My Doctor Says I Don’t Need Supplements. Do I? How Can I Prove it?

Do I need supplements? My doctor says no, but Science says 😉

Have you ever heard a doctor say that people don’t need supplements? It’s a fairly common claim among doctors. And if you are aware of the studies showing just how many people are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, you may think they are lying to you.

But the fact is, they aren’t wrong exactly, let me explain this paradox. 

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First of all, here’s what we know about certain vitamin and mineral levels, here in the US.

76% are low on Vitamin D, even in the sunny south!
90% are low on Chromium
90% Potassium
70% Calcium
50% vitamin A, C, and Magnesium.



In the question: Do I need supplements? What exactly does the word “need” mean?

If you are low on any of these nutrients, things, it doesn’t mean you are on deaths door, or that your doctor should be concerned right this minute. So, when the doctor says you don’t “need” them, there may simply be a difference between your definition of health, and your doctors.

So when your doctor tells you you don’t “need” supplements, it’s critical to understand that your doctor is in what we call the Acute Care industry, and their general definition of health is “lack of disease.”

And guess what? When you leave their office, as deficient as you may be in these vital elements, if you don’t have cancer or diabetes then in their mind, all is well. “Disease free” equals good health to many in the acute care world.

However, if you strive for a high level of success in your health then you won’t stand for deficiencies. You will eat well, take the right supplements, and follow a health plan.

How well do your health goals and your doctors goals for you line up?

Ironically, by living to a higher standard, you are more likely to achieve their goal as well, which is to avoid common dis-ease.

Also, not all doctors are created equal. My own doctor is an amateur athlete, and he really gets me. When he does my yearly physical he pushes the envelope and includes some nutritional tests that most people don’t ask for and don’t even know are available. 

If your own doctors goals for you don’t match your own goals it may be worth shopping around for a doctor with higher health standards.

There is overwhelming evidence that taking dietary supplements can have a hugely positive impact on one’s health and vitality. From minerals to vitamins, supplements work to provide the essential nutrients and amino acids that the body needs but may not be receiving enough of from normal foods. image of female athlete and text about difference between doctors goals and patient

Simple Solution? Get a Nutritional Blood Panel Test!

All this being said, you can most easily find peace of mind about this issue by having a nutritional blood panel done.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what I think, or your doctor, or even you, what matters is what the tests say!

I take our own Mimi’s Miracle Multi and Mimi’s Miracle Minerals every day, and when I do, my tests always show I’m good in all of the elements in those products, which is great. So make sure and check those out and save 10% with code tube10.

And of course, don’t expect supplements to compensate for a lousy diet. Grab our free Dirobi UnDiet to learn how you can live and eat right in a very sane, simple, inexpensive way.

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