The “One-Two Punch” Health Method with Claudia Wilson

Claudia Wilson keeps things simple, so she developed a powerful and successful formula for weight loss, nutrition, and general health that’s really amazing! As the founder of ALL of NUTRITION, creator of ONE-TWO PUNCH, and a registered dietician, she has been guiding individuals on their path to healthy eating for over 20 years. Claudia is passionate about helping clients have it ALL – showing them how to be healthy while still enjoying the foods they love. Click below to listen to the interview, or read on to see the highlights!

What was the catalyst for The One-Two Punch?

I’ve always been passionate about the human body and how amazing it is. I’ve had this idea that if we learn to trust our bodies, they will tell us what they need. I have a very strong background in eating disorder treatment, so I had many clients who came to me while trying to recover. But I noticed they were following meticulous meal plans with all of their nutrition pre-planned for them. They weren’t learning how to trust their bodies. I thought about how there had to be a way to help my clients feel guided in their recovery without the obsessive tracking and measuring. So I created One-Two Punch.

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What is the “One-Two Punch”?

The philosophy of intuitive eating is to trust your body. If you’re hungry, eat, and stop when you’re full. But that feels a little too abstract for some of my clients. If you don’t trust your body it’s hard to know what “full” feels like. Or what “hunger” feels like. I started using the size of my fist as a carb and protein measurement instead. Rather than saying “I want you to have 30g of protein at this meal”, I would advise them to use the size of their fist as guidance. This was a way to help transition their habits from being very regimented to more casual- while staying healthy.

How does someone tell if they’re actually hungry or if they’re eating out of habit or emotion?

If you aren’t used to eating when you are hungry then your body is likely out of rhythm. If you’re used to eating on a certain schedule or eating certain foods (especially those with high fats, salts, and sugars) it will take time to get into a pattern of eating when you’re hungry. It will take time for you to start recognizing when you’re hungry. When you’re starting to reach for something, think about where the need to eat is coming from. Are the signals coming from your stomach, or are you dehydrated? Are you so hungry that you can have something super healthy like broccoli and plain chicken, or do you just want the brownies? It takes time and practice to learn what is an emotional trigger for you and what is an actual physical hunger trigger. There’s a sticker on the front of One Two Punch that says, “When to eat, what to eat, and how to keep going.” Those are the three main ideas that I use to teach healthy food habits.

So when should I eat?

When you’re hungry! That’s the most optimal time to fuel your body because that’s how it tells you it needs nutrients. The visual that I use in the book is an incinerator. Think of your stomach as an incinerator that will burn anything you put in it. As you eat, the doors close more and more. Putting food on your incinerator’s closed doors doesn’t do any good for your body. Since it has nothing to do with it, your body tries to put it into storage for later.

In One Two Punch, I have two meal plans (vegan and non-vegan) with six options each day. There are no time guidelines. Instead of telling you to eat breakfast at this time and a snack at this time, I encourage you to eat when you’re hungry. When is your first hunger? When is your second hunger? I include six meal ideas not because I expect you to be hungry six times a day, but so you have plenty of options.

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What should I eat?

The “what” refers to balance. If you have a lot of carbohydrates without any protein, that’s going to go into your bloodstream, spike your blood sugar, and leave really quickly. That hunger you feel shortly after is what I call pseudo-hunger. You’ve had enough calories to fill you up, but because it’s all carbohydrates it isn’t fueling you for very long. Your stomach is an incinerator, however, what you put in still matters. This is where the fist-sized portions of carbs and protein come in. What keeps you feeling full is the protein and healthy fats with those carbohydrates. Regardless of your body size, an equal amount of protein and carbs will keep you full. Your fist is a handy way to measure what that amount looks like for you!

You can make that protein and carbohydrate combination really healthy. But if you’re struggling with constantly eating at Mcdonald’s, trying to completely give that up at once is really difficult. Instead, start with eating an equal amount of protein and carbohydrates and eating when you’re hungry. You can have grilled salmon as your protein and brown rice as your carbohydrate if you want. But if you’re trying to get healthier or just want a treat, your protein can be a hot dog and your carbohydrates can be a cupcake! There’s no wagon to fall off of. The key point is that you recognize when you are no longer hungry so that one cupcake doesn’t turn into six cupcakes.


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