007 Dr. Pete Camiolo on Neurology, Natural Healing, and Achievement.

PodcastHEAD Episode 7

Podcast Episode 07Dr. Pete Camiolo is currently partners with Dr. Axe on the10xdoctor.com. He has worked with the US Olympic team and NFL players and other pro athletes. He currently helps natural care physicians to succeed in their practices.

3:00 The Dr. Axe connection, radio show, and business partnership.

5:30 Dave’s introduction to natural care when his wife Michelle had a neck problem.

7:50 On Chiropractic. Your spine is responsible for controlling your whole body. It needs to be in the right position or your body isn’t performing optimally.

12:00 Dr. Pete’s experience with his brother Jonathan. A real world case study on the power of integrative medicine and natural care.

21:00 How the current health care system is like a tree.

24:30 There’s more farmers markets and organic foods available, yet the national health problem is still huge. Medications were never designed for long term use.

25:59 There are three things that cause your spine to be out of alignment, the three T’s: Trauma, Toxins, Thoughts. Traumas can be big or small. Accidents, being sedentary, pregnancy, sports injuries etc.

28:28 On Toxins, diseases, and new conditions and diseases.

30:11 On thinking. “Stinking Thinking” can change your body’s chemistry for the worst, or positive thinking can change your body for the better. Science has proven that our neurology is shaped by our thoughts. To get well, you must think and believe you can get well.

32:22 Human beings are not designed to take in as much information as is available in our society today.

32:40 On spinal integrity and adaptogens.

36:00 Action steps to put yourself solidly on the path to better health and weight loss.
-Remove the interference.
-Think about what in your life can you remove. Just one thing. Examples:
-Something you drink.
-Bad snacks, at the wrong time of day.
-One goal, one action.

41:24 To win, one goal, one action is enough. If you have 12 goals written down chances are nothing will happen.

41:47 The One Thing podcast.

43:45 How do we pick the best thing to master before we move on. Make a list of current areas of improvement in your health, rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Find the area you are weakest in and work on that for 90 days.

45:30 Pick new habits that you love.

46:00 Make SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and time bound. Reward yourself at the end.

47:24 to connect with Dr. Camiolo, just reach out to him on Facebook!

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