The Clinical Consequences of Excess Adrenaline with Dr. Michael E. Platt

With three award-winning books on adrenaline and stress and a total of 11 literary awards, Dr. Michael E. Platt is known as a world-renowned pioneer in effective-dose progesterone, adrenaline dominance and bio-identical hormones. 

For over 39 years, Dr. Platt has addressed and treated conditions that medical science has defined as impossible to cure. Conditions like: depression, bi-polar disorder, fibromyalgia, ADHD, autism, RLS, weight gain, road rage, anger, drug and alcohol addictions.

Listen in as Dr. Michael Platt shares how he has helped tens of thousands to overcome health issues and get back to living full, happy lives in no time.

When did you discover that adrenaline was such an important part of health?

I initially started with just bioidentical hormones. The importance of hormones is that they control every system in the body and what’s interesting is that doctors don’t really get much training when it comes to hormones. 

I got very interested in hormones and my practice became solely about this topic. When I saw patients I had the luxury of being able to spend about 2 hours with every patient and 90% of a diagnosis is actually sitting down and talking with a patient. Over time what I started realizing is that a lot of these people have the same symptoms. Through intuition, logic, etc, I realized that they had problems related to excess adrenaline. That’s where my research went to –trying to figure out what people have a lot of adrenaline. 

They call it the fight or flight hormone and there’s no question that when people are in danger, the body pours that adrenaline, but that’s a very reason why the body puts out the adrenaline. What I was able to determine is that the primary function of adrenaline is just to relay sugar levels to the brain and most people do not realize that the brain uses more sugar than other tissue in the body. Anytime the body detects a drop in glucose (sugar) levels in the brain, it simply puts out adrenaline. [3:44]

“I mentioned doctors are not trained in hormones, but doctors are not trained to treat the cause of illness either. They’re trained to give out bandaids.” That’s why very few conditions or diseases are ever cured because they’re not treating the cause. What’s nice about problems related to adrenaline is that here, you can treat the cause and actually eliminate a lot of these conditions.

The Difference Between Adrenaline and Cortisol

Adrenaline is a very powerful hormone and when the body releases adrenaline it actually causes stress to the body. The body actually uses cortisol to deal with stress. 

So, anytime people have an elevated cortisol it’s because they also have elevated adrenaline. What’s interesting is that, adrenaline peaks at 2:30 in the morning. In fact, a lot of people get up at that time to urinate because adrenaline gives people that urge to urinate. On television, they call is an overactive blatter. The reason why 2:30 is because the brain runs out of fuel then so the body releases adrenaline, creating stress and puts out cortisol to deal with the stress, from the adrenaline. 

Keep in mind that both adrenaline and cortisol raise glucose levels and the whole thing about sugar (glucose) is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re eating glucose or if you’re body is producing it –If you don’t burn it up, all that extra glucose goes right to your fat cells to be stored as fat. 

“I am absolutely 100% convinced that the #1 cause of weight gain is actually excess adrenaline.” Nobody talks about that. [6:04]

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Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a non-existent condition. It’s a naturopath diagnosis and the reason why naturopaths diagnose it is because they do saliva tests. The thing about adrenaline is that it’s a survival hormone. It cuts off blood supply to areas of the body that are not needed for survival. That’s where cold hands and cold feet come from. People think that’s a low thyroid but that’s actually adrenaline. It also cuts off blood supply to the intestines because they’re not needed for survival –that’s where IBS comes from.

But, it also cuts off blood supply to the salivary glands because they’re also not needed for survival so, the hormones do not get into the saliva when they do the saliva tests and low cortisol shows on the tests, diagnosing it as adrenal fatigue and treating it by giving people cortisol. When people have a lot of adrenal, they already have a lot of cortisol and cortisol is not a happy hormone. Not only does it create weight gain but, it causes damage to the body when in excess. 

Adrenal fatigue is really just adrenal dominance. [7:38]


Professional athletes have a lot of adrenalin to begin with. People that go into the military or law enforcement have a lot of this fight or flight hormone. 

Adrenaline is both a hormone, as well as a neurotransmit. As a neurotransmitter, adrenaline is responsible for getting people’s intelligence and also enhances creativity. The most intelligent and successful people in the world have a lot of adrenaline. But, again, having too much of it will set back somebody’s health. [8:41]

ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety

The amount of people affected by a surplus amount of adrenaline is in the millions. 

ADHD is all about adrenaline. They’re probably about 8 million people in this country with fibromyalgia and that’s caused by this hormone also. 

Look at all the millions of people that have anxiety, which is only caused by excess adrenaline. What we’re talking about affects millions of people. [9:33]

Case Studies

Somebody who does have excess adrenaline usually has some classic symptoms like trouble sleeping. The #1 reason people have trouble sleeping is adrenaline. Some people have trouble falling asleep, some have trouble staying asleep, some toss and turn, some people grind their teeth or clench their jaw, and some people get up in the middle of the night to urinate.

Not only will they have sleeping issues, but adrenaline is an anger hormone. That’s where road rage comes from and people who have a lot of this hormone are quick to anger and have a short fuse. 

They may also have cold hands and cold feet, a lot of tension in the back of the neck, causing tinnitus and headaches. Just about every patient I’ve ever seen who thought they had a migraine headache actually had another type of headache that comes from a tense neck. They can also experience anxiety. A lot of people wake up with low back pain. There are a lot of possible symptoms. 

Another thing is that, excess adrenaline is the cause of ADHD. ADHD is considered a learning disorder but ADHD is not a learning disorder –it’s an interest disorder. A child with ADHD has no trouble focusing on things they’re interested in but, if they’re not interested, they will not focus. What’s interesting is that you can actually get rid of ADHD in 24 hours just by lowering adrenaline. [13:21]

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How little this is talked about compared to how evident it is

I’ve written a book called Adrenaline Dominance and just to give you an idea, this is the only book that has ever been written that talks about the clinical consequences of too much adrenaline. It is completely off the radar. 

You would think that functional medicine doctors would be really interested in problems related to excess adrenaline because they deal with the cause of illness, but I’ve gotten in touch with a number of functional medicine schools that have had no interest in this topic. I’m not surprised by that because it’s hard to change the thinking of doctors. They can say, “It can’t be that simple.” and the sad thing is, it is that simple. 


The first indication of a lot of adrenaline are babies that do a lot of kicking in the womb and these are the babies that have colic when they’re born. If you were to take a 5% progressant cream and rub it on the baby’s belly, in about 3 minutes the colic is gone. Otherwise, you’re up all night with the baby crying. The terrible twos, again, caused by excess adrenaline. You may have heard of bed-wetting children, which you only see in creative-like children and the reason for that is, creative people actually have the most adrenaline. “They have children on hard drugs for ADHD which are stimulants that increase adrenaline levels and numbs the brain, but these drugs have a side effect that causes sudden death, and that’s an acceptable side effect regarding the standard of care for how we treat people. [16:01]

What is causing this with so many people?

It’s 100% genetic. In other words, if a person has increased adrenaline, one of both parents had increased adrenaline. It’s always genetic.

All doctors have ADHD. It wasn’t until I got into medical school when I started studying and the reason for that was because I was interested in medicine but there was nothing in highschool or college that I had any interest in. 

Luckily, adrenaline also provides intelligence, so you’re able to get by studying just the night before an exam and you pass it. 

You may have heard of women who vomit throughout their entire pregnancy and again, that’s only caused by excess adrenaline. There’s a condition called cyclic vomiting syndrome which is also caused by excess adrenaline. [17:33]

How did you determine all this data?

There is no data except within my book. 

If you read my books, you’ll notice that there are no references to other articles, books, or people and the reason for that is, everything I have learned, I have learned from my patients. They call that observational based medicine. What doctors are tuned into is what’s called evidence based medicine and evidence based medicine is when you do double-blind studies; only performed by drug companies who have the hundreds of millions of dollars that can do these tests. I don’t believe in evidence based medicine, I believe in observing and seeing how things happen. 

“The United States is on the bottom list of health care of all civilized countries. We have the highest incidents of strokes, cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. You name it, we’re #1 –even with infant mortality.” 

We don’t have a good healthcare system and I attribute that to drug companies. They thrive on disease, not wellness. The last thing they want is a healthy population. [19:18]

The Solution

It’s 5% progesterone, meaning each pump is 50mg and 50mg is the exact strength you need to block adrenaline. 

That’s the only treatment that’s needed but the primary approach to lowering adrenaline is nutritional. 

The brain uses two different fuels in order to function: 

  1. Glucose – The best source of glucose comes from vegetables, which doesn’t stimulate a lot of insulin like candy and soda. 
  2. Ketones – You can get ketones directly from coconut oil or MCT oil. 

These are basically all you need to lower adrenaline. [23:42]

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a hormone. Most people, including doctors, think it’s a female hormone but men and women have the identical hormones, different levels, but the same hormones. Men stop making progesterone right around the age of 50 and after the age of 50 is when men start developing prostate cancer and putting on weight because they no longer have the hormone that blocks estrogen and insulin like progesterone does. 

It’s an important hormone for men even though nobody ever talks about it for men. It’s mostly known as an “anti-estrogen hormone” for women and it is. It gets rid of cramps, PMS and if women used progesterone cream, there’d be none of these symptoms.

Unfortunately, women go to gynecologists and they do not have a lot of training in hormones. There are exceptions but they simply do not know hormones. They’re the ones who put women on birth control pills for everything, but the problem is when women take birth control pills, they stop ovulating, which means they stop producing progesterone and that’s when they start developing all of the side effects of estrogen, which can be a very toxic hormone. 


Any male that’s on testosterone should absolutely be using progesterone and be on some type of estrogen blocker. Only because it prevents the cancers that estrogen causes. 

The problem is that people don’t realize the downside of too much testosterone. You can’t just look at a blood level and say you need testosterone. You can never go wrong treating a patient, but you can go wrong treating a blood level. Frankly, men that need testosterone are the ones that no longer have morning erections. If men are getting morning erections, they don’t need testosterone. 

Testosterone can also increase the blood count and thickens the blood, predisposing you to heart attacks and strokes. It is an incredibly important hormone to men if they are lacking it. [32:24]

Best Way to Use Progesterone

I always prefer creams over pills or injections. The reason for that is, you have complete control. You can titrate the doses with the cream which you can’t do with injections or pills.

Who Should Use Progesterone? 

It could be for everybody however, one of the benefits of progesterone is that it causes some degree to what’s called, “insulin resistance”. What this means is, it makes it harder for insulin to get sugar to the cells. This is usually a benefit, preventing people from getting sleepy in the afternoons and sleepy when they’re driving. 

There are Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and actually Type 3 Diabetes. The other term for it is, “insulin resistance in the brain.” It’s important to know about Type 3 Diabetes because it’s probably the #1 precursor to alzheimers. What happens is, the insulin in the brain can’t get glucose into the brain cells but ketones are a really important fuel to the brain. That’s where MCT or coconut oil comes in.

The thing about Type 3 Diabetes is that there is no test for it. However, people that have Type 3 Diabetes –when they put progesterone cream on their skin, they get an outpour of adrenaline within minutes. The reason for that is that progesterone increases the insulin resistance in the brain to the point where the body has an even harder time trying to get glucose to the brain cells, and pours out that adrenaline to raise glucose levels. If you have someone who is using progesterone cream and gets an outpour of adrenaline, that likely could be a sign of Type 3 Diabetes and the way to treat that is again, with coconut oil or MCT oil. [36:12]

Coconut Oil 

I recommend using coconut oil as a cooking oil and the MCT oil has no flavor so it’s good to add to foods. 

As a side dish, I recommend sweet potatoes that have been sliced up and fried in coconut oil. This way, you get the glucose from the sweet potatoes and you get the ketones from the coconut oil. This is a good side dish at dinner and as a snack before going to sleep. 

If anybody needs it, I have a 30-day meal plan on my website to lower your adrenaline.

In Conclusion

People have to learn to become proactive when it comes to their own health. You can’t rely on a medical system that’s controlled by an entity that has no interest in them being healthy. You have to question and unfortunately doctors do not have the answers that you’ll be looking for.

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