliation sponge called a Buf-Puf daily with my face wash in the morning in the shower just lightly to keep the old skin off. One of the big things I run into with guys is lack of exfoliation and the skin starts to get really thick and those deep lines form, big pores.

I also recommend retinol to a lot of people if they have sun damage because it does such a great job of removing pre-cancer skin cells, helping to speed up that cellular turnover and helping to promote collagen production.

Recommendations for Women

I can give a general answer but it really comes down to looking at your specific issues. In general, it would be making sure that you’re using some sort of cleansing mechanism: micellar water plus an appropriate cleanser to get any cosmetics off the face. We do not want to leave makeup, sunscreen or cosmetics on the face. Then you want to use a good moisturizer and a retinol.

If you’re in your 20’s your basic skincare routine would be cleanser in the morning, light-daily moisture, your makeup, cosmetics and sunscreen.

Then when you get into your 30’s you want to start to add to that like the glycolic acid serums to help put peptides back into your skin, preserving the collagen you already have, and making sure to take all of that off at night, using again some type of retinol moisturizers and an appropriate moisturizer for your skin. We want to stop moisture loss and protect the lipid layer because it protects the skin from irritants and toxins.

As you get into your 40’s you would continue that same routine and then usually have to use some type of spot corrector to make sure that any hyperpigmentation gets treated. It’s much easier to fade those earlier on and start that peel process I was talking about that I do 2 times a week. If you have a lot of damage, it’s good to go to a salon and get a deeper peel done. It’s easier to slow the hyperpigmentation in your 40’s and 50’s than it is to try to reverse it.

And again, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen for everybody.

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Dealing with Saggy Skin From Weight Loss

What I work on with people is making sure they have some type of fitness routine to help build muscle to replace that loss in volume underneath the skin. Making sure you use some type of emollient as you lose the weight – massage as you lose the weight.

If you really have some excess saggy skin, micro-needling has been proven to be very effective or derma rolling. This process triggers the stem cells in your skin to think they need to repair so you can build some thickness back that way.

If you have lose skin and you’ve done all of these things to try to offset that, then talking to a dermatologist about perhaps some skin reduction done is another option.


The actress and dancer, Rita Moreno just turned 90 and she’s been very active her whole life and doesn’t look anywhere near 90 years old. People like this have usually been very careful about alcohol, their diet, their very up on supplementation like vitamin k-2 and omega-3’s, and they’re very active people. Study after study re-affirm how much just the smallest amount of physical activity can make a difference on a person’s health. You can actually take back biological years.

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The Importance of Having a Strategic Routine

Your skincare routine needs to be a habit just like brushing your teeth.

Whenever you start that routine, take that selfie when you start so you can look back and see the improvement because it takes time. Just like with weight loss – when you start to see the result after 30 days you think, okay, maybe I should keep doing this.

Just keep going.


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