Colloidal silver is a popular alternative remedy for… so many different things! From common ailments like colds and sinus issues to more serious conditions, there are tons of uses for colloidal silver.

So many people are having great results using colloidal silver, but there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about its uses and benefits. Dr. Joe joins us again to help clear up the confusion. We’ve outlined the top nine uses of colloidal silver and the science to back it up.

These are the most life-changing colloidal silver uses supported by science and why they’re so important for optimizing your health and immunity.

First, let’s talk about what exactly colloidal silver is and why it matters:

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a solution of water containing suspended sub-microscopic silver nanoparticles. It’s been used for centuries to improve overall health and protect against a variety of health concerns.

Read on to discover some of the most significant ways colloidal silver is used to support health!

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#1 Killing Bad Bacteria

Modern antibiotics work by killing off bacteria or stopping them from reproducing. While this can be beneficial, the bacteria often adapt and change to become resistant to the drug, meaning it loses its effectiveness.

Then, the bacteria continue to multiply and cause more harm. In fact, two million people in the United States get infections due to antibiotic resistance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). [1]

Like antibiotics, colloidal silver has been shown to kill bacteria, but here’s where it’s different: it does not create resistance in the bacteria.

Colloidal silver is also used to treat bacterial infections in conditions like Lyme disease, tuberculosis, pneumonia, gonorrhea, stomach ulcers, and more, according to WebMD. [3]

#2 Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation is responsible for many ailments and conditions in the body. By acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, colloidal silver can help get to the root of inflammation-related issues.

In a study done at the National Institutes of Health, colloidal silver was found to almost completely reduce inflammation and improve the overall healing process on skin inflammation of pigs within just 72 hours. [4]

#3 Natural Antibiotic

Colloidal silver helps stop viruses in their tracks! It works as a natural antibiotic by suffocating the virus.

Antibiotics aren’t effective in conditions that are viral, so this is where colloidal silver saves the day. It’s able to help no matter what virus, bacterium, or other microorganism is causing a disease.

Research has also shown its potential as an alternative to antifungal treatment in Candida-related conditions. [5]

#4 Fighting Sinus Infections

Anyone who has suffered through sinus infections knows how terrible they can be. While prescription medications like antibiotics and painkillers are the conventional treatment, they can come with side effects and leave the body’s bacteria worse-off in the end. Colloidal silver is the natural solution.

Dr. Joe uses a neti pot like this one with colloidal silver to clear sinus infections.

(Note that we are a company that makes income from the sale of our own goods as well as through affiliate links, which means if you click on some of the links in this post, we may make money, at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.)

Taking colloidal silver has also been shown to kill the virus Staphylococcus aureus and the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is naturally resistant to antibiotics and related to asthma and common airborne allergies.

Using colloidal silver as a nasal spray can help fight sinus infections [6]. It has also been used as a neti pot remedy by pouring straight into the nose and down the throat. In addition, it can also be administered directly as a throat spray several times a day.

#5 Skin and Wound Care

Colloidal silver is helpful for many skin conditions.

It has been recommended for use on tissue damage from burns, scrapes, and other conditions like periodontitis (inflammation around the teeth and gums), and thrush (fungal infection of the mouth and throat). [7]

Add to  your first aid kit!

Colloidal silver helps facilitate healing in the body’s skin and other soft tissues by stimulating healing and reducing inflammation. This is why it’s helpful in addressing skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, ringworm, cysts, white or blackheads, and pimples and acne.

For Thrush during breast feeding

#6 Cold and Flu Remedy

Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, did research on silver at Syracuse Medical University in the 1970’s and found that people who frequently get colds, infections, and the flu also have low levels of silver present in their bodies. They were also found to stay sick longer than people with more silver!

And get this: Becker also discovered that people with the highest levels of silver in their bodies get colds, infections, and the flu less often. Not only that, on rare occasions when they did get sick, the sickness was less severe!

Another study performed in Italy showed a combination of colloidal silver and a beta glucan mix led to significant improvement in scores related to upper respiratory-related symptoms in children compared to a saline solution. In fact, 90% of the group receiving colloidal silver recovered versus only 66% of those in the saline group. [8]

This shows that colloidal silver can be helpful for not only preventing these illnesses but also making them not as bad when they do happen. It is also a natural alternative to common decongestant drugs.

#7 Treating Ear Infections

Many different classes of bacteria can cause ear infections and swimmer’s ear. While antibiotic medications work against bacteria, they often only focus on specific classes of bacteria. When that’s the case, the medication won’t be effective.

Colloidal silver, on the other hand, can be effective no matter the type of bacteria, making it an awesome choice for addressing ear infections.

#8 Healing Pink Eye

Like many of the other conditions mentioned here, pink eye and other eye infections like sties or conjunctivitis are caused by viral or bacterial infections.

By applying two or three drops or sprays of colloidal silver to the eye several times a day, it can attract the infected cells electromagnetically, picking them up to be removed from the body.

#9 For Dogs and Cats

Even our furry friends can benefit from colloidal silver! It can be used for minor wounds or cuts, eye or ear infections, respiratory issues, and even ringworm in dogs. [9] In cats, it can be effective for yeast infections, feline acne, and other skin conditions. [10]

Use Caution When Buying Colloidal Silver 

There are a few things to keep in mind about colloidal silver:

1. Check for quality. Some companies will sell cheaper products, such as silver protein or ionic silver, and market them as colloidal silver when they really aren’t. This can lead to argyria, an irreversible condition where the skin turns blue. Pure colloidal silver does NOT cause this. Always make sure you are buying and using true colloidal silver from a trusted seller.

2. Check the details. Some products will also contain a diluted product and try to hide that fact behind marketing or fancy packaging. Look for a product that is honest about what’s in the bottle, including the parts per million and particle sizes.

Mimi’s Miracle Silver is contained in 99.9% pure water (which is high enough to be utilized for medical use!) and contains 30 parts per million of energized silver molecules. The particles are the ideal size to quickly penetrate all biological systems and begin working their magic immediately!

3. Check for purity. Colloidal silver is not simple a mix of water and silver; it’s a solution with silver particles suspended in water that MUST be ultra pure and contain an electrical charge. This is why Mimi’s Miracle Silver is suspended in Ultra-Pure Structured Water.

Who Is Colloidal Silver For?

Colloidal silver is for, well, everyone! If you feel like your immune system could use a boost, you feel sick or “groggy” often, are dealing with a disease, virus, or other issue, want to get rid of bad bacteria in your body, or want to improve your overall health, this silver can be for you.

Want to see what colloidal silver can do for you? Grab your own high-quality Mimi’s Miracle Silver now (in a convenient spray bottle) on Amazon here or here at




Note that this information is presented as educational in nature and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure or prevent any disease.


Intro: 00:02 Welcome to the Dirobi of show. Covering the world of fitness nutrition and supplementation with world class guests the latest clinical research and plenty of tips you can use right away to boost your health and wellness. Here’s your host. Dave Sherwin.

Dave Sherwin: 00:20 Hello everybody. Welcome to another episode of The Dirobi health show. This one will be very interesting as we have a somewhat controversial topic called The Nine Science Backed Uses of Colloidal Silver. And I’m thrilled to have expert guest on the show today. I was going to do this episode on my on my own and I was recently talking to Dr. Joe who’s done this will be his third episode for us I believe.

Dave Sherwin: 00:41 And I was talking to him about this upcoming episode on colloidal silver and he got excited about it and said hey I love silver I’ve used it a lot I’ve done a lot of research on it. I’d be happy to be a guest on your show. And so I sent him over all the research we had done and he has reviewed it. We’ve discussed it and he is going to take the take the time to help us dive into this really fascinating but controversial subject we’ll talk about that as well. So Dr. Joe thank you so much for being on the show.

Dr. Joe: 01:10 Yeah thank you again, I always love being on your show a lot of fun.

Dave Sherwin: 01:15 Well I really appreciate it and it’s so great to have someone like yourself who’s got years of experience treating people and seeing you know the Good the Bad and the ugly of various treatments and methodologies especially in the natural realm which is where you focus although your your degree is you know regular degree before you get your degree chiropractic and all the other things you have. I just like the way you have kind of a foot in both camps of the the medical world and understand everything from the biomechanics to the energies systems of the body so I’m excited to have you here. And and as I mentioned in the intro you’ve used colloidal silver yourself and your own family for a very long time correct.

Dr. Joe: 02:02 Yeah we’ve used that. We’ve known about it for at least ten years now. When I first got into chiropractic college and our first introduction was to it and then we just started using it little by little as we learn more and more about it. Now it’s just the regular part of our daily routine here in our house.

Dave Sherwin: 02:19 Wow. OK. And yet for some people they’ve heard some real negatives about silver and for good reason. Let’s start with the controversial side of this kind of figure out what is going on here with colloidal silver. I’m just going to shoot straight with everybody. The FDA does not like colloidal silver although they allow it to be sold as a dietary supplement. And so it’s just an interesting world and I think that research done at Griffith University is one of the best studies that I’ve found on this because I really think they nail it in the abstract of the study that they did. And I’m just going to read a couple of sentences and then have you comment on this. It’s an excellent study. The links will be in the show notes at for this episode on colloidal silver and this research starts off the abstract says despite its long history as an antiseptic the image of C.S. colloidal silver has been badly tarnished by opportunistic promoters.

Dave Sherwin: 03:23 Lack of quality controls deliberate misinformation and reprehensible scare tactics. This article evaluates some commercial little silver preparations for their efficacy as antiseptic agents, and so I’m just going to stop there and and I think they’re addressing both sides of the issue here. I think when they talk about the the opportunistic promoters the lack of quality controls the deliberate misinformation that some people way overselling colloidal silver or selling poor quality colloidal silver or something that isn’t even colloidal silver as some cure all. Even some people have claimed it can help with AIDS and other really serious disease which is just ridiculous but at the same time they call out in my opinion the FDA for what they call reprehensible scare tactics in the other direction. So first of all I read this sentence. You know what are your thoughts on that.

Dr. Joe: 04:22 No. It’s funny you bring that up because that’s like one of the things that I deal with every single day in my office because they know like you said I’ve got to I’ve got one foot in each camp.

Dr. Joe: 04:33 I’m a very scientific thinker and I always I always have been. And yet at the same time I use a lot of alternative methods in my office and in my own home. And so I get to hear and see both sides of this argument that people saying you know that people are bringing up with Well you know they’re just trying to scare you into using medications or they’re just trying to scare you into using natural medicine. You know it’s it’s funny to listen to these arguments so sometimes I have a hard time siding with one or the other until I’ve actually sat down and I looked at some other research and there’s a lot of research out there that you can study. And then as always. And this is one of the things you’ve always taught me is that I’ve got it after I’ve done my research after I’ve looked everything up then I start experimenting with my own life and seeing what happens with my life and so that with with this particular subject with silver because I could really go off track on this subject to be let me so I’ll rein myself back and get back on silver.

Dr. Joe: 05:42 You know this silver is one of those those things that actually there’s not a lot of research out there that proves that there’s any harmful effects. In fact if you go to even like some of the government sites that say they don’t like silver they really don’t have a backup where they really don’t have any research that says why they don’t like it. Which I always have found, found interesting other than the fact that maybe you know like some bad product got out and made people sick. Well we see that all the time with medication you know, medication got out made people sick. And then I’ve I’ve seen it where just you know people are just making crazy claims like what you’re saying where they can actually kill off the AIDS HIV virus which I’ve read some studies that show that but it does help with that.

Dr. Joe: 06:30 But you know these people are making really big claims and unfortunately people can get hurt if they see these claims and they have a particular disease process that really needs more than just colloidal silver. And so that’s where I’ve seen it. Yeah I can understand why the FDA is trying to protect us in certain ways with the silver. But I’ve started using my life. And then once I actually start encouraging my patients to use some of their air conditioned all I ever saw was either the patient got extremely better and they had some really good results with what they were using or nothing happened. Never saw it to the point where you know it hurt them, caused them harm or it you know caused them to make stupid decisions. You know because I would always advise my patients to make sure they’re using this plus all the other remedies that they’re using. So really at the end of the day when you see the different planes from both sides I think you just have to take. You have to rein in yourself and you have to go and experiment to experiment with some sort of by yourself hope in this sense.

Dave Sherwin: 07:39 Absolutely. And it is fascinating that while the FDA is so much against it most of the references to the studies that we’re going to talk about in this episode are from pub med it’s the government’s own research and so it’s just a fascinating thing but in fairness to the government and the FDA is job is to protect people from harmful substances and outlandish claims. In the 1970s. And I’ve done a lot of research into this issue and one things. One of the things I found is that many of the big claims go back to a supposed UCLA study and I’ll tell you it took me hours to sort this out. But here’s what I finally discovered. Many of these claims are all over the Internet. If you if you go and you look at colloidal silver and people talk about the benefits of silver that can treat AIDS HIV fungus bacteria all these various things it can do some of those things.

Dave Sherwin: 08:38 But what happened is in the 70s a guy used to UCLA lab to do some research on silver. He went into UCLA lab he did his research. He came out of there determining that in vitro coital silver killed a hundred and five different types of bacteria. And that was his personal research. It was not endorsed by UCLA and it was not approved by UCLA. It wasn’t peer reviewed but it was one of these things that got out there and became like this rumor that just went through society and it grew as a matter of fact you can easily find if you do some quick googling on Clinton’s silver references to that UCLA study to this day. There’s still being repeated. UCLA has come out and rejected they’ve they’ve denied it. They said this is not UCLA research. It wasn’t done by any of our professors.

Dave Sherwin: 09:28 It simply isn’t a real thing. And yet it’s all over the Internet these claims that came from this study and the original guy who did it didn’t even make all of these claims, and it wasn’t studies done on humans or animals. It was all in vitro which just because a product works in a in a test tube doesn’t mean it’s going to work in a human. So all that being said it’s just an interesting fascinating back and forth. And yet the research is there of that colloidal silver is something that probably ought to be in the medicine cabinet of almost all Americans because of its real usefulness not for curing HIV but for average everyday ordinary situations that come up all the time. It can be more effective than a lot of drugs and as you said there’s really no downside when it’s not oversold. Anything you want to add to that before we move on to the next point.

Dr. Joe: 10:22 No I think that was perfect.

Dave Sherwin: 10:24 OK. Another thing that was really fascinating and in full disclosure we have a product Mimis Miracle silver that we’re very proud of. And that took us a while to bring to market because of all the stuff we had to wade through and determine FDA regulations and what we could say what we couldn’t say. All of that and we wanted to come up with a 200 parts per million preparation. And yet the formulators that we were talking to kept coming back and going don’t do it it’s too much and we said but if you go and look at all the stuff that’s out there there’s all these there’s people with 500 parts per million. They said you know what. I wouldn’t put my kids I wouldn’t put it in their ear around their nose. It’s irritating and colloidal silver is supposed to be able to be used on the face and what’s happened is this is one of those products that more is not better we did come up with a 30 parts per million and again back to the Griffiths study.

Dave Sherwin: 11:19 I’m going to read you one more thing that has borne out what our formulator that we went with them and told us and and it’s this line right here. Give me one minute. Only low concentrations of C.S. were required to achieve antibiotic preparations. I’m sorry. To achieve antibiotic activity with M.C. values below 5 unit grams per milliliter I’m probably reading that totally wrong so you science types can just rip me apart in the comments I suppose. But basically low concentrations achieved the result and high concentrations can create irritation. So we’ve gone with one that maybe doesn’t sound as terrific to people 30 parts per million. And yet we stand behind it and agree with the research done by Griffiths University that more is not better and a lot of people you know and some things more is better. You know like ice cream.

Dave Sherwin: 12:22 I shouldn’t say that on my health so but you know there are some times when more is better but not in colloidal silver. Any thoughts on that.

Dr. Joe: 12:32 Yeah no I agree with that. Just what I’ve seen just from my own research and also the use that I’ve had beforehand when we first heard about colloidal silver you automatically think while a little bit is going to be good a lot going to be better because if you have a lot and you don’t have to use as much that that was kind of my thought. But it really is. It is irritating. You can use a high amount of 300 500 ppm solutions like the spraying in the eye which we use all the time here that our health system even produces dry it creates more dry it creates more problems at both higher account and also another way that we use that which I’ll give more detail later as we use in a nebulizer and you would never use that much in a nebulizer just because of what the damage to the silver can actually cause the lung with that type of concentration. So yeah I totally agree. The amount that you’re looking for is right where you’re at right where your product that that is a good amount now you can use that with so many different applications without it actually irritating the body.

Dave Sherwin: 13:43 OK excellent. Now let’s identify what exactly colloidal silver is.

Dave Sherwin: 13:49 Silver is a solution of water contending suspended submicroscopic silver nanoparticles. It has been used for centuries to improve overall health and and protect against a variety of health concerns. This is not a new thing. It’s been used for a very long time as a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting Silvers a lot of of you know, folk it’s a folk medicine type of a thing that comes out of the folk medicine world and yet now of course we have the research to show that it’s beyond folk medicine. So that’s what colloidal silver is. It’s something that doesn’t have to be refrigerated it’s a liquid we put ours in a spray. The reason we do a spray is because colloidal silver is used topically quite often. So a spray is super convenient and also you don’t have to take the lid off of a spray. Silver is not something that most people are going to use, you know, a whole bottle in a month or something like that. And so it can last quite a long time and it will last better if you never have to take the lid off because it won’t get contaminated so you could buy yourself a bottle in a spray form put it in your shelf keep it for a very long time for a lot of the things we’re about to discuss.

Dave Sherwin: 14:59 So jumping right now to number one use of little silver killing bad bacteria and of course we know that antibiotics kill bad bacteria. But of course we’re trying to not use antibiotics unless we absolutely have to. For those of you who are interested in that topic make sure and listen in with Dr. Kendall Thurman that I had on an episode earlier about the antibacterial crisis in the United States it’s a fascinating episode. One of our most listened to. And so there are there are problems with antibiotic don’t get me wrong. There are times they absolutely are a life saver and but there’s other times especially in day to day household use or issues with children where it’s so much better to use a safe approach like colloidal silver.

Dave Sherwin: 16:19 So Dr. Joe where do you jump in and talk about some common uses of clinical silver and killing bad bacteria.

Dr. Joe: 16:27 Well all I’ll just go with my own use is what I’ve seen with with me and my family also with my patients the number one use that I’m seeing is definitely using it to clean off whatever is to clean off like there’s a there’s a particular device in my office that we have to strap on people all the time to be able to scan them and be able to read what’s going on with their body and so it’s touching people scan all day long. And you’re not supposed to use harsh cleaners onto it. And so we have a bunch of different cleaners that we use and one of them is a silver product. And we and we spray that on there and it it’s very very safe and it’s not going to ruin our equipment. So if you’ve got sensitive areas in your house that a cleaning you can use you can use silver that way and you can get rid of the bacteria that can be on there.

Dr. Joe: 17:17 And the other way that we use it is like a mouthwash you know my wife tends to have some gum issues and so when she she can use silver as a mouthwash that actually is really good at degrading and it’s hydrating to the guns into the tissues in the mouth. And so that’s really a really great way to use that as an anti bacterial mouthwash. Another way that we use that antibacterial wise like I mentioned before using a nebulizer. Now for those of you out there that aren’t familiar with a nebulizer is a little device that when you put when you put liquid into the end part that is received to the mouth. It actually atomizes the liquid into a really fine mist. This is a little bit different than a steam. No it’s not like a humidifier or a diffuser like first controls that the nebulizer actually causes this really fine mist to be created and then that mist, whatever you put inside of it you can breathe that in.

Dr. Joe: 18:28 Some people have actually used the albuterol for like asthma type treatment. What we use is that we will take a silver solution and we’ll put it into the nebulizer and then we’ll have our children breathe it and if they’re dealing with something like a croup that’s gone into their lungs or they have a certain cough that they’re dealing with. I’ve used the nebulizer ones because I was dealing with a sinus infection. And so I I could really get that nanoparticle down into really a fine mist and then I wouldn’t breathe that right into my sinuses and help knock out the sinus infection. Another way you can actually use antibacterial for like for sinus infections is like a neti pot. If you’re not familiar with the neti pot as these little tiny pot that you can put like some sort of solution in it. And then you use it to actually clean out your sinuses.

Dr. Joe: 19:20 You stick you to one ended the pot inside one nostril. You clogged up the other side and then you till you tilt your head and you let the water come through and then you release the release of the nostrils and you let the water or the silver solution come draining out of the nose and that’s a really awesome way to go to help knock out like a bacterial infection that you have inside your sinuses. And then I have a few patients that just for some reason they they they tend to deal with bacterial infections like on their skin. So it causes maybe psoriasis or an eczema type thing. And so they spray that the silver onto their skin as a topical they really helps beat down the bacteria that’s causing their problems. There’s a few that I use personally for back antibacterial properties properties.

Dave Sherwin: 20:15 There’s a fascinating article on web M.D. which is a fairly trusted source. They’re know there online and tends to be quite conservative. And yet I would say their claims for silver are conservative. They say that colloidal silver can be used to treat conditions like Lyme disease tuberculosis pneumonia gonorrhea stomach ulcers and more. And that’s those are some pretty big claims right there. I’m surprised actually that they would write about those types of things on web M.D. and I I doubt at the same time that they’re saying that colloidal silver will cure some of those things. But maybe you know are they saying that you’ll get relief from symptoms from those things or what do you think they’re claiming here. Web M.D. when they reference reference using silver for Lyme disease tuberculosis pneumonia gonorrhea and stomach ulcers

Dr. Joe: 21:04 You know it’s funny because I actually read that part on their site and I wondered the same thing and doing a little bit more research it looks like they’re just trying to refer to different research that’s been done. I don’t necessarily think that they’re saying we think that you should use this for this application. I think they’re just trying to make sure they’re covering their bases. You know they’re showing that it’s not effective in certain ways but they’re also showing that there are studies out there that are effective. I think they’re just trying to give people information to let them decide how to use it.

Dave Sherwin: 21:45 Yeah well and again back to what we said about what you said about my thoughts on personal experimentation.

Dave Sherwin: 21:53 You know I think that’s where if I’ve got one of these conditions and I’ve got a choice between very expensive and long term type therapies and choosing a natural therapy or at least having it be a support to whatever else I’m doing. I mean Silver is very inexpensive I mean it’s one of the least expensive supplements that we have. It’s very affordable online from almost any source. I mean why not? It’s the kind of thing where if you’ve got these types of symptoms why would you.

Dave Sherwin: 22:24 We’re talking about less than 20 bucks here to get yourself a bottle of silver and give it a try and just see how well it works for you. So if I’ve got all those conditions I’m going to try my sub 20 dollar solution along the way with whatever else I do. So that’s my two cents worth on that but let’s move on to number two. Number two use of colloidal silver fighting inflammation.

Dr. Joe: 22:50 Now. Funny thing about this one is much research that I’ve done on silver I never really saw this one before. So this is actually a new one for me. I’m actually excited to see that there’s actually some studies out there that helps with inflammation.

Dave Sherwin: 23:08 We found one it was by the National Institutes of Health and it was research done on pigs and it was done on the skin. So it was used as a topical on pigs and reduced inflammation.

Dr. Joe: 23:26 OK that’s really neat. Start applying that that works.

Dave Sherwin: 23:34 Well and you already reference that.  You’ve had people use it on their skin to good effect. And so there’s the research to back that up. So for those of you with skin conditions again another. Another thing you might want to try. If you’ve not yet tried it is silver on skin conditions and see how you know whether that can help clear that up or give relief maybe would be less itchy or clear up that inflammation completely. Who knows. Give it a shot.

Dave Sherwin: 23:58 Number three a natural antibiotic..

Dr. Joe: 24:07 Now that one can go. It’s funny because that was kind of the same as number one you know being antibacterial but I think I think one of the biggest things about using silver as an antibiotic is that there has been some studies showing. I think you’re probably going to reference to them that the neat thing about using colloidal silver as the antibiotic which is all anti bacterial is that it doesn’t cause these antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria that are out there these days. And that’s that’s one of the biggest things that that we see out there is that these antibiotics have been used so heavily in the recent decade or so that now we’ve got these bacteria strains out there that will not respond to the antibiotic. The antibiotic doesn’t kill these things off. And so I’m sorry I did not come completely prepared with my research. But there are some research that has been done to show that that when they used silver in particular cases with these antibiotic resistant strains that it actually could kill those off. And so cool and you know silver the silver being shown as a good antibiotic that’s not going to create more bacterial strains that can’t be killed off with antibiotics.

Dave Sherwin: 25:30 Excellent. And one of the studies we found also found that it was a good alternative to antifungal treatment in Candida related conditions so any of you dealing with that or know people who are again little silver could be helpful to them. Number four you’ve already touched on so we’ll go through it pretty quickly. But fighting sinus infections and colloidal Silver has been studied and found to be effective in fighting sinus infections as you have found.

Dr. Joe: 26:06 Yeah in fact are interestingI find that when I’ve used the Cluedo over for my sinuses not only does help get rid of the infection but I think it’s it must strengthen what’s going on inside my sinuses because usually I don’t have problems with like allergies so hay fever and I find that I I think this feel more and more surprised the more hydrated inside my sinuses. You know I think there are probably listeners out there that can relate when like you can just feel how dry like inside or sinuses feel. And that is the most annoying feeling in the world but using silver actually helps hydrate that area. So then it doesn’t feel that way to feel dry.

Dr. Joe: 26:50 So that’s that’s that’s my two cents on that one.

Dave Sherwin: 26:54 Excellent.

Dave Sherwin: 26:54 And and again with a spray again you don’t want to do this with anything with more than 30 parts per million in it but with 30 personal you can spray it directly up your nose. And so that’s one use. Just take the spray bottle spray it in your nose try to breathe in a little bit as you do it to really get it kind of deep in there or you can use the neti pot as Dr. Joe already referenced. You can also spray it directly into your mouth and throat and get relief that way. So as a topical and is it something you spray directly into your your nose and your mouth it can give you some really good relief. And number five skin and wound care.

Dr. Joe: 27:38 And that one we kind of went over with the you know like if you’ve got eczema psoriasis of some sort.

Dr. Joe: 27:50 And I have seen that be helpful in most cases. Definitely for wound care. Silver is like a huge. It’s so good. So I’m kind of lost inside because it’s so good.

Dr. Joe: 28:03 And in my personal first aid kit that I have inside of our home we actually have several bottles of a spray of silver and that that we’ll use that you know if we’re out and about. And and I know we’re going to go on a hike. All right. Grab that bottle, and several times we’ve had scrapes or bumps or whatever came up and so we didn’t really have any antibacterial thing to work with except for our silver and so we just spray some silver on there because it helps clean it off but it also helps put a layer of silver onto the wound to help make sure that it stays hydrated make sure that they know there’s no bacteria that can get inside there.

Dr. Joe: 28:50 And sometimes we even use the spray on a wound without even putting a bandaid and saying that the wounds especially with my kid they just they heal quicker. You know it doesn’t seem to be sore or itchy. You know when when a wound starts to heal it starts to get really itchy when I have found that when you use the silver on it it doesn’t have that really bad feeling to it. And so we use that extensively when it comes the wound care.

Dave Sherwin: 29:19 Oh excellent. And through the articles we found the research that we found a couple of specifics here. You mentioned some some I think are will add to the list Burns scrapes periodontal periodontitis you already mentioned inflammation around the teeth and gums is spraying it directly on. In addition it’s helpful in addressing skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, ringworm, cysts, white or black heads, and pimples and acne now white and black heads and pimples and acne.

Dave Sherwin: 29:56 That’s new to me. Have you had any anyone who has used silver on their face for for acne and pimples etc..

Dr. Joe: 30:06 No, a little bit. Actually I’ve never really thought about using it for pimples and acne that much but I have had a couple of patients that did use it. They found it worked ok for them but I’ve never, you know. I’ve never seen that as a big usage from the people that I’ve worked with or even in my own family.

Dave Sherwin: 30:26 Okay I…

Dr. Joe: 30:27 I do think that one note here we do have is that it’s really good for thrush. I’ve worked with a lot of mothers that you know they start breastfeeding and and sometimes you know there’s an infection comes up with the breastfeeding process so you can end up getting this crazy cycle where when. When you get thrush infection and babies dealing with it in their mouth the mothers dealing with it on her breasts and you keep getting this cross contamination this cycle that keeps going on because you know the baby needs to drink and needs to eat. And even if you’re pumping you can still be passing on that fungal infection. And so I have found some mothers who take a spray which I think that’s awesome that you have it in a spray. They take the spray and then they can spray it right on to the baby’s mouth right onto the baby’s face.

Dr. Joe: 31:22 They get sprayed on their breasts and then that they can continue to go with the breast the breast feeding and the things actually heal without that cross contamination happening between mother and baby. So that’s another great news when it comes to skin care.

Dave Sherwin: 31:38 OK excellent.

Dave Sherwin: 31:40 Number Six cold and flu remedy. Now there’s a doctor Becker at Syracuse medical university who’s done a lot of research on silver and one of the things he found is silver as a preventive for cold and flu for example. He studied people who frequently get colds infections and the flu.

Dave Sherwin: 31:59 And that they have generally low levels of silver in their bodies. He also found that the people with low levels of silver stay sick longer than those who don’t. And so his research would indicate that it’s probably wise to be taking silver during the during the cold and flu season. Any thoughts on that one.

Dr. Joe: 32:21 You know that that is definitely something we’ve done in our family and I’m glad you’re bringing that up because for some reason I stopped doing that for a while. You know and you don’t have to take very much your everyday. You only need to take maybe I know I could be out a shot glass at your house. You could just put a little shot glass half full of some silver solution. You don’t even need to dilute it at all. The neat thing especially when you have it at that 30 ppm amount you could actually at that amount. You could fill up a shot glass with half the water half half water and then put maybe like five or ten drops of that solution. The Mimis miracle solution inside there and then drink it down and you only need to do that maybe once maybe twice a day as a maintenance dose.

Dr. Joe: 33:10 And then if you’re if you’re going through flu season and you’re scared that your kids are going to bring home something from school or you’re around a lot of people that are sick you can you can push that up to anywhere between three to five of those little shot glass half shot glass worth. And that will really help boost your immune system to help protect your body if you happen to get a bacteria or even virus that can then then you’ll go being a protected mode when you have that solution in your body.

Dave Sherwin: 33:44 Excellent. And ours is a little bit different it’s a concentrate. And so for people if you’re using Mimis miracle silver the dose would be six sprays and during cold and flu season if you’re susceptible you would want to take six sprays in the morning six sprays in the evening and one bottle will last through a month if you do that. So you. Dr. Joe I wouldn’t actually have them put ours. I know others you buy it you know you can buy big bottles of the stuff again ours is a concentrate. You just do six sprays in your mouth and then it absorbs through the skin well. And you don’t you don’t swallow it. It just goes right into the skin while the the. The walls of your mouth. What am I trying to say it’s sublingual. It will go directly into the bloodstream through your mouth and just six sprays in the morning six sprays at night if you have a different type of silver it’ll tell you how much you need to take. What would constitute a dose. So either way. Next ear infections, this one’s interesting.

Dr. Joe: 34:49 Yeah I really liked this one. Now fortunately in our family we haven’t had to deal with earaches that much. I found I’m a chiropractor and if I keep my children adjusted on a regular basis even just every other week I found that we don’t we didn’t get Ear aches as much. But when we did get an earache because I wasn’t staying on top of getting my kids adjusted was just the little plug for get or get get adjusted for your immune system. But if we weren’t staying on top of that and if my kid did get something that was irritating their ear and they’d get some sort of ear infection we could actually use the silver right on the ear. Now there’s a lot of there’s a lot of like essential oils out there that you can use for ear infections but a lot of times they will tell you you can’t put it directly on the ear drums.

Dr. Joe: 35:44 You don’t want to be putting essential oils directly into the ear drum. Whereas with the silver you can actually just spray the silver right into that ear canal and even let it sit in there for a little bit before it just drains on on its own. That’s the one thing that I really like about colloidal silver with ear infections is that you don’t have to be careful with it. You just have to apply it. And you might need to apply it multiple times a day. And then another good thing to the ear infections and colloidal silver that if you have the person who has the ear infection if you have them actually gargle the solution in their throat so that it gets up inside the eustachian tube. That’s another way that you can actually treat an ear infection from from gargling on the inside and then sprain on the outside.

Dave Sherwin: 36:32 OK. Fantastic. Moving on to number eight. Healing pinkeye.

Dr. Joe: 36:37 Have you got any experience with using clonal silver on pinkeye personally I have not had hundreds of patients who who will use that they have to have a spray spray at home or they have the drops and then if their child hurt themselves if they got the pink eye all they needed to do just spray a little bit in there every single day or several times a day. Sorry. And that it will heal pretty quickly. That’s what I’ve had reports from my patients tell me OK.

Dave Sherwin: 37:11 Excellent. And again there is research out there showing that Silver does help with pink eye. So definitely again an excellent natural remedy to try. If it’s something you deal with in your family. And number nine. Last but not least using colloidal silver for our furry little friends when they get minor wounds or cuts eye or ear infections respiratory issues or even ringworm in dogs and in cats that can be effective for yeast infections feline acne and other skin conditions. So for those of you with animals colloidal silver can be used for all of those conditions.

Dave Sherwin: 37:50 And Dr. Joe I know you’re not a veterinarian but any thoughts on using coital silver on cats and dogs.

Dr. Joe: 38:00 Yes it’s funny you bring that up I’m thinking of two specific cases one with my own cat. I actually had my cat. This is a funny story but I I trained my cat to go to the bathroom on the toilet.

Dr. Joe: 38:14 So we don’t have a litter box. Oh that’s funny. I’ve never heard of that before. Yes.

Dr. Joe: 38:22 That was our deal with my wife and I we could get a cat if we can train it to go into the toilet. And it worked. And that’s what she’s done for 15 years now.

Dave & Dr. Joe: 38:30 And I think it’s really funny. I’m sorry but that brings to mind a visual that I really think you’ve got to take a picture of this and put it on your Facebook page or something. I can do that. I will do that for you. I think you have to I want that picture. I’ve got to see. I’ve never seen any animal use a toilet. And so I just think that we’ve got to have that picture.

Dr. Joe: 39:00 I’ll do that.

Dr. Joe: 39:02 It’s pretty funny because she’s pretty annoyed. She doesn’t like it but hey that’s that’s our deal for giving her free room and board right.

Dr. Joe: 39:09 After 15 years she still doesn’t like it.

Dr. Joe: 39:13 Yeah yeah. See you can see it in her face. Just look at us. But I love it. I love it.

Dr. Joe: 39:23 Now the funny thing that about her using the toilet is that multiple times we can actually keep track of her help certain ways by by you know looking at what’s going on inside the toilet. And there was one time where she was she was bleeding she had blood in her urine and I wasn’t sure what to do about this because I’m not a super cat lover sorry you cat lovers out there. But you know I’m I’ll put up with her and but I saw that she was bleeding through it with her and her urine. I was like I don’t want to take her to the vet. And so I said well maybe she’s dealing with the kidney infection. And so I gave her some silver solution and she cleared right up and haven’t had problems. So that’s one case for me personally. Maybe you cat lovers out there would want to be more and more wise and go actually have your pet get looked at. That’s what I did.

Dave Sherwin: 40:19 Well more importantly a huge cat lovers need to train your cat to use the toilet. I mean come on. This is. This is huge. Why put up with the litter when your cat can go in the bathroom and use a toilet like everyone else in your family. That’s awesome.

Dave Sherwin: 40:34 Yes. Yes. We love it. Go ahead.

Dr. Joe: 40:40 I had one other one and one other case where a patient her dog was dealing with some parasite issues. And she she told me she didn’t have the money to take the dog to the vet. She was like Do you have any suggestions of like well do you have the colloidal silver said yes let’s start giving your dog colloidal silver to see if that will help out. And for her dog it helped out completely little little thing for you.

Dr. Joe: 41:07 Yeah. You won’t see that a lot in a lot of the research but I have seen coital silver help with parasite infections

Dave Sherwin: 41:08 Well and again back to my whole argument earlier about this is a very inexpensive solution. So why not. We’re not saying colloidal silver now cures all parasite problems and dogs don’t. Don’t hear that. I’m sure that’s not what Dr. Joe said what he said was he had a woman who couldn’t afford to go to the vet. The dog had parasites. She tried colloidal silver and it worked. For all we know the parasites maybe were going to go away anyway we just don’t know that. And so the point is that it’s a very inexpensive remedy and it can’t hurt anything. And so why not. Why not give it a try so colloidal silver to me is a fascinating dietary supplement. As we mentioned in the beginning if you research it there is tons of misinformation about out there about it.

Dr. Joe: 42:08 It’s probably oversold in a lot of cases I hope we haven’t done that here. Again it’s not very expensive and so a handy thing to have in your in your first aid kit to have in your medicine cabinet to have on hand for for general everyday, first aid to try to keep colds and flus at a minimum during cold and flu season. And we’re not saying it cures AIDS and is a miracle drug like some people out there are saying we’re just saying that it is a very handy natural solution for all these things that we have listed. And it’s not very expensive. You can buy colloidal silver on Amazon. You can buy from us under 20 dollars. You get yourself a perfectly fine solution just make sure it’s not too strong sometimes. Again this is like it reminds of my friend Peter who’s a marketer over in England who wanted to start selling vitamin D.

Dave Sherwin: 43:01 Back when the English government was trying to get everyone on vitamin D because they’re having problems with depression because of lack of vitamin D. And he went out and formulated a 10000 IU vitamin D and it sold like crazy because it had more international units. But what he found out was that actually people were getting too much and that’s just more than a person needs. So it sounded great and it sold like crazy and yet wasn’t actually in the best long term interests of the patients and so they changed their formulation. Colloidal silver is like that, more isn’t better. You want something that can be sprayed in your eyes nose ears. And the research bears that out. Low doses are effective. So Dr. Joe thanks so much for being on the show. Any other final closing remarks before we wrap up.

Dr. Joe: 43:53 No I think I think this is going to be one of my favorites. My favorite is what I’ve done with you because I’ve seen it every day. How how great colloidal silver works. Like you said it’s a very inexpensive solution for so many different things that it just makes sense to make sure that you have some especially a good source in your house. You know two or three bottles is what we keep in our health at all times. And I think other people should do the same excellent.

Dave Sherwin: 44:26 Well thanks so much for being a guest again and for those of you listening. This is Dave Sherwin wishing you health and success.

Dave Sherwin: 44:33 Hey one quick note we’ve talked here obviously about colloidal silver we have our own product Mimis Mercal silver that we are very proud of. It uses structured water that is pure two parts per billion. Most water and even high end supplements is only pure with within certain parts per million. This is an amazing product. It also has 43 percent less surface tension than most bases with colloidal silver so it’s more likely that your body can absorb it very quickly and easily and use it better, so it’s just very high quality formulation and not very expensive one of our least expensive products actually but you can get 15% percent off using the code ESCAPE. And so if you go to Dirobi.Com and we’d like to try a bottle of our Spray colloidal silver, Mimis Miracle silver just go to find the silver and use the code escape.

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