081 Nine Things Successful Body Transformation Contestants Have in Common

081 Nine Things Successful Body Transformation Contestants Have in Common Header

Body transformations are legit. But true “holy crap” major transformations are rare. Whether it’s the overweight to bikini body transformation, or the skinny guy to greek god transformation, those are not as easy as the advertising makes it sound.

But, as Tony Robbins famously says, “Success Leaves Clues.” Based on investigative journalism by Chris Shugart, and the findings from Precision Nutrition, one of the largest body transformation challenges on the planet, I have identified nine common denominators amongst the winners of these contests.

Whether you are interested in a major transformation of your own body, or just looking for a tune-up, these nine tips will help!

Listen in as I identify the top nine things that body transformation contest winners have in common. Whether you are interested in a personal transformation, or just needing a little tune up, these tips will help!

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Body transformations are legit. But truly “holy crap” major transformations are rare. Whether its the overweight to bikini body transformation, or the skinny guy to Greek god transformation, those are not as easy as the advertising makes it sound.

But, as Tony Robbins famously says, “Success Leaves Clues.” Base on investigative journalism by Chris Shugart, and the findings from one of the largest body transformation challenges on the planet, Precision Nutrition, I have identified nine common denominators that the winners of these contests share.

Whether you are interested in a major transformation of your own body, or just looking for a tune-up, these nine tips will help!

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But first, see if you can relate to any of the following:

    • You’re more tired than you used to be.
    • You can’t exercise fat off anymore.
    • You are super busy and don’t have as much time for health and nutrition as you used to.
    • You are overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities.
    • You are having a little more brain fog and forgetfulness than you used to…
    • You are either taking medications or fear you will have to in the near future.

ninethingsquote2If you can relate to this, you’re probably what we call “middle aged.”

You also have some life experience behind you, and you know that short-term, quick-fix stuff just doesn’t last or create permanent change. Trying to improve through these schemes eventually puts you right back where you started, or maybe even a few pounds heavier.

You’re not easy to fool.

Because I know that most of you listening are middle aged, and have a serious interest in health, I am going to present this information in a realistic, longer term approach, rather than focus on the quick transformations of 6-12 weeks that may be unrealistic and are more likely to fail.

Instead the focus here is to:

  • Reclaim your vigor and stamina
  • Present a program that integrates seamlessly into a busy life, taking literally minutes per day
  • No difficult dieting, you eat normal food
  • Workout plans can be scaled to work from home or a gym
  • Includes “best of breed” supplements that are tailored to your personal needs and situation.

1. Attitude. Interestingly, most people who achieve the most dramatic transformations started with an attitude of being angry, not being positive. This example from Chris Bartl sums this attitude up nicely. “I didn’t like the way I looked, the way I felt, or the way I was leading my life. I was fat and it pissed me off.”

“People who get angry and fed up with being out of shape always have the most amazing, lasting transformations,” says Olesya Novik. “They feel like they’ve got nothing left to lose, so they push themselves to extremes and keep coming back for more.”

ninethingsquote1 1So, if you’re ready for a transformation, a little negative energy may lead to more success than positive affirmations. Note it’s not about feeling sorry for yourself though, it’s about constructive realization about elements you are unhappy with in your life and a personal commitment to change them.

2. They surround themselves with people who will help them achieve their goals, and they get a coach.

John Berardi: “Most successful body transformations begin by surrounding yourself with fit people going after the same goals,” Berardi says. These could be friends who’re at your level, or mentors and role models who pull you up to their level. “Either way,” Berardi adds, “Relationships like these insulate you against the sort of negativity that comes from friends, family, and coworkers who aren’t on board with your quest for self-improvement.”

For best success, you need to maximize your time with healthy people who encourage you, and cut back time with friends or family members who are negative.

3. They are committed to their goals, and set hard deadlines.

ninethingsquote3Joel Marion, a Body for Life champion and coach, says it this way, “Compare someone with a goal of ‘I want to change my body’ to someone whose goal is ‘I want to weigh 175 pounds at 10 percent body fat by April 1,’ ” Marion says. “The second person is about a million times more likely to make a dramatic change to his body, and it all starts with a highly specific goal.”

4. They keep nutrition logs. You don’t have to do this forever, but during your transformation you should at least for a week at a time here and there, to make sure you are on track.

5. They have a plan and they stick to it.
To quote Chris Shugart: “I spoke with a female pro bodybuilder once about how she handled cardio when it came time to get lean for a show. Her plan was simple: Every morning she’d go outside and run up and down the stairs of her apartment building.

That’s it. Nothing fancy – no treadmill, stopwatch, or heart-rate monitor. And it worked. Why? Because she stuck to it.”

You have to pick one methodology, hopefully from your coach, and stick to it. They all can work, but trying all of them along the way WON’T work. Don’t worry about picking the perfect plan, just pick a plan and stick to it.

6. Fitness. If you’re not building up a sweat and being active weekly, let’s face it, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Those who achieve the best results work hard. You have to be smart about it, and scale up, but within each workout make sure you are giving it your all, push yourself. Body transformations require a good work ethic.

7. Nutrition. You have probably realized by now that good abs will be created more by what you eat than how much you exercise. Body transformation success stories come from following a sound nutritional plan. Again, don’t get caught up in the “named diets” and assume it has to be “paleo” or “low carb” or “keto” etc. Ideally, your nutrition comes from your coach, and you buy into their program and follow it as best you can.

Again from John Berardi, Ph.D: “Every single person that I’ve seen go through a successful body transformation has increased his or her awareness of what they’re eating, and how it contributes to a healthy, better-functioning, and better-looking body. So, rather than just eating whatever’s available whenever it’s available, as most people do, they’re more discerning about what they eat, when they eat, and why they’re eating it.”

8. Supplements. You need a solid supplement strategy that addresses your needs and deficiencies. I guarantee you, if we have your blood drawn and test for micro-nutrients, you have AT LEAST 4-10 deficiencies. In addition, when you start a program like this, it can be a real challenge to get enough protein. I doubt there are very many transformation success stories that didn’t incorporate protein powder into their program.

At minimum taking a high quality vitamin, mineral, fish oil, and protein. In addition a good Turmeric product for joint support would be good for those over the age of 30 or so.

Additionally you could consider pre-workout, intra workout, and post workout supplements to pour gas on the fire.

9. They eliminate all or nothing thinking. NOBODY has a perfect diet. They don’t allow setbacks to blow up their whole program.

Olesya Novik: “People who are most successful allow for minor setbacks. Most people who convince themselves that they’ll be 100 percent dedicated and will lose at least two pounds a week for four months usually end up dropping the whole program as soon as they step on the scale and see that it only moved a half-pound down. Those who’re patient with themselves, set smaller goals, and actually expect to have a bad day once in a while end up ahead because they’re never disappointed enough to quit.”

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That’s what this program is designed to do.

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