Becoming Death Resistant with Coach Michael Ockrim

Michael Ockrim of Mighty Oak Athletics is a certified coach and culinary expert who teaches a concept called the “Circles of Life.” His book “Death Resistant,” is an excellent guide to practical health and fitness, and based on sound nutritional and fitness science. Michael shares his common sense takes on the critical areas of nutrition, fitness, and supplementation, and how you can become “death resistant” by following his simple but profound methods.

Weight Loss

People need to understand that there are a lot of levers that you can pull when you’re talking about things like health and weight loss. 

I think when people get frustrated it’s because they aren’t clear with themselves in terms of what lever they should be pulling out of nutrition, movement and recovery.

Once you can identify where you are at, you can work in those areas and see the biggest results.

Most of the time people know what they should be eating and know that they should be moving more but just don’t which results in poor rest, recovery and sleep. When you solve the other two, then the others will improve naturally. 

The Health Savings Account

Whenever you’re making a food or drink choice, just think of it like you would your bank account. Is this a deposit or a withdrawal? It doesn’t mean that every food choice has to be a deposit but where people start to get into trouble is when they’re making more withdrawals than deposits. When there are too many withdraws, you get in the negative and start to have all these health problems. That’s when all of sudden you’re not sleeping well, you have achy joints, you’re irritable, etc.

If you’re living a life that’s consistently making those healthy deposits into that account, you can make withdrawals all the time, just like a checking account that is funded well. 

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Death Resistant Book by Michael Ockrim

What I’ve done in my 30 years is I’ve kind of curated some of that information and distilled it down to the essence of what they need to know in a way that’s accessible for the majority of people. 

The book is based on studies and broken down into actionable things you can do to improve your health.


What I’ve found is that, again, keep it simple. The human body works in two ways – it’s either pushing or pulling. A row machine would be considered pulling and shoulder presses would be considered a push.

You don’t need to lift a ton of weight. It needs to be relative to your body size. You should be able to pull yourself up onto something. I understand that it might take some time to get there but it’s a good life skill and marker to work towards.

Another important part of movement is mobility. Some people can touch their toes and some people can barely get their hands over their head.

There’s also motion – running, climbing, walking, etc. Manipulation through moving weights and moving your body. And, there’s self defense mechanisms.

I would encourage people to look at these different areas of movement and see where they need more help.

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Michael’s Latest discoveries

For so long in the nutrition and health world, it’s been prescripted for everyone to eat broccoli or everyone eat less fat or everyone eat meat. I realized that we’re all same same but different. Some people do pretty well with dairy and some people can’t touch it at all. 

There needs to be some gray area in there and you have to understand who you’re working with and what’s right for you. This has really shifted my mindset.

I encourage people to be mindful and see what works for them. Experiment and explore different routes to see what works the best for you.

Michael’s Next 30 Days Tip 

In the next 30 days, think about the health trident: nutrition, movement, recovery and pick one of the areas where you think you can make the most improvement in. 

If it’s nutrition, I would say, just drink water and no other liquids for 30 days. With a movement problem, commit to taking a 20 minute walk every day. For a recovery problem like sleep, try turning off all of the electronics 1 hour before bed at the same time every day for 30 days.

If you do any one of these things for 30 days, I think you will be amazed at the progress you’ve made with your health.


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