Efficient Ways to Detox With Eileen Durfee

Eileen Durfee is an engineer who used to work in nuclear power plants, and eventually became sick due to the chemical exposure. Her quest for health started from her personal experience with chronic pain, Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, and low energy. Which, all led her to found Creatix Solutions where she creates and distributes products world wide to help people eliminate toxins from their bodies, and detox themselves of many of the symptoms of modern living.

How did you get into the world of detoxing? Eileen Durfee Photo

After having a silver magnum filling when I was around 19, I became allergic to everything. Lungs closing up, hives, couldn’t eat the same thing within a 72 hour period.

I then learned about how toxins can replace good minerals, causing the cells to not function as well, and I started looking at the root cause of why I was having pain and allergy reactions. This all led me to eventually go back to school and become an expert at analyzing tissue biopsies through hair analysis, to manipulate chemistry and restore minerals and function.

I got into the gizmos and gadgets so that I could help others feel like superwoman while going through a detox.

It’s a passion now because I suffered for way too many years, trying all of the medicines and the things the doctors wanted me to do. Before I got that training, I was chasing symptoms with natural substances and causing reactions and pain in my body. I would fix one symptom and then a bunch more would crop up.

It’s been a journey, but now at 59 years old, I feel good and I don’t have any pain in my body or allergies.

The Turning Point

I became really sick in about 1983 and then started doing all kinds of different cleanses and detox things. In the 1990’s I was able to manage my symptoms without medications.

It was in 2011 when I really quit chasing symptoms with natural substances and starting working on the root cause and really making that connection with detox.

Many don’t realize the impact of silver fillings like you mentioned. When did you get that tooth put right?

In 1985, I had a high white blood cell count and a real low immunity. After I got those fillings out my white blood cell count came back to normal and a lot of the infections I was suffering from improved.

We’re getting exposure now from silver magnesium fillings but also from eating certain types of fish. One of the things I see prevalent on hair analysis reports is high mercury and it can be in people that don’t have silver magnesium fillings that may be eating a lot of fish. I also see people that eat fish and have silver magnesium fillings with very low amounts of mercury in their hair but that doesn’t mean it’s not sequestered in the cells in their body.

One encouragement that I can give, is to really deal with mercury and detox it from your body. Mercury is so bad because your body could use cadmium for zinc and you’d actually feel a boost in energy because cadmium will work in the cell enzyme binding sites where zinc is supposed to be. Your body will sacrifice and deal with 20% function, even though it has all these bad problems.

Mercury permanently disables the cell enzyme binding site from functioning. It’ll either lodge in that enzyme binding site or somewhere else on the cell and it permanently disables the cell’s ability to function. That’s how bad mercury is. People don’t realize that your thyroid gland has more selenium by design than any organ in the body. Mercury is antagonist to selenium. With all these people with thyroid problems, it could be because instead of having selenium in the cells to function, there’s mercury.

What other problems can the body not deal with through normal digestion and every day cleansing?

There’s a major principle that people need to become familiar with. It’s not mainstream in this wellness revolution, even with detox experts. The body is created in a way that it will always use the most efficient item present to get something accomplished.

Every cell in your body has an enzyme binding site that needs a mineral. 99% of calcium is in your bones, teeth and nerve fibers. Lead substitutes calcium, so if your body has a problem with delivering calcium to the cells, the body will use lead instead, but it won’t give it up or detox it until you restore the calcium.

If you have a mineral imbalance that is caused by an endocrine destruction, based on stress, then your body will be using it to survive. It will not give it up. It will not detox it.

Don’t forget that chelators, whether natural or drugs, or non discriminatory, take the good minerals with the bad. When your body already had a problem getting the good minerals to where they need to go, it will then be more predisposed to collecting more of the toxic junk.

Root of All Health Eileen quote

Really the root problem of all health, I believe, is our response to stress and our food supply. Even organic stuff compared to the 1940’s does not have the nutrient density that our bodies need, so we are always in a situation where we are having to adapt and utilize junk.

During any given day, whether you’re dehydrated, lacking oxygen, or not getting the glucose from the food, and your energy tanks, that’s when your body grabs out for more toxic metals to act like junkyard parts.

Once you digest the food and you have all these raw ingredients that your body needs to rebuild itself and maintain health, it has to pump it everywhere. It’s called the concentration gradient and the factor to pump all the good stuff where it needs to go, is the sodium pump. That is very delicate. If that ratio with stress isn’t right, then you’re not going to be able to pump them, but then heavy metals don’t need that pump and then again, that substitution happens, and the chance for detox decreases.

Detox needs a whole new mentality out there, as far as supporting the body’s response to stress, providing the right nutrients, and keeping constant good available energy, so you’re less susceptible to collecting more. It’s not just about getting rid of it.

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What do you think about natural chelators?

If there’s recent heavy exposure to something, I think it has its place, but if you’re looking at someone long term, like chronic low energy, it’s going to create a lot more imbalances.

I end up getting a lot of clients working with me that have been on those kinds of things for years and they have their ups and downs like a roller coaster, and they just didn’t understand the biology and the chemistry of what was happening.

Each person is obviously different and I believe we need testing to monitor that with someone who is trained, to be able to see if we want to use some pectins while doing certain things.

I’m a big advocate of coffee enemas because of the bio production in it with trapping heavy metals in the intestinal tract. I’m for a lot of other protocols that help and enhance the detox process.

Coffee Enemas

When I went to school to do the tissue biopsy hair analysis, I was challenged to become a practitioner to take a daily infrared sauna and a daily coffee enema, which is quite the story on how I got adapted to coffee enemas. They’ve been around for 3,000 years and are a great detox in themselves.

I’m an advocate for the medium to the dark roast coffee enemas. There’s enough palmitic caffeine in the medium to dark roast so you don’t get a rush of caffeine.

I think they scientifically got validated when Hitler’s army got cut off from medical supplies and they were operating on soldiers. The nurses saw how the coffee was keeping the doctor going 24/7 so they started pouring coffee in the enemas and the pain reduction was phenomenal. It became so famous that three universities in Europe started using it on rats and figuring out what was going on. In 12 minutes, all the caffeine in the palmitic acid left the rectal area and went up the portal vein and caused the liver bile ducts to dilate, and when they dilated the bio production increased but it also filled the blood stream with free radical scavengers, antioxidants, turned on enzyme systems, and changed the PH of the intestinal tract so the good bacteria is more likely to survive.

What Eileen Suggests

If someone says, “Eileen, I’m only going to do one thing for my health, what do I do?” I say, do a daily coffee enema and I give everyone the 2 week challenge.

I was in a car wreck in 2013, had to have surgery and for all that blood work, I was perfect on everything. Before that, I had been doing daily coffee enemas for 3 years. The lady who owned the physical therapy clinic had one of those machines on Dr. Oz where you put your hand on it and it measures your circulating antioxidants. On the Dr. Oz’s show, most people had a bad measurement. Dr. Oz had 75,000 units and anything above 60,000 is perfect. So, here I am, just off anesthesia, and I had 80,000 units.

Doing coffee enemas increases glutathione production 600%, which is a great detoxifier.

People ask how I have the time to do that everyday. I don’t have any pain in my body, I have all kind of energy, I sleep well, I wake up with energy, so my routine in the morning sells itself. What else would I do? Why wouldn’t I?



How the Daily Coffee Enemas Work and Who they’re Good for

Around the late 1800’s, just about everybody did coffee enemas all the time and it was very well known. Then we started having pills for problems and people got out of the teaching for it to carry on.

I’ve seen a lot with my training and the people that come in for a hair analysis consultation with me. This one guy was on all this kinds of medication and he said he would try the coffee enemas detox. He came back a month later and 80% of his symptoms were gone. He didn’t even need to use his allergy inhaler, his mood was improved, all this kind of stuff.

One lady was in so much pain she couldn’t even walk down her driveway 20 feet to the mailbox. After my 2 week challenge she could walk down to the mailbox without pain.

It works pretty quick and I tell people just to try the 2 week challenge and I’ll never ask them to do a coffee enema again. It’s something I recommend everybody do and it sells itself.

How did you get started with ozone?

It was in the 1990’s when I bought an alpine air purifier that was an ozone generator. Here we were thinking we were doing great things smelling that ozone. It actually damages lung tissues and competes with oxygen receptor sites.

Then in about 1998, a person from New Zealand was drinking ozone.

I then started drinking ozonated water on an empty stomach and I found that it kept the candida under control like crazy. I started noticing that when I started drinking it, I didn’t even want my coffee anymore. It was like having coffee but with clean energy instead of the jitters and the crash.

Years later I learned about the connection between oxygen and ozone, and how oxygen metabolism works in our body. The body has a minimum amount of oxygen to function. Breathing in oxygen is great but drinking ozonated water purifies us and detoxifies us. If that’s not a miracle enough, you’re also left with pure O2.

When you don’t have enough oxygen, the body will prioritize which cells not to protect and that enzyme coating goes away. Then that cell that doesn’t have an enzyme coating becomes susceptible to infection.

If you can drink ozonated water, your body will protect more cells which will help with immunity and all kinds of things. It’s amazing when it’s used correctly.

How do most people use and take advantage of ozone?

I have an ozone generator and a diffuser. After using that, you can use it to clean produce, to drink, to follow up the coffee enemas with, etc.

It’s a small appliance about the size of a book.

Regarding breathing in ozone, only turn the ozone machine on and unhook the hose if you’re going to be out of the house. When you get back, the whole house will feel like a fresh rain store with clean air.

cell fuel

Tell us about your experience with heat therapy

When I got the challenge to do the daily coffee enemas, I was also given the challenge to do a daily near-infrared iridescent bulb sauna.

Day 1, I didn’t sweat very much. Day 2, I started sweating a bit more. By day 3, I was sweating as much as I would usually do in my past sauna, but this clean, energetic feeling came over me like I’d never felt before.

In Germany, they’re having women exercise in front of infrared lights compared to not, and they’re losing 400% more weight.

Eileen’s Top Tip

I think the #1 thing we’re all doing in the wellness revolution is that we’re trying to find something so that we don’t have these problems. The #1 mistake is, you might chase a symptom and feel better but then have something else crop up and you’re not putting 2 and 2 together. Sometimes chasing the symptom might make the underlying cause worse.

Start with something small and once you start feeling a benefit, you’ll feel encouraged to do something more.

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