Minerals: Keys to Unlimited Energy and Amazing Sleep

Barton Scott always had a sharp cognitive function, until he began to suffer from memory loss and mental fatigue at the age of 24. After taking a hair test, he discovered he had a mineral deficiency. Barton grew frustrated with how mineral supplements lacked effectiveness and absorption into the body. This rendered most products in the market useless. Using his background in chemical engineering and experience as a nutritionist, he identified the issues with the current offerings and applied a solution based on sound science.

Through research and many trials, he discovered if you can get mineral particles small enough to absorb into our cells, that was going to be the winning formula for effectiveness. That’s where he applies nanotechnology to minerals and developed a solution. One that makes the minerals we sell today completely bioavailable. Listen in below, or read on to learn more!

What was the catalyst for your discovery?

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I had a hair test done that totally changed my paradigm of health. The test showed I had a mineral deficiency. There was a mixture of relief, anger, and frustration after I got the results. I was so upset because I was already taking mineral supplements for the minerals I was deficient in. From experience with my degree, I understood everything about quality so that was my focus at the time. But then I realized that it was about absorption, not just quality. After that, it became a question of, “Well what now?” There was a moment at 3 am where I woke up and just thought, “Okay, I guess this is my purpose here right now.”

Why are mineral supplements important?

Elements comprise everything in our universe. Our bodies are built on minerals and elements. Hormonal issues get a lot of attention, but we can’t fix them unless we are providing these elements. A copper deficiency could cause problems with the zinc in your body, making you predisposed to a bacterial infection. Large parts of our health can be changed with minerals. Imagine you’re playing the piano, but every key is multidimensional and attaches to the other keys. Each of these keys is an element. So too much or too little of one thing affects everything else. Based on the CDC’s research, around 96% of people have some sort of mineral deficiency. Unfortunately, no diet will be able to completely fulfill our body’s needs. This is especially true if we have a serious deficiency. Supplements can help fill those gaps that our nutrition can’t.

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What are some common mineral deficiencies you see?

First, it’s important to remember that there is no universal formula. It’s deeply personal to you and your body. It isn’t a one-and-done situation. Even one hair test can provide you with so much information about what your body needs, but you are always changing. Your health is an ongoing process. After seeing many patients over the years there are a few that are quite common, in all ages. So many people are deficient in manganese, which is essential for memory. Potassium and magnesium frequently come up, as well as sodium. A sodium deficiency is very common with people who are eating a healthy diet. Iodine is another great one. It has Green Asymmetrical Background Good Evening Quote 1antibacterial properties and binds with toxins in your body. 

Again, it’s important to look at your individual results too. Taking an excessive amount of a mineral unnecessarily will throw off the balance in your body. So we always recommend testing what is right for you- not guessing.





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