Body transformations are legit. But true “holy crap” major transformations are rare. Whether it’s the overweight to bikini body transformation, or the skinny guy to greek god transformation, those are not as easy as the advertising makes it sound.

But, as Tony Robbins famously says, “Success Leaves Clues.” Based on investigative journalism by Chris Shugart, and the findings from Precision Nutrition, one of the largest body transformation challenges on the planet, I have identified nine common denominators amongst the winners of these contests.

Whether you are interested in a major transformation of your own body, or just looking for a tune-up, these nine tips will help!

Listen in as I identify the top nine things that body transformation contest winners have in common. Whether you are interested in a personal transformation, or just needing a little tune up, these tips will help!

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Dive into the wisdom of Buddhism to help you with your health journey. “Mindfulness” is not just a cool buzzword, but a meaningful method of improving your life in every way, from health to relationships. Get some great tips on mindful eating, and other great life tips in this episode. With Noah Rasheta, host of Secular Buddhism, the 2nd most popular Buddhist podcast in the world.

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