037 How Stan Managed Stage 4 Colon Cancer with Dandelion Root

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Stan Thompson survived stage 4 colon cancer by intelligently using a mix of western and eastern medicine, and a newly emerging cancer fighting weapon: Dandelion Root.

Stan Thompson learned in his forties that he had Stage 4 colon cancer that spread to the lungs. His life expectancy was just a few years, and the quality of that life while on Chemo looked bleak.

But Stan is a fighter, and a believer in the intelligent mix of traditional western medicine and natural techniques. His research lead him to a Canadian doctor experimenting with the cancer fighting properties of Dandelion Root.

Listen in to learn how Stan has survived his cancer and extended his life through these techniques.

See the video Stan posted on Youtube here:

Learn more about Stan’s story and contact Stan here (note that he will not give any medical advice, but is happy to share his own story and what HE is doing):


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