082 “Cancer Can Be Killed” with Documentary Creator Jeff Witzeman

082 Cancer Can Be Killed with Documentary Creator Jeff Witzeman Header

Award winning documentary creator Jeff Witzeman has a very compelling story about cancer, and current natural solutions that are having dramatic results… in other countries.

Find out how Jeff’s wife, friends, and an ever growing circle of people are discovering natural cancer solutions, and why they are not currently available in the US.

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Jeff’s documentary “Cancer Can Be Killed” is gaining a lot of interest and attention on Amazon, and for good reason. The information, credibility, and life changing stories suck you in and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Listen in as he explains how he discovered these remedies, and how they are saving lives and raising awareness about the truths behind cancer treatments.

Cancer Can Be Killed” recently won the best documentary award at the 2018 Glendale International Film Festival.

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Cancer Can Be Killed website: https://cancercanbekilled.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cancercanbekilled/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeffwitzeman/
Flipping The Script website: http://flippingthescript.com/


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Dave Sherwin: 02:14 Hello everybody. Welcome to the Dirobi Health Show. Today we have Jeff Witzeman, who’s been an actor, writer, and musician before launching his first film. Cancer Can Be Killed in 2017. Jeff started in such shows as Frasier and Webster and three months after releasing Cancer Can Be Killed. Parents of children with cancer started calling Jeff to find out why they’re being forced into two to four years of chemotherapy, even though their children were in remission. You can’t make this stuff up. We’ll learn more about this in a minute. The sent Jeff on a new quest to find out why no doctor or attorney in the country would represent these families to get them off chemo protocols that were killing and maiming more children than helping in the process of making the film Flipping The Script and answer was found when they’re almost certainly changed childhood cancer treatment forever. Jeff, thanks so much for taking the time to be on the show.

cancer can be killed quote4Jeff Witzeman: 03:06 Great to be with you, Dave.

Dave Sherwin: 03:09 I gotta tell ya I, I haven’t seen all your stuff. I’ve checked a out various, a very fascinating and heartbreaking stories on Facebook and I watched your documentary Cancer Can Be Killed and I gotta tell you it is gripping stuff. I mean once, once I press play on Cancer Can Be Killed. Nothing else was happening too. That was over, like, it just sucks you in. So it, it’s an amazing world. You’re, you’re involved as involved with. Tell us how did all this start for you?

Jeff Witzeman: 03:41 Right. So three and a half years ago, my wife was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Um, that was frightening. But what was even more frightening was when we met with a doctor and he said that in order to treat this cancer, uh, we’re going to have to remove her bladder. She’s going to have to have a pee bag on the side of her body, or we can make a neobladder with intestinal material. She’s going to have to go through Chemo and radiation and she has a 50 percent chance of survival. And so instead of doing that, we found out about an option of going to Germany and treating it naturally. My wife’s sister had been treated for malignant melanoma. She’d been given six months to a year to live here. Instead she went to Germany and in 30 days her cancer was completely gone. So we thought, well, let’s try that.

Hyperthermia Treatment

Dave Sherwin: 04:34 And you and you tried it. And what were the results?

Jeff Witzeman: 04:39 Right? So we went to Germany,

cancer can be killed quote1Jeff Witzeman: 04:43 Um, she was treated with focused heat called hyperthermia ivy nutrients and ozone therapy, and it was like a spa. And 30 days later her cancer was completely gone and we came back from Germany and we asked our doctor, hey, why aren’t you taking bladders out of bodies when the Cancer Can Be Killed naturally in 30 days? And he said, well, I stand behind the system. We do. It’s proven and tested and blah, blah, blah. And I, I mean, I think that was really the eyeopener for us that, oh my God, you know, doctors really don’t care about learning something new. They just care about doing what they’re doing and making money off it. And so at that point I realized, I’ve got to make a documentary film about this. And um, you know, rather than trying to explain it to everybody, let’s just make a film and let them watch it.

Dave Sherwin: 05:38 And for those of you who are a little bit skeptical about natural treatments, I would invite you to just open up your mind in wonder and ask yourself where that skepticism comes from because I had it myself. And, uh, of course it’s only smart when, when you’re coming to your own treatment with any, anything to take things into your own hands and take some control and ask the questions and make sure you overcome any of the concerns you may have. But, but, Jeff, in your documentary, Cancer Can Be Killed. I got to tell you, as I saw, you know, not just your wife’s story, but then you started sharing the story and you had your own friends go to Germany and have success and then others go over to Germany and, and pretty soon it’s just an avalanche of successful stories. And so, uh, this must’ve really rocked your world to, first of all, have to go through that with your wife. Then to discover how cool the that was, the treatment in Germany compared to the western treatment. And then to have other people repeat the process and be cured. I mean, now talk to us about that. I mean from your experience, how much, how many people who go to Germany for this natural treatment or having success?

cancer can be killed quote2Jeff Witzeman: 06:57 Yeah, so I would say about 90 to 95 percent are having success and people are watching the film Cancer Can Be Killed. Um, one gentleman with stage four pancreatic cancer, the same thing that killed Steve Jobs, he went to Germany. His cancer was healed in 45 days. He came back and he actually bought billboard space in Texas to put up the film. Cancer Can Be Killed and now I’m starting to get calls from people in Texas saying, Hey, I saw the billboard about your film. How do I, how do I get healed? So there’s also clinics in the United States that are doing a lot of great stuff. Although the FDA likes to make it really tough on them and bands. A lot of the things that work in Germany and Mexico and other places. But the point is all this stuff that’s being done naturally is scientifically proven.

Jeff Witzeman: 07:53 You know, this isn’t like somebody goes off to Peru in the mountains and find some guy with some herbs. This is scientifically proven stuff and you know, the fact that the FDA doesn’t allow testing for this scientifically proven stuff in the United States. I mean that’s the FDA’s problem, not the problem. Natural treatment. We know for a fact that natural cancer treatment works, cancer can be killed quote3so now it’s just a matter of how do we change the system and you know, like you say, I was nervous to send my friends over to Germany or for natural treatment, but they’re all getting better and the only people that aren’t getting better from cancer treatment are people that have some severe emotional issues where they just believe that they’re not worth it. They don’t deserve to be healed, they don’t deserve to spend the money and they just allow themselves to die.

Dave Sherwin: 08:53 Well obviously very sad, but 90 to 95 percent rate is also very incredible. I mean, I don’t think we’re seeing that type of success rate with those who, who go through the Western style chemotherapy and radiation are we?

Jeff Witzeman: 09:08 We’re not. As a matter of fact, there’s one natural clinic in Phoenix, Arizona called nature works. It was featured in the film and they have a documented success rate. Three hundred and 50 patients. This is what they did. This is the results and it’s documented 90 percent success rate.

Dave Sherwin: 09:29 Now there’s a lady there, uh, you, you show her speaking at an international composium on a symposium on breast cancer. Remind me, what was her name

Jeff Witzeman: 09:41 and Dr Colleen Huber.

Dave Sherwin: 09:43 Dr. Huber, one of the fascinating things I found in the documentary is again, comparing this, this, uh, uh, western medicine situation to what they’re finding. I mean, Jeremy is Western medicine too, so I guess the terminology here, Western medicine isn’t really that accurate but, but, um, anyways. Yeah. But what do you call it? I mean, what’s the terminology? When you say Western medicine, is it eastern medicine that they’re doing in Germany or what are we calling this?

Jeff Witzeman: 10:14 Yeah, we’re calling it a natural cancer treatment in Germany and they also have allopathic medical treatment in Germany. The allopathic is, is what insurance pays for, and that’s Chemo and radiation insurance does not pay for natural cancer treatment anywhere.

Dave Sherwin: 10:32 Right, right. Okay, so what are the things that fascinated me about it is when people went to their regular oncologists, they talked about how the oncologist kind of did the diagnosis. Okay, you got cancer, now we gotta cut it out, we got to kill it. We gotta do this, we gotta do that. Here’s what we got to do. Now. What was fascinating was the difference in the way Dr. Huber interviewed her patients where she started off by saying, okay, let’s talk about your history and how are you eating and what’s your lifestyle and do you have allergies, and how the. The patients immediately felt this difference in, Oh wow. She’s actually asking me all these questions and wants to know if we could identify anything that potentially caused this situation so that we can address the actual causes versus the symptoms. That theme comes up over and over again of the natural people wanting to treat the causes versus the people here in the the accepted system simply wanting to just kill it or cut it out. Could you talk to us about that and your experience with the difference there and approaches?

Jeff Witzeman: 11:49 My father was an anesthesiologist and doctors aren’t so in that system, aren’t so much concerned about the why’s or where it comes from. They’re more concerned with treating the symptoms and so with surgery and chemotherapy and radiation, you can do a measurable study on what you know, what the result is of using chemo, radiation and radical surgery, but that’s really doesn’t get to the heart of a matter. We don’t want to just rip the top of the weeds off. We want to get the roots of the, you know, the cancer, and so it turns out that the natural cancer people are actually asking the question, where does cancer come from? There’s always an answer. It’s, it’s the symptom of something being out of balance in the body. You can test for those things to find out what’s out of balance. And then you can right the ship.

Jeff Witzeman: 12:45 So in our case, we tested with blood in urine and we test for basic things, micro micronutrients, toxins, metals and hormones. And once we balanced those four things and we also repaired the gut because that’s where most of the immune system gets its strength, is from the gut and absorbing nutrients, um, that really takes care of, you know, a big part of the problem. And then the only other thing is what, what else is going on in your body. And my wife’s case, she had a lot of problems with her teeth. She had to infected root canals. Um, she had a mole, a bunch of different fillings in her mouth, so it was like a battery going on in there with all kinds of different metals. So she had to do a lot of work to get rid of the root canals, get rid of the fillings that were causing problems. And now her immune system is clean and it doesn’t have to fight a multiplicity of problems.

Dave Sherwin: 13:48 It’s incredible. And that was based on science is based on research. Taking those four tests, figuring out what the causes were, and then she made lifestyle corrections along with a therapy that you mentioned and uh, and she is currently cancer free, correct.

Jeff Witzeman: 14:09 She is. And she’s had three very minor relapses with tiny polyps growing in her bladder. They were easily lasered off, but we learned something each time. So we got back from Germany and about two or three months of new tiny polyp started growing and we realized at that point that we were going to have to make changes in our nutrition. And there was a guy back in the thirties, Dr. Otto Warburg who won the Nobel prize for understanding that no disease, let alone cancer can exist in an alkaline environment. So that was the big switch we made was to an alkaline diet, which is mostly a plant based diet. And um, after she did that and we were making a smoothie every day, just throwing in all kinds of fruits and vegetables and Kombucha and in a blender, I’m the cancer. Didn’t come back for two years. And then she had another tiny polyp. Then she did some, got really serious about detox work and then the cancer didn’t come back for a year and then she started having some tea tissues again and then a tiny polyp grew and then she fixed those teeth issues and then once again the cancer didn’t come back. So we feel like we learned something. Each time we have these minor issues come up.

Dave Sherwin: 15:33 Yeah. So she goes back, I assume for maybe a yearly physical or something where she’s. Because she’s had cancer. I imagine this is something that’s top of mind for her. And so did she go into her oncologist for these follow up visits?

Jeff Witzeman: 15:48 No, it’s actually with a urologist and we had to leave our old urologist that said there’s no way you could treat this in Germany as far too aggressive. Instead we found another urologist, we have to drive about an hour and 15 minutes to see him. Um, he’s in a small community north of Los Angeles, but, but he’s a western medical doctor who’s open to using natural treatment methods and doesn’t always prescribe pharmaceuticals. And so if you look for these guys, they’re out there, but you do have to do some searching.

Speaker 4: 16:21 Yeah.

Dave Sherwin: 16:22 You’ve talked about nutrition and, and uh, in your documentary there’s quite a bit on nutrition I think is the comedian who was your friend who went over to Germany? I understand. What was he, the very first guy that you sent over there?

Jeff Witzeman: 16:35 Yes.

Dave Sherwin: 16:36 Okay. His story was very interesting to me because he talked about how he’d never liked fruits and vegetables and how he learns that he’s going to have to learn to like fruits and vegetables. And so back to this issue of causes, you know, we all know we’re supposed to eat our fruits and vegetables, but it sounds to me like this is one of the biggest wake up calls for, for everyone who goes through this. I mean, Dr. Huber, uh, from everything she said on your documentary, it came across very strongly that you know, just how essential fruits and vegetables really are. So for those people listening who do not have cancer and you don’t do not want cancer, what lessons have you learned along the way for preventive measures? For keeping your body at its best end and able to, uh, keep cancer at bay.

cancer can be killed quote4 1Jeff Witzeman: 17:27 Yeah. So, Dr. Huber also did a study on sugar and found it for her patients. Um, for those that gave up refined sugar, fruit sugar’s fine. But for those patients that gave up refined sugar, 90 percent of them had success with their cancer going away and not coming back. For those people who said, Eh, I just, I really liked my ice cream, I like my sweets. For those people, only 35 percent were successful. So imagine that the difference in survival rates among cancer patients, 90 percent versus 35 percent just with cancer, with the sugar alone. So that’s, that’s the big thing to eliminate in our, in our diets is refined sugar. And then after that I’m in my film Flipping The Script. A gentleman had lymphoma, um, Stanford Medical Center said, hey, why don’t you wait 30 days, let’s see how this progresses. And then we’ll choose a course of treatment.

Jeff Witzeman: 18:39 So the gentleman went on a really alkaline diet for plant based Diet for 30 days. He had no red meat, no gluten, no dairy. And no refined sugar, he came back to his doctors 30 days later and his lymphoma had reduced by 70 percent. So the, and by the way, that’s a lot of the natural cancer patients. That’s pretty much the Diet they’re choosing as a plant based diet where they eliminate red meat, gluten, dairy and refined sugar while they’re fighting the cancer. And then when they’re cancer free, they can gradually reintroduce some of these things. Um, uh, you know, a little bit at a time. But, but that’s pretty much the bulletproof diet. It’s working.

Dave Sherwin: 19:27 So a big part of it is the premise that the refined sugar actually feeds the cancer, right?

cancer can be killed quote5Jeff Witzeman: 19:35 Yeah. The cancer cells have like twenty times more glucose receptors than a normal cell. And so they just suck up the sugar and that’s what feeds them.

Dave Sherwin: 19:48 You know, as we talk about this, I’m listening to make so much sense. You know, from everything I know about nutrition and Diet and it just rings a bell and it, and it makes you, it makes you wonder, you know, why there are candy bowls and doctor’s offices and, and why, how could they be so unaware that refined sugar feeds cancer? Uh, would they, would they argue with this? Do they, do they say it’s not a thing. I mean, this seems so simple, so straightforward. And if it’s true, why is it not adopted generally?

Jeff Witzeman: 20:28 Right? So they, they are taught in medical school that cancer is genetic and not environmental or metabolic. And yet a research studies have proven again and again that actually cancer is environmental or metabolic. It’s not genetic. I mean we sometimes have genetic predispositions toward having a problem getting rid of toxins or something that is part of the issue, but by and large cancer is, is happening because of some sort of imbalance in the body or some sort of toxins being introduced. So if every doctor is taught in medical school that there is nothing environmental that really affects cancer, then they look at something like sugar and say, yeah, that’s really not a part of the problem.

Dave Sherwin: 21:22 Wow. But those who are treating it naturally and uh, both in Germany at the clinic and here are all agreeing that refined sugar is one of the top things it has to go. It’s fascinating stuff. Now we’ve talked a lot about things from Cancer Can Be Killed. So for people that want to go watch that, I watched it on Amazon prime. Is it available anywhere else?

Jeff Witzeman: 21:47 Yeah. Cancer Can Be Killed. Is on itunes, Google play, vimeo on demand. And Amazon prime.

Dave Sherwin: 21:53 Oh, that’s excellent. And for those of you listening, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Cancer is something that touches all of us. It touches old and young and uh, it’s something that either we may get in the future, who knows? Sometimes. I mean, there is a genetic component. We know that in some are more likely to get it than others. But, uh, you know, chances are you already know someone or know someone who is going to deal with cancer, so make sure and watch us and I guarantee you once you press play and just be prepared because you’re going to be stuck there for the whole, the whole like, you can’t take your eyes off. It is so fascinating and interesting. That’s how I found it. Anyway. I highly recommend it. So now Jeff, let’s, let’s jump into Flipping The Script. So you put out Cancer Can Be Killed and people start reaching out to you. Start, you know, you, you put the, you put the article out there, um, and uh, and, and people start figuring out, wow, there’s these other solutions. And next thing you know, there are parents of children with cancer contacted you. Tell us about your first few experiences of, of learning about this childhood cancer issue.

Jeff Witzeman: 23:08 Cancer is really not something I ever wanted to deal with. I would see the pictures of the bald kids on the St Jude’s Medical Center, advertisements on TV. And I just thought, Oh man, thank God somebody dealing with that. I do not want to see that whole issue. It scares me. Um, it’s horrible. The kid should have to go through that. Um, it doesn’t seem fair. And so I started getting calls from parents saying, Hey, wait a minute, my, but my child is in remission from cancer and they’re being forced into long-term chemotherapy. What’s going on here? And at first I thought, well they just haven’t tried hard, right? But in actuality no doctor in the country would even treat a child naturally for cancer. And the medical system was so strong that there’s no doctor, no lawyer, nobody would defend children against long-term chemo. And these, there’s no happy endings.

Jeff Witzeman: 24:07 Like these kids are either relapsing or dying. They are getting brain damage, they’re getting organ failure and, and like nobody’s dealing with the situation at all. So I got the camera, I started interviewing these families and the first family I interviewed, they just said that’s it, we’re out of here. And they went to Mexico and they knew that keeping their child healthy was a matter of getting rid of the toxins and then getting the nutrition in. And so they just gave a super clean die to their child. They detoxed or and she was thriving in Mexico. And then the other main family, they said, no, we’re going to fight this. We’re going to find an attorney and we’re gonna fight this. And it took them six months to get their ducks in a row, but they found a functional medicine doctor to treat their child.

Jeff Witzeman: 25:00 They found an attorney who would represent them and they just said that’s it. They called the hospital and said no more chemo in the hospital called child protective services, sent them to the homestead, kidnap these child, this child. Immediately they’re in danger, but the parent was educated and she, you know, the mother educated child protective services and said, hey, here’s the reality. My child’s in remission. There’s no cancer in their body. And this whole thing about long-term chemo, it’s a guess. The doctors are guessing that that somehow is going to work. And you know what? Child Protective Service agreed with the parents and said, you’re right. That is not necessary. And as long as you have another doctor who wants to treat your child than, than do it now that the doctors that are treating the children, they’re kind of doing so under a little bit of cover right now. They can’t come out in the open and saying they’re doing it, but they are doing it and the children are thriving and nobody’s relapsing.

Dave Sherwin: 25:59 The amazing thing is, I listened to this and hear these stories, is that this fear based approach and that the doctors are kind of saying, well, if you do that, they’re going to die, and what their kind of forgetting is that they don’t do that. They can die under their system. It’s almost like this. They’re completely blind to the fact that they have their share of cancer patients who go through chemo and die, but all they can see as the people who try a natural solution and they they, they see that they might die because they’re not getting the protocol they believe will work. Can you talk to that because that’s got to be an unbelievably frustrating for parents to have this fear based approach when they know that the chemo based approach could be even worse for their child. Right? It’s got to be kind of a twilight zone experience for the parent.

Jeff Witzeman: 26:57 It is. And, and the parents that we met, you know, in the filming of Flipping The Script, we’re all parents that understood the limitations of Chemo, but when your child has cancer, there’s so much fear about that situation. You really gravitate towards the guy who’s the expert who has all the answers. And so it’s so, it’s so deceptive and it, it’s so attractive to just go to a doctor and say, doctor, help me, what do we do? And the doctor says, well, we do this thing and it’s got this 80 percent success rate and it’s going to be tough, but we’re, you know, it’s our best chance. And so parents just, you know, they turn over their entire freewill to the system. But, um, you know, God bless these parents that are challenging that and saying, no, that’s, that’s not the best thing for my kid and what’s happening is we’re now slowly developing a database. So we have parents that have said no to chemo, yes to, to healthy options and these kids are thriving. And so now, you know, the medical community can no longer say, well, this is the only option because it’s not

Speaker 5: 28:05 okay

Dave Sherwin: 28:06 and yet they can and they can keep on because they’ve, they, they have, um, you know. But back to the, the uh, first documentary that you did a, you know, you approach doctors, you even went to Washington and things don’t appear to really be changing. They, they continue to turn a blind eye. Uh, it, it seems like natural solutions have been available for quite a long time. I don’t know the history of it. I haven’t done research on just how far back they go. I don’t know how long this clinic in Germany has been around, but it does appear that things aren’t really changing. And you’ve even been to Washington and talked to a politicians out there to try to create change. What, what’s your, what’s your feeling for how this will play out and what change may come in the future?

Jeff Witzeman: 28:57 Yeah, so there’s been an explosion of scientific information and awareness in the last five years. So even though this has been going on for a long time, um, you know, healing naturally, uh, we, we’ve had an explosion in the last five years and I can just tell you with my film, Cancer Can Be Killed. I related released it last year, July of 2017. And to to be honest with you, it’s gaining a lot of traction right now. So if it took, you know, a year and a quarter two to really get into a bigger level of awareness. And the types of people who were calling me on the phone right now are people saying, hey, we want to dismantle the healthcare system because it’s not working. And we’re going to put together a seed fund of about $100, million dollars and we’re going to systematically a sue everybody to, to allow for things like hyperthermia to be used in the United States to stop forced chemotherapy protocols on children and, and it’s gonna. It’s gonna be torn down over time legally. And there’s no way, there’s no way doctors can defend what they do because they’re not testing anything else. All their testing is drugs. They’re not testing things that actually work and it just can’t hold up in court. So, you know, awareness is spreading, people are demanding better. And ultimately I think the legal system is gonna is gonna fix it and change it.

Dave Sherwin: 30:42 Do you think there are political means that uh, my listeners could be taking? Are there certain Congress people that you think are worth writing a letter to a or you’ve been to Washington, you’ve tested the water out there a little bit. Any advice you could give us on certain people in Congress we could reach out to?

Jeff Witzeman: 31:04 Yeah. So, you know, what are the issues that we can get on the agenda? And I think the number one issue is parental rights. I think the gateway drug to natural cancer treatment is going to be through children. And I think we have to say that parents have the right to treat their children how they see fit right now, we don’t have that right now. The State owns your child. I don’t think a lot of people know that, but the state owns your child, not you as the parent. And so that’s the number one thing that I think we can get addressed and that we can change politically. And once that happens, then it starts to slowly dismantle the, uh, the web of control that the system has on us.

Dave Sherwin: 31:49 Okay? And so, um, how would they, how would someone do that? Is there anything we can do?

Jeff Witzeman: 31:55 Right? So I think you want to talk to your elected officials, talk to parents in your area, talk, Get a coalition of people in your community who believe in parental rights and say to your elected officials, hey, this is our, our number one issue that we care about and we want you to fight. Fight that cause for us in Congress and in state legislatures.

Dave Sherwin: 32:23 Okay. So those of you listening, you know, this is a real issue. Um, and Jeff, what’s your Facebook page? I’d like to have people go over there and look, you’ve got some of the, some of these current stories on your page. Uh, I found out about one of them. I mean within just a few minutes of reading it and watching the news about it, I couldn’t help go into the GoFund me in and donating a a little bit to help out and, and uh, and I think others would love to do the same. So to directly help some of these parents are currently in the trenches, fighting these battles to get their children back in their custody. Uh, Jeff, what’s your Facebook page?

Jeff Witzeman: 33:00 Yeah, so if you go to Facebook and look for Cancer Can Be Killed. That’s one page. And Flipping The Script is the other page and they’re, they’re both related to the film. And one of the stories going on right now is, is like you said in New York, I’m a child has been taken away from his mother. He’s 13, he’s in remission for cancer and the state is forcing them into three years of chemotherapy, a totally unnecessary. And so we’re fighting that one in court and I’m, I’m doing updates on that story a every few days on the Cancer Can Be Killed and Flipping The Script pages on Facebook.

Dave Sherwin: 33:41 Well, it’s, it’s incredible. Uh, I, I told the story to a, to my kids, I’ve got two college aged kids in one high schooler at home and um, I told this to them the other day. They were shocked and one of my kids said, can they do that right? This is just mindblowing that the state can walk into your house at 3:30 AM and grab your child and take a child who is in remission from cancer and put them into three years of chemo. It’s mind blowing. I had no idea that, oh, you know what? One of my other kids said, my son Tyler, he’s a philosophy major at university. And um, uh, he heard the story and um, oh Geez, my mind’s going on. He’s like, he’s like, wait a minute. He goes, is this in America? That was my response. This is in the United States. I said, yeah, this is in the United States. He was absolutely shocked. He, he, he would have assumed this is something that you’d hear, you know, from Nazi Germany or something crazy.

Jeff Witzeman: 34:49 And, and by the way, if you posted anything about Nazi Germany on Facebook, they immediately take the post down or don’t let it be shared and a number of people said, what is this Nazi Germany? And although I just got deleted, but the issue too is that this is in Suffolk County, New York. It’s an extremely aggressive, corrupt county and not everywhere in the United States. Isn’t that corrupt? So we’ve, you know, we’ve got to get laws on the books that stopped even the most corrupt counties from taking children. But in the meantime, people need to know that for the most part they can work with their CPS officials and you know, they can do what they want to do with their children, but in some cases, uh, it’s rough. And that’s what we’re going through in New York right now.

Dave Sherwin: 35:43 Well, everybody, we’ve given you the Facebook link, I highly advise you to go there, check out a Cancer Can Be Killed and Flipping The Script and on top of that, and I want to end on a positive note. Jeff, I really appreciate you being on the show. This is just compelling and fascinating stuff of human interest and, and health to everybody. As I mentioned, cancer touches all of us in some way or another or it will. And to end on a positive note. We’ve touched on this a little bit, but for those listening who are interested in their own health and well-being and that of their children, just give us your top, you know, two to five health tips that knowing what you know now you would advise people to, to change if they’re, you know, concurrent health tips that would help them to avoid cancer.

Jeff Witzeman: 36:30 Yeah. So, I mean, the tests are showing that refined sugar is the number one element we want to get rid of. That gluten is a huge problem in the United States because all the weight has been sprayed with glyphosate. Um, you know, before it goes to market and that’s, you know, roundup weed killer for all intents and purposes. So, so gluten is a huge problem with the toxins there and you know, cancer is all about too many toxins and not enough nutrition. And so if you basically think about eliminating refined sugar and getting good nutrition and detoxifying your body, you’re going to be a healthy and chances are cancer isn’t going to come around beyond that. It’s just look for balance. You know, these patients that are surviving and thriving, they’ve all found that their lives were out of balance in some way, whether it be emotionally or nutritionally. And so even the cancer patients that are thriving and have changed their nutrition, they’re also changing their lifestyle in a way that allows them to be more balanced, allows them to enjoy life more. And uh, you know, not fight some of the old battles they thought they thought they had to fight. They’re really sort of cutting loose of that and saying, okay, now I’m going to live my life to enjoy it rather than feeling like I have to somehow do this thing. I had to do,

Dave Sherwin: 37:58 yeah, so they’re actually living a better quality of life now after their cancer, some of these people than than before. Now they’re educated on the basics and the causes of what caused their condition, right?

Jeff Witzeman: 38:10 No, my wife and I are light years better after the cancer than before, so yeah, it can be a really great wake up call.

Dave Sherwin: 38:21 Okay. With that again, Jeff Witzeman. Thank you so much for being on the call.

Jeff Witzeman: 38:27 Yeah, thank you, Dave.

Dave Sherwin: 38:28 And all of you listening. This is Dave Sherwin wishing you health and success. Thanks for listening to Dirobi Health Show

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