In this episode we explore everything from walking the Spartan trail (35 miles a day for 8 days) to swimming the English channel at Normandy, to all things health and fitness related.

Dallin Rogers is the founder of Fitcon, one of the premier fitness events in the United States. He has a degree in Exercise Sports Science and an MBA.

He has helped many athletes, including NFL players preparing for the combine, and provides a lot of cool stories and tips in this episode.

Intro, on Fitcon.

6:00 The “GOAT” of nutrition. Dave learns that goat means “greatest of all time.”

8:50 Don’t be intimidated to attend FITCON! Some people came 100 pounds overweight and left with the knowledge and motivation to lose it all!

10:00 Find Your Fit – “The definition of ‘fit’ is complex and subjective. We want to break all  barriers of the ‘right fit,’ and celebrate the ability for everyone to be active.”

“Fit” is a very subjective term. Every person has a level and type of “fit” they want.

10:00 “We just want people to become the best version of themselves.”

12:00 The problem with mocking other peoples fitness methods. Just don’t.

18:00 Minimal effective dose. What’s the easiest path for a new person who just wants to lose some weight and find something they want to do in the morning.

19:00 Fitness has to be a lifestyle, otherwise it’s tough to maintain results.

19:40 Do it because you love it, not because you’re getting results.

20:00 Very cool story about the Spartan march last year. 300 miles in 8 days along the original march route the Spartans took.

21:19 Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone. As you stretch yourself your threshold increases.

21:40 Commit and sign yourself up for a race. If you pay and are enrolled in something it almost forces you to get active and start training.

22:40 It’s been said that good health is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. Your thoughts?
-Reference to the 1% fitness study. It’s debatable whether eating or exercise is “the” thing that helps somebody reach their goals.

26:15 Unadvertised questions:
1. What’s your favorite healthy breakfast? Protein shake with peanut butter, banana, oats and almond milk

2. Favorite healthy lunch? Good piece of protein and carb, a grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potatoes.

3. Favorite healthy dinner? His wife’s home made grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and sauce.

4. Favorite healthy snack? Greek yogurt. High protein, low sugar. Or a quest bar, other protein bar, or almonds.

5. What does your fitness regimen look like? Has to be in the morning. Preparing for a D-day 6 mile swim, followed by a 20 mile run in France! Lots of swimming right now.

32:00 Many people who live to be over 100 years old are active, walk a lot, don’t eat too much food, and don’t participate in high intensity sports or workouts. Thoughts on fitness as it applies to longevity? Answer: Stay fit now! And HIIT training (high intensity interval training) hasn’t been around long enough to determine that it would affect longevity.

37:26 What are some of the most meaningful health tips you’ve picked up?
The James Lawrence story. He first did 50 marathons in 50 days. Then he did 50 Ironman races in 50 days.

Leading up to this event I would constantly find ways to get outside my comfort zone and push myself to the limits. -James Lawrence.

“Look for ways to always push yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself mentally.”

40:00 On and

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