“You can change your life in 90 days.”
Art Williams

Nothing combines so many core element of health into one powerful, macro and micro nutrient dense wallop of wellness power like a green smoothie.

Here are some basic principles of health almost no nutritionist would disagree with, that are covered by starting your day with a green smoothie:

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Have you hefted a 5 pound weight lately? It’s kind of hefty. You wouldn’t want to throw it in your purse or backpack and lug it around all day.

If you went for a run or a bike ride with it strapped to your back, you would be thrilled to rip it off and chuck it in the weeds somewhere along the way.

The challenge sometimes for dieters is that they don’t appreciate or respect losing a tiny amount, like 5 pounds. But is it so tiny? I don’t think so. It makes a difference. Every 5 pounds you can drop makes a difference.

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Jimmy Duggan is an English Jockey from Hillingdon, Middlesex

He completed over 3500 races, winning 311.

1 in 10 mounts falls in a race, from a height above 5 feet at 30-35 miles an hour. Jimmy has between 400-500 falls in his career.

Jimmy is also a well known face on American television, as the voice of steeplechasing and the leading steeplechase analyst in the country on TGB which broadcasted to 51,000,000 homes through their affiliation with Fox.

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There’s a long-held belief that rapid weight loss is not sustainable. You’ve probably heard the standard 1-2 pounds of weight per week is the healthiest way to lose over time. You might also have heard that any rapid weight loss diet is “just a fad” and you’ll soon gain the weight back and then some.

But recent studies and our own personal experience with those using our Pounds and Inches Drops have shown the opposite of these beliefs: losing weight quickly is a better solution for people who want long-term health and weight loss results. And recent studies bear this out.

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