Optimizing Your Genetic Potential with Dr. David Minkoff

Optimizing Your Genetic Potential with Dr. David Minkoff

Holy smokes! This is one episode in particular that I would 100% recommend listening to. Dr. David Minkoff has some amazing stories about how he was able to completely transform his patients’ lives. There were so many interesting topics mentioned, it was hard to narrow everything down to just one post!

Listen here, or keep reading to learn more about using supplements to really optimize your genetic potential with Dr. Minkoff!

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Describe European Biological Medicine?

Most of the things that go wrong in the human body aren’t caused by accidents, they’re chronic long-term problems like hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, etc. If you take the pharmaceutical approach you’re just putting a band-aid on it rather than investigating why the body did that.

What we’ve found is that there are two major underlying issues when the patient has a symptom. One is that they have things in their body that shouldn’t be there, such as toxins or infections. Two is that they have a deficiency of nutrients; things that should be there that aren’t. Unless they’re supplementing, most people are deficient in vitamin D, zinc, omega 3 fats, and more.

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Biology is the study of living things. We’re made of countless cells. And, if you put one of those cells in a petri dish with the right media the cell will grow. Now if you look at that cell and see there’s a lot of arsenic, mercury, or Epstein-Barr in that cell, it won’t function. Or the cell needs vitamin D and it doesn’t have it.

European Biological Medicine restores the health of the organism by restoring the health of individual cells through cleansing them of what’s there that shouldn’t be and replenishing them with the things that they should have, often with supplements.

The Secrets to Endurance Sports Success from a 43-Time Ironman Triathlon Athlete, Dr. Minkoff

10-12 years ago I was training for Ironman and tore my hamstring; I just couldn’t get it to heal. I tried heat/ice, injections, chiropractors, acupuncture, everything. At the time I was a vegetarian, and a friend gave me an amino acid supplement to try. Within 4-5 weeks my hamstring had healed. I went to Ironman Canada and finished with the best time I’ve ever had and my max heart rate went from 174 to 186. I experienced an improved physiological performance by adding the amino acid mixture to my diet.

After that, I started testing patients’ amino acid levels when they came in and almost all of them were deficient. Amino acid deficiencies are at the bottom of the problems people have. Your whole immune system is made out of proteins. They’re in everything from your heart to your hair, but if you don’t have enough amino acids your body won’t recover and it won’t be as good as it could be, according to Dr. David Minkoff.

Dr. David Minkoff on the importance of amino acids and how to optimize our genetic potential.

The Key to Solving Weight Loss, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, and Osteoporosis

If you go back to this model of a healthy cell, the healthy cell needs healthy things put into it.

You must eat organic food that isn’t processed. If it comes in a box or package chances are it’s not that healthy. Your meats need to be grass-fed animals who aren’t given hormones and artificial nutrients.

dr minkoff healthy life tips

I usually put people on a paleo type diet of meats, fish, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. I even have them get off grains, legumes, and dairy.

If everybody did that for 6 weeks their heartburn, bloating, and constipation would go away. The food we eat today is mostly not good enough. Equally, you need to work with someone on supplementation to fill in all the holes.

Everyone needs to go outside every day and get some sunshine and exercise and really pay attention to their sleep. I used to work nights and I was busy so would only sleep 5-6 hours, but now I force myself to get a full night’s rest and my body is better for it. You also need to have a social circle where you can love and be loved, and find a purpose for your life. If you have no purpose, then you’re really wasting the opportunity you have to help others.

More about Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. David Minkoff, MD - a leading physician, best-selling author, athlete, and devoted family man.Dr. David Minkoff is a leading physician, best-selling author, athlete, and devoted family man. He is on a mission to help people optimize their health and vitality, so, they can live a prosperous life.

Apart from being a physician and an author, Dr. Minkoff is the founder of LifeWorks Wellness Center, one of the largest alternative medical clinics in the U.S., and BodyHealth, a nutrition company offering a unique range of dietary supplements.

As an avid athlete, Dr. Minkoff is passionate about fitness and at 71, he completed his 43rd full Ironman Triathlon and has qualified for the Kona world championships 8 times. When he’s not training, Dr. Minkoff, devotes time to his wife of 50 years, their 3 children, and their 8 grandchildren.

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