Combatting Weight Loss Misinformation with Cheri Stoka

Does part of your health journey include fighting the “Battle of the Bulge?”  You’re not alone!  In today’s eye-opening interview, Dietician Cheri Stoka shares some great ideas and actionable insights to help you reach your weight loss goals!

A life-long health guru, Cheri  handily subjugates  misinformation in the health space:

*Conventional activities that are keeping people sick

*How the “reduce calories/workout” approach can often fail

*How to easily implement a Strategic Weight Loss Plan into your life


“Before I got into all of this, I was an athlete. I had played soccer since I was 7 years old,  and went on to play soccer at UW Madison in the women’s professional league. I’ve always been very much in-tune with my body and interested in health, learning about not only how I can keep my body in a healthy state, but also how to stay lean and what foods you should be eating.  After my career in soccer, I decided to venture out and become a dietician.  I worked in the hospital system for a while,”  which ultimately changed her whole outlook on modern health theory.  

“There were things that I learned there that I didn’t necessarily agree with.  There were things lacking so I decided to start my own thing.”  Cheri discovered that about 90% of the information available online and in the medical world about nutrition is not true,  and people keep falling in that same failed cycle over and over again.

“I just want people to know the truth and understand that there is a way out. This world we live in now is very difficult to be healthy and stay healthy in.”  

Misinformation in the Health Space

*Quick fixes: “Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry. Everyone is out there selling something to get someone’s attention, and the consumer is willing to do it because they’re desperate.”  Fast results are a must for a successful weight-loss program to gain favor in the eyes of consumers.

*The Medical System:  “Nutrition is unfortunately not taught in medical school.  Doctors are taught to use pharmaceuticals because that’s where the money is.  Medication keeps people in that sick state, and that’s the nature of health care today.”  Preventative medicine through correct nutrition is a core principle of the Strategic Weight Loss Plan she designed.  

*Food Quality:  “We think we’re eating “healthy,” but unknowingly, we’re not.  Eating holistically is difficult in today’s world.  “You have to look at ingredients.  There’s so much deception out there….You have to do your due diligence for sure.”

Strategic Weight Loss

“Our bodies are not a simple equation. It’s not about calories-in vs. calories-out. We are way more sophisticated than that.”  This is where Cheri’s unique approach to weight loss and health contrasts with the norm on a whole new level. 

“We have three buckets of fat stores,  and the body is typically only using two of those buckets for energy sources. Strategic Weight Loss is taking that third bucket (that’s not being recognized for energy) and moving it to a bucket where the body can start burning it.”  Makes sense. 

“White fat” is adipose fat, the unused variety that tends to hang out around the waistline.

“With our program, we use specific nutrients that are known to transport the white fat stores to the area where it becomes brown or beige,  and where the body can burn it. When the body holds onto the white fat stores, it causes inflammation.  Inflammation is the beginning of any disease state in the body. That’s why obesity is causing all of these illnesses.”

The Strategic Weight Loss Plan:  How to “Strategically” Lose Weight

*Food plans must include a specific amount of “macros”: Carbs, Fats and Proteins.

*Food must be specific –you can’t eat 1,000 calories of just anything.  

*The Strategic Plan starts with an intensive  30-60 day jumpstart.  “It’s very structured. It’s not about the calories, but rather about the specific meal plan that we put in place.”  This process is not for forever– it’s to help get your body in that metabolic state so that the maintenance is easier. “Rapid weight loss is not the end-all-be-all, but in the beginning it is absolutely necessary, mentally and physically.”

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Cheri Stoka’s Take on Fitness

“When you’re in our Strategic Plan, we’re not even talking about exercise. We want people to move and go for walks,  but it is not the time to get into structured exercise (such as an intensive HIT workout).  It’s not only to avoid shocking your body. High Intensity workouts take the body out of the fat-burning mode.  You want to do the lower, moderate exercise so that the body is in the fat-burning mode.”

“With the meal plans that our system follows, high intensity workout are not effective. We have people who lose 25 pounds in 30 days with no muscle loss so, we know this route works well.”  This is good news for gym haters.


“Until you really identify and figure out what is going on, it’s going to be almost impossible for people to maintain the weight loss. So, we focus on gut health, food sensitivities, hormones, and nutrient deficiencies.” 

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When You’re Not Seeing Results

The Gut:  The foundation to the human body. We are made up of trillions of organisms,  and the majority of them reside in our gut. They run the show and play a role in every system in the body. 

“We have to start healing that foundational piece,  and we do that easily by figuring out what foods are causing harm to your body.  It’s important to find out what is going on within your gut, so we can rebalance that through our protocols.”

Does Age Matter?

The key is turning white fat into brown and beige fat, no matter what your age is:

*Shock the body a few times a week with “cold therapy”…cold showers, baths, or keeping the heat in your home low.

*Tumeric activates metabolism, and aids in reducing inflammation.

*A balanced, hi-protein diet encourages mitochondria (the energy packets in your cells) to activate.

*Fasting once a week encourages healthy gut responses.

Strategic Weight Loss is changing lives! 

Start finding the truth about losing unhealthy, useless white fat by finding avenues to change it to “burnable brown.”  Your waistline will thank you!

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“Love it!!”

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