Telomeres- The Biggest Breakthrough in Anti-Aging with Dr. Darrell Misak

We’re all looking for the best anti-aging out there. Not just for looks, but so we can feel more energetic and positive too! Dr. Darrell Misak is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a licensed pharmacist with a primary focus in oncology and general medicine. While studying at the Duke University Medical Center he began to realize the pitfalls of traditional medicine and started researching where natural medicine could help. After a huge career shift he developed an all-natural supplement that utilizes the latest in anti-aging research to literally reverse aging. Click play below to listen to the interview, or read on to see our highlights!

What caused you to shift from the traditional medical career to the naturopathic side and anti-aging?

We all have gifts, mine is figuring out how things work. When it came to medicine, I loved studying anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, all of that. Once you come to understand how the body works you can start to predict how a certain drug will affect the whole system. I came to Duke and started working in oncology, and I was literally watching cancer patients die left and right. Of course, I started asking questions.

159 Dr. Darrell Misak Quote 1These people are in a basic catabolic breakdown state. Why can’t we give them what biochemistry teaches like IV nutrients? Duke was literally one of the top three cancer research institutes in America at that time. My colleagues, other doctors, would tell me that research was refuted. We didn’t have Google back then, so I had to go to the medical library and pull my own articles and research. I started by pulling research from the 1950s and 60s about cancer, and what certain nutrients did in certain states. Everyone said that information was refuted but I never found anything refuted in all of my research.

I started learning about these natural-oriented physicians and their research actually made sense to me. I knew that’s where I needed to be. My goal was to look at things naturally, understand what caused the issue, and know what I need to do to fix it. At that time, 80% of clients weren’t telling their doctors that they were taking natural substances because their doctor didn’t want to know or told them to stop. But patients still wanted to take a natural approach too. Now we have hundreds of books and websites detailing known herb and drug interactions- it’s pretty amazing.

How did you come to energy and the energy concepts of the body?

It came to me from Nikola Tesla, “If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” And then Einstein, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” You are energy. When you break down energy it becomes vibration. A man named Carey Reams created his Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) and it came down to looking at composition, frequency, and vibration. He catalogued over 16,000 frequencies for different objects and substances. In fact, he was the first person to analyze what frequency a human being is.Nikola Tesla Quote

Reams broke it down to the basics of what we were. The Bible says that we can go back to ash, which is 60% calcium, 24% phosphorus, 12% potassium, and 85 trace minerals make up the rest. Reams found the ideal ratio of minerals for the human body, then figured out how to measure energy efficiency through a simple urine and saliva test. These tests looked at sugars, conductivity, cell debris, pH, and more. He was able to put this on a measurable perspective of how to follow energy.


I love how you’ve taken energy concepts to the practical place of improving people’s health!

Exactly. I’m teaching people how to test their own urine and saliva, that way they get an understanding of their own health. From there, they will be able to choose the foods that they need based on their own chemistry. They learn to drink enough because they can see that it’s flushing out what they don’t need. We all know that diet is individualistic. I’m just teaching people how to take care of themselves.

I’ve written professional articles and even done retreats because I want to teach other professionals that they can do this too. I believe that has the most impact. The bottom line is that everyone can be healthy because your body self restores- if you create the right environment for it to do so. As I’m teaching them what these tests mean, I’m also explaining a concept I call the 5 Phases.

Mimis Miracle Multivitamins

Phase 1 – Pure Environment

This refers to pure food, air, water, and EMF protection. Clean up what you’re putting in your body and what you’re putting on your body too. Start washing off your food if you aren’t already, and choose quality foods. Don’t pick produce that are full of chemicals and GMO’d to unrecognition.

Phase 2 – Test Yourself

Know what you specifically react to. Let’s identify your reactants and get them out of your life.

Phase 3 – Support

Support isn’t about taking everything for every known condition. Support is about taking what your body needs based on your tests. RBTI tells us to start with basic nutrients and basic vitamins, but from there you can add what you might need more of.

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Phase 4 – Detox

A healing process always has a form of discharge and detoxification. You have to get rid of what your body couldn’t get rid of on its own. As you’re flooding your system with these new beneficial substances the old stuff will get flushed out.

Phase 5- Self-Awareness

This is that mental aspect of health. I want to equip everybody with the knowledge of how to be healthy and what that means for you.

So what are telomeres and how do they affect our age?

They are at the end of your DNA and as they shorten, you age. Telomeres are responsible for your DNA to turn over and make healthy, new cells. They’re programing your cells to be as healthy as they can based on materials and ingredients you have available. So when people are deficient in certain nutrients their bodies aren’t able to make 100% healthy DNA.

I created my 5 phases to clean up the quality of what’s around you, but I also wanted to know how to stimulate telomerase activity. There was a study where they reverse engineered mice so they seemed like they were 90 years old. They had white hair, cataracts, kidney failure, and they couldn’t get through mazes. When they stimulated this enzyme their brains grew 25%, their white hair went dark, their cataracts went away, their kidneys restored, and their agility returned to that of a 35 year old mouse.

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Talk about VI-Telometry- what is it?

Before diving into my product, I want people to understand that health is not a product it’s a process. That’s why I encourage people to go back and watch my videos to learn about the process itself.

The study with mice and anti-aging was an amazing discovery, so I started searching for anything that stimulates telomerase activity. I found a lot of natural products that said they would, but they were all basically glorified antioxidants. I turned around and researched natural substances that by themselves stimulate telomerase activity, such as milk thistle, ginkgo, purslane, and cynomorium. This turned into my supplement, VI-Telometry.

We’ve had people in their 70’s in our Amazon reviews reporting that they have a sex life again. It’s not a mineral supplement, but it’s based on minerals and how they work with telomeres. According to Reams, if you have a disease or sickness you are deficient in minerals. My system teaches people which minerals they need to focus on. If you aren’t taking anything and start taking a mineral supplement, I can almost guarantee that you will notice a positive difference. After a certain point though, a general supplement won’t be filling all of those gaps and you will need to be more specific. I teach it’s either deficiency or excess. When you have an excess your body has mechanisms to get rid of excess. But if you can’t get rid of that excess you are likely deficient in something (usually a mineral).

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What are the top diet-shifts you recommend?

Food sensitivity

First, what are you eating that is poisoning your body? What might be perfect for you could be poison for me, so it’s specific to the person. Generally, most people should stop eating American-made wheat products. You’ll feel much better getting that out of your diet. Some people rely on electrodermal testing, allergy testing, you can even look up a diet for your blood type to start. You’ll see a change in your body for sure.

Minerals dictate your metabolic rate

I teach ranges. So if you test your chemistry and you understand what range you are in, you’ll be able to see whether you’re a slow or fast oxidizer. Depending on if you’re too fast or slow there will be specific foods that your body needs based on their mineral content.

How does stress management come into anti-aging?

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn co-wrote a book called The Telomere Effect  and she explains that stressors will shorten your telomeres. If you experienced a form of trauma and something triggers the same emotions you had at that time, your telomeres are affected. This is why stress is touted as causing aging. Meditation, though, can help counteract that. So I definitely bring self-awareness into this. There is power in what you’re thinking, speaking, and believing. It all starts with breath. I encourage my clients to find a meditation practice, even something like the Wim Hof method.

159 Dr. Darrell Misak Quote 2Right now, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Then think about three things you can feel, taste, see, and hear. Become aware of where you are. If you want to change things, you first need to change your awareness and how you respond to stimuli. We all have emotional baggage in some way, but we empower those emotions to affect us and our health. Emotions are neither right nor wrong, they’re how you interpret them based on your filters. Mindfulness is discovering yourself. If you have some type of self-hatred, you still have to live with yourself. You have to have that desire to change, make the choice to change, and persevere through the challenges during that process.

Dr. Misak’s Meals

Go to breakfast

Going back to my principles- I’m a fast oxidizer so I like protein. Eggs are my thing, I make them as omelettes at home and at my office. I love putting a little basil and pepper on my fried eggs. I also really love spelt bread. Spelt is an ancient grain that is very clean and tastes like wheat, but isn’t wheat. Many times I’ll have some fruit like an orange or apple, sometimes cantaloupe or mangoes even. I say breakfast for a queen, lunch for a king, dinner for a pauper.

Favorite lunch?

I love a big salad. Many times I’ll add some tofu, rice, and lots of veggies. I’ll add small amounts of lean meats like chicken sometimes, but always a big vegetable base. If you want to use oil, use avocado or olive oil as they are a great source of healthy fats.

What about dinner?

I love onion soup, without the massive amounts of cheese and bread. Stewed onions are a natural source of vitamin C so it works wonders particularly for immune activity. Soup or salad in the evening is always a good choice, but it’s always something small and light.

On snacking

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I swing with snacking. Sometimes I eat walnuts and dates together, vegetables come in and out, every now and then it’s those chocolate peanut-butter cups from Trader Joe’s. But those are dangerously good, so I can’t get them often! If I need some protein I’ll eat a slice of turkey or something similar.

Sweets and Treats

Common-sense is a big factor. Carey Reams never said to not eat sugar, but that a 5 pound bag is enough for a year, not two-weeks like most people these days. It comes back to self-awareness. So when you notice the excess you’ll feel it in your body. At that point you need to make the choice to stop indulging and break the cycle, or do you want to keep going and effect your health negatively.

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