Coach Dom Campbell is an experienced fitness and personal development coach, and he is noticing a lot of people fall short of their goals because of stress and burnout.

Listen in or read on as Dom walks us through some great ideas to help us be consistent and successful in a world of constant distraction and insane busy-ness!

Dom Campbell is a personal development & empowerment coach. He is a certified master health coach & life coach, who works with spirit inspired business people who are feeling stressed or burned out while trying to attain success, and helps them strike a balance to achieve authentic success with joy. He has helped countless people across the US, Canada, & Europe.

You’re here today to talk about the impact of stress & burnout. Why did you choose this topic for the discussion?

Stress and burnout is so prevalent in our society. In my experience coaching people, one of the things I found was the profound impact of stress and burnout on people.

We are so caught up on our day to day living, with everything that we have to do, our giant to-do list, having to be here and there. We put all these pressures on ourselves. A lot of folks know they are burned out, but they feel trapped by it.

Listen in to the Podcast interview with Dom Campbell:

What do you think is really at the core of people’s stress & burnout?

A couple of things…

1. Life stressors that come along. People wanting to improve their life in some way, but they don’t. Some would commit to start something, like going to the gym, or decide to do some at home workout. They’ll make a commitment to themselves, but then usually some life stressors will come along and take them out of their game. So they go back to their old habits and behaviors.

And these life stressors stay around, they don’t go away. It could be your job, or death in the family. But it doesn’t always have to be as dramatic as a job loss. It can be just an illness in the family that might last a week that takes them out for a week from a normal routine they’re trying to develop.

Something could always come along and take you out of your routine. And then you start all over again to get back on track.

2. Realizing you are actually under some type of stress. Stress can really be insidious and live underneath the surface. You can be doing all the right things, you can be working out everyday, or eating very well, but not experience any results from doing it, and people wonder why. You might feel a little bit emotionally better because you’re getting those endorphin hits from the workout, but overall you’re not really feeling better, you’re not losing weight.

And the reason is you’re likely under some type of stress and you might not even realize it. If things don’t work and we seem stuck and burned out, that thing that we’re stressed out is gonna affect the other areas. And so it requires a little bit more to do the work.

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3. Out of balance. When people try to improve their lifestyle, it’s not just about eating right and exercising. Those are important, but a lot of times we fall out of our game because something else is out of balance. So we really want to get to the root of what’s going on and trying to find our authentic happiness and success.

When people think of stress the first thing they think of is heart attack or stroke. But what about just your day to day balance in being able to just manage your normal health care?

4. Expectations. There’s this gap between how life should be and how life is that all of us are dealing with. Life isn’t necessarily safe. We don’t know what’s coming around the next corner. We don’t know what the next challenge will be. We know that challenge is normal. And our ability to be happy, to have a reasonably successful happy life isn’t ever gonna be because we’ve arrived at some point or overcome all our challenges.

Part of the problem is a lot of people have this idea that if they do this, or if they can just get that next raise, if they can just get pregnant, whatever the challenge is, once that happens then their problems will be solved. But it seems that stress is part of life. It can come from various things. But some people will have to always deal with it. Not to be negative but just to be realistic.

I think a lot of the stress is caused by our expectations, by our somehow thinking that life should be different than it is.

What is 1 thing people could do to begin living their life in more joy instead of stress?

You start in small increments and learning just how to check in with your body. But the bottomline is, ‘stay in the moment’! Stay present in the moment and be in gratitude for what you have, get out of the past, stay out of the future, just stay fully present with where you’re at and find gratitude.

But there are a lot of things you can do to relieve stress like exercise, meditation, prayer, and your attitude which plays an important role as well.

A lot of times when we’re being stressed out or burned out, there’s this feeling that things are happening to us. And the reality of it is, to relieve some of the stress it is about flipping your thought process from ‘life is happening to you’ to ‘life is happening for you’, and beginning to appreciate what you have.

To begin to appreciate the blessing from the messiness of the moment, whatever that messiness is you’re in the middle of. There is a gift in the middle of the negative thing that’s happening to us. But so many of us don’t even take the time to consider it.

It all comes down to one thing; we all want to be happy, to experience authentic happiness on the inside. We want peace, joy, and happiness in our hearts. The paradox of our society has it all backwards. They try to approach things from the outside in. There’s always blame going around. They thrive off controversy, otherwise there’s no good story to tell.

What they don’t realize is that happiness doesn’t come when we reconcile all of the outside things. Authentic happiness comes from within. You can have all the awful outside circumstance going on around you and still have happiness and joy going on inside. You can’t have that the other way around.

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How to stay present in the moment…

Stay in the moment as well as you can throughout the rest of the day by getting into a space that is quiet and focus on what you have. You might be able to sit for 2 minutes, and then work your way up.

Count what you are thankful for and spend time in that gratitude in that present moment wherever you’re currently at. Whatever comes to mind in that moment or for that day. It will keep you grounded, calm you down, it keeps you patient and focused on what’s in front of you right then and there and from day to day. It really pulls you into your present.

Spend sometime everyday feeling gratitude. Remind yourself what you are grateful for. The attitude of gratitude is powerful.

One of the major points of meditation is you become really aware of what’s going on in your mind and your emotions and just how distracted you are. 

Look at your mind like an empty room, and that voice in your mind that’s speaking all this stuff to you which is usually fear based stuff, it’s keeping you in the past. It’s dragging you into your future. It keeps you stuck in worry. If that critter brain gets working it will fill up that empty space in your mind with all the negative stuff.

But if you get present and are mindful of what you currently have and are in gratitude for, you don’t fill up that empty space in your mind with all that critical, negative stuff. You’re filling it up with gratitude and it crowds out the critter brain from being able to bring stuff into that empty room.

We have our critical brain of thought, but we also have hearts and feelings. Society has confused our thoughts with feelings. And so when we get in that place of gratitude we are allowing our hearts to speak instead of our heads.

We only have today. We can’t change the past, and tomorrow’s not here yet. The fact of the matter is we don’t have as much control over our lives that we think we do. So let that thought go. Be present with what you do have. Notice when we do that the stress evaporates. When we can let go the need to control what’s going to happen tomorrow, so much stress is relieved.

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What separates you or makes you different from other people offering coaching?

I work with people who are really struggling to have success. I uncover those issues that are stress-related that they’re not facing. Once we discover what that is we begin working toward how to work through it so that it’s no longer an issue.

To some people we literally begin rewiring. However, to other people, some of the things have been challenges since their childhood. In that case, we will begin rewiring some of the old habits and beliefs that they don’t even know they had.

But once the stress is gone, then things begin happening. And I don’t just lock in on the health component, the approach should be holistic. I work them off the ledge of life and into a life of happiness, bliss, and better health.

Dom Campbell has a gift for our listners. A 50% off his 55 minute breakthrough session, which he normally charges for $147 on his website. Just contact Dom through any of his accounts and mention you heard him on the Dirobi Health Show podcast:
Contact no.: 732-867-8770

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