Dive into the wisdom of Buddhism to help you with your health journey. “Mindfulness” is not just a cool buzzword, but a meaningful method of improving your life in every way, from health to relationships. Get some great tips on mindful eating, and other great life tips in this episode. With Noah Rasheta, host of Secular Buddhism, the 2nd most popular Buddhist podcast in the world.

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Another fact filled, educational, myth busting episode! Dr. Brian Parks not only has a PhD in Genetic Bioscience, his dissertation was based on protein research. So there just aren’t many more qualified experts on this pretty blue orb who know more about the subject than him.

Before entering the health industry though, Dr. Brian worked as a counter terrorism for various government agencies for 17 years.

And yes, he’s been both shot AND stabbed along the way while apprehending bad buys.

He then Played minor league professional football for 7 years and is now focused on his four companies while raising his 4 children. 16 year old daughter, 10 year old son and boy/girl twins that are 2 1/2 years old.

He started musclegen in 2014.

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