068 Energy Healing for Pets (and People Too!)

Ep. 68 Blog 1Got a dog that is suddenly pooping in the house? Too much barking? Cat or dog acting nervous… or has separation anxiety?

Mark Hernandez, the “Pet Whisperer,” shares the modalities he uses to treat our furry friends for many of the most common pet problems.

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Mark Hernandez is a Holistic Practitioner and is Certified in the Body Code and Emotion Code, and Advanced ASHWork Practitioner.  He helps people and their animals when they have “hit the wall”  with health and well-being issues.  His work is safe, gentle and yields results, sometimes immediately, sometimes it takes a little time.

Ep. 68 Quote 1He says the The top four pet issues which energy work can usually help with are:
1. Waste elimination in the house or untrained areas
2. Excessive barking
3. Nervousness
4. Separation Anxiety

A lot of people are often skeptical of alternative and holistic healing methods, but Mark’s response to these people is usually along these lines: “you can be skeptical and I respect that. Do your due diligence, get the information you feel you need. If it feels right to you, let’s do it. If you can leave the door of experimentation & belief open just a crack, I can work with you.”

If you have a pet which you think may benefit from energy healing you can contact Mark through the following:MMM Lifestyle text1 01 3

Website: http://www.PeopleAndPetsEnergetics.com
Email: mark.hernandez2020@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/peopleandpetsenergetics
Phone Number: 210-775-2696

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Intro: 00:02 Welcome to the Dirobi Health Show, covering the world of fitness, nutrition, and supplementation with world class guests, the latest clinical research and plenty of tips you can use right away to boost your health and wellness. Here’s your host, Dave Sherwin.

Dave Sherwin: 00:20 Hello everybody. Welcome to the Dirobi Health Show and I have a very interesting episode for you today and something a little bit different today. We’re talking with Mark Hernandez who focuses on healing modalities, especially for pets, although he does work about a 50/50 with pets and humans. Today we’re going to talk about health for your critters and how a practitioner like Mark Hernandez, we have on the line could help. He is a holistic practice practitioner and is certified in the body code and emotion code. And does advanced ASHWork work as well. We’ll have him explain that to us here in a minute. He helps people and their animals when they’ve hit a wall with health and wellbeing issues. His work is safe, gentle, and yields results sometimes immediately and other times. It takes a little bit of time. But for those of you, uh, with critters in your home and furry friends, I think you’ll really enjoy this episode with Mark Hernandez, Dr Hernandez, welcome to the show. Thanks for being here.

Mark Hernandez: 01:18 Thank you, Dave. It’s great to be with you and your audience today.

Dave Sherwin: 01:21 Yeah, I appreciate you taking the time and I’ve been looking forward to this episode. I have a dog. I’m a dog lover, and so, uh, you know, those of us who have animals, uh, we, of course you have a special place in our heart for our animals and when they are ill it’s just heart wrenching and difficult as when a child is ill. I’m, I’m sure that you’re, you find that in your work.

Mark Hernandez: 01:43 Uh, yeah, absolutely. What I’m finding today for quite a while is, is pets are an integral, integral part of people’s families. As you said, they’re kind of like your children for many people. And so, like you said, when the pet is not doing well, but people are very concerned and want the pet to be better in short order.

Dave Sherwin: 02:02 and they want to do that with natural methods. A lot of them, right? They, uh, they see the same problems in the medical system that we have for humans, uh, in the pet world, you know, treating symptoms rather than causes being drugs and surgery oriented versus, natural healing modalities. Is that the case? Are you finding that a, I imagine you attract people who want natural solutions, right?

Mark Hernandez: 02:28 Absolutely. Yeah, but the people that tend to come to me and to be a women, uh, about 90 percent of my clients are women. They’re already in the holistic space, so maybe they’re going to a chiropractor or a naturopathic doctor, Yoga, organic eating, uh, you know, during a lot of things of self care and they want something similar for their pets. So they’re, like you said, they’re also taking their pet to the vet, getting those things checked out, but they also want to do something additional to support the health and wellbeing of their pet. And energy healing is one of those tools.

Dave Sherwin: 03:01 And let’s talk about some of these modalities for a minute. As I mentioned before, we started the call, my local chiropractor does a Body Code Emotion Code and so we’re familiar with that. We’ve all done it as a family and had positive benefits benefits from that. Uh, but when you explain to our audience briefly what body code and emotion code is,

Mark Hernandez: 03:21 sure, be happy to. Uh, let me start with, um, first of all, I’ll start with a body kick to the body code is a holistic healing system in which the practitioner uses a, the body code mind maps. These are basically a series of electronic charts, uh, intuition and muscle testing or kinesiology to identify and release non beneficial energies that are locking into place the health or wellbeing issue of a person or an animal. So this system was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Dr Nelson is a holistic chiropractor, medical intuitive, in his 20 plus years in a brick and mortar practice as a Cairo often would discover he’d make it, that chiropractic adjustment on the spine. And sometimes next week or whenever you saw his patient, he’d have to do the same adjustment again sometimes. And again. So he said, hm, something. What’s what’s holding these adjustments are not holding?

Mark Hernandez: 04:27 So in 2007, he got a divine download, uh, and the message, the main message was you need to identify and release people’s emotional baggage. By emotional baggage, I mean negative emotions such as anger, grief, love, unreceived, guilt and many more. So in 2007, Dr Nelson got this download and started identifying and releasing people’s trapped emotions. And, and the same year, 2007, when he got this download, he wrote and published a book called the Emotion Code. So the emotion code teaches everyone how to identify and release their trap trapped emotions. It may be an emotion from two days ago, 20 years ago. You can also inherit emotions at the moment of conception. All that can be identified and released. The other thing that Dr Nelson introduced in the emotion code is what’s known as the heart wall. The heart wall happens when people go through some, through some tough stuff in life and get their heartbroken.

Mark Hernandez: 05:39 So, uh, what happens is the heart, when it gets broken, it will put like a series of layers of negative trapped emotions around the heart to protect it from getting broken again about Dr. Nelson says, about 92 percent of people in the world have heart walls. So they’re very common. They can hold people back. And you know, I would say like to say, use the analogy people are there in the world, but they’re kind of seeing life through a glass pane. They’re there but not completely just can hold people in lots of areas of their lives such as career. I’ve seen a lot of people come to me for career issues and one of the major pieces is what what’s holding them back to the heart wall. Also maybe their love life and much more so 2007. Dr Nelson is a publishes and releases the emotion code.

Mark Hernandez: 06:26 It’s a big step forward. And he realized, he realizes that there are other sources of imbalances that we’re locking into place his client, his patient’s issues. So in 2009, getting back to the body code, he gets a second divine download and it fills out and it identifies six major categories of imbalances such as pathogens, misalignments, organs, glands, Chakras, another category, the third category, nutrition and lifestyle, things like dehydration or spiritual malnutrition. Fourth category, our energies. And within this category, it includes everything of the emotion code, all the negative emotions, our heart wall, all that and other types of energies such as offensive energies such as curses, curses of spirits, entities, and more. Next category, after the, uh, energy stuff, is circuits and systems, organs, glands, Chakras, others types of disconnections. And the final category is toxicity. Toxicity, including cell phone radiation, Wifi, smart meters, dental toxicity. People I have ever had a mercury filling or a vaccination as a child that can be a, a piece that’s locking to place their issue. So. And so basically in 2009, Dr. Nelson rounded out the emotion code with these other sources of balance. And that became the body code.

Dave Sherwin: 08:03 It’s interesting, I read the emotion code book a few years ago and for those of you listening who are interested in this topic, I will put a link in the show notes to the book, so well worth reading. Uh, I’m, I’m the scientific skeptic in my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much into a holistic medicine and, doing everything we can to use natural methods for everything from exercise to healing, et cetera. Uh, and so I came at it from more skeptical point of view. My wife is much more accepting and has used these methods for, I’m thinking about for years probably than we started with Dr. Joe and has taken our children on a regular basis, including just last week. My daughter who’s really struggling with this semester in college, went and had some emotion code work done and, and I just got to say it’s been beneficial.

Dave Sherwin: 08:59 And so for those of you listening, thinking this sounds like Voodoo or something, you know, it, it’s, I don’t know, there there’s some things that are sometimes just worth trying even if a little skeptical. And so, I’m sure you get this, a lot Mark, there’s got to be people who listen to this and, and eat it up, I’m sure. And you go, wow, that sounds really, really interesting. It sounds like it’s for me. I’m all in and others who hear it and are more skeptical and closed minded, I’m sure you have to deal with that regularly.

Mark Hernandez: 09:36 The people that tend to be more skeptical, I always tell them the following, I said, what I tell them is a one, you can be skeptical and I respect that, you know, do your due diligence, you know, get the information you feel. If it feels right to you, let’s do it. If not, let’s not do it because what I tell them is I said, you can be skeptical all you want and I can work with you if you leave cracked open the doors. If you leave it open a crack, I can work with you. Now, if you’re going to a pour five tons of cement over that crack, I won’t be able to help you. Okay? So save your time and money and look for another solution that feels right for you.

Dave Sherwin: 10:21 Yeah, and the thing I like about a natural solution like this, it’s not like trying surgery, right? Like you can’t if your back is really bugging you and has been for years and you try surgery and it’s unsuccessful, your are in worse condition than you were before. And so, uh, I like that idea, just a crack of a faith so to speak, because if you try it and it fails, you lost a little bit of money. Let’s face it, you didn’t have anyone experimenting on your body or sticking needles in, or cutting you open. And so there are worse. There are worse areas in, in the healing world to experiment with your degree.

Mark Hernandez: 10:59 Oh, absolutely. That’s what I tell people. I said, you know, I said, you know, everyone’s different. So as we all know, people can have that right shoulder pain for a completely different reason. It’s possible. I’ve seen it. People with things for a long time, sometimes we hit that one shot wonder, and in 30 minutes it’s gone. That can happen. Other times it’s going to be a period of time over sessions, people that have had something chronic for a long time, like, you know, I call it the fibromyalgia stuff with the medical community calls or whatever it is for a long time. There’s a good chance that will take a period of time.

Dave Sherwin: 11:36 Well, that’s given us a good background on this. The only one that I’d like you to touch on before we proceed to more detail on the pet healing is your, ASH Work. You’re ASH Work practitioner, tell us about that.

Mark Hernandez: 11:58 Yeah. So, uh, so yeah, I mean, advanced Ashworth practitioner, uh, this a modality was created by Rudy Hunter, Rudy Hunter. He’s based in upstate New York. Uh, he’s in, been in the energy healing bodywork business for 30 plus years. The way he got into what he does and teaches people now is many years ago he was a magician and a professional dancer and a one evening had a really horrific accident where he really wrenched his back horribly. So that put him on the journey, uh, to find a solution for himself. So, over the course of his journey, you know, he, he first gets into a lot of all types of body work, and finally over time found a solution for his back. So what he does is he does a lot of, um, has a lot of modalities and mp3s that will help people with health and wellbeing issues.

Mark Hernandez: 12:58 Going back to advanced ASHWorK what does that stand for? That stands for advanced, excuse me, activated spaces healing is being activated. Space and ceiling. Basically it’s a modality. A typical ASH Work session will last about 25 minutes. It consists of a series of three, a five, three minute rounds in which the practitioner is silently activating a certain space, energetic space in the body to promote change. So, again, let’s say someone has a digestive issue and it’s just stock. Okay. Then other things including body code or whatever it is, and they need some help. So what happens is in a typical round, the three minute round, the practitioner, we’ll ask the client to gently focus his or her tits and let’s just say on the stomach area, okay, not trying to change anything, just focus on it. Meanwhile, the practitioner is holding the space and doing some background energetic work to, to get stuck that, that energy that’s there.

Dave Sherwin: 14:10 Okay. Well, excellent. Well thanks for explaining that. I think we’ve got a good basis of understanding of where you’re coming from and how this works. Let’s jump into the meat and potatoes of this. Someone has, has rover or whatever, their pet and their pet is having a problem. What are some of the problems that, that, uh, some of the more common problems people come to you with, with their pets?

Mark Hernandez: 14:34 Common issues. Number one, the improper elimination peeing and pooing in the house at the big one. Number two would be issues like separation anxiety. Three, nervousness. Four would be like excessive barking. Um, last couple months I was at a holistic fair and spring mode, springfield, Missouri, down in the Ozarks. And I was at a fair and this man approached me, says, Hey, I’m, I’m kind of taking, kind of like the guardian of an elderly man. His wife recently passed away. He had to move into a assisted living center. He has a dog, the dog is barking all the time. The neighbors are complaining if there’s something we can’t do with the dog to stop barking, he may have to give up the dog. And that’s really his connection to his family. So sometimes stuff, you know, at stake of that nature. But those are some of the most common issues I call them to changes in behavior, you know, dog knows where to go to.

Mark Hernandez: 15:36 The bathroom, starts going all over the house. Occasionally, occasionally I’ll get an outline case where a client already has taken the pet to the vet, which I always tell people, take your pet to the vet, get it checked out. Occasionally they will come to me with a serious issue such as I once worked with a cat with this serious intestinal blockage though the client told me to have it surgically removed to be $2,600. And she says, I just don’t have that money. So I said, okay, well, you fully understand, you know, I can’t guarantee your result. I’m not a vet, but I will see energetically what’s possible. So I worked with that cat, one 40 minute session, like a Wednesday. I get an email from her on a Sunday. She says, okay, the rest of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the cat was not looking good, wasn’t eating when drinking water, you know, definitely on its way out. Then look, very promising. And she said, uh, for whatever reason on Saturday morning the cat started eating again and drinking water. And it’s been fine since then. So that again, that’s by the grace of God from source that that was allowed to happen, you know, that’s what happened for that cat. Can I say the exact same thing would happen for another cat? No, because each case is different. And honestly in my book, a God source makes us determinations.

Dave Sherwin: 16:58 Interesting. You did say that you advise them to start with the vet, correct?

Mark Hernandez: 17:04 Yes, absolutely. Especially if they’re coming to me with like, um, from time to time I’ll get approached by people with dogs with seizures we say, you know, seizures are kind of tricky. So I’ll recommend, you know, have you taken your pet to the vet? Yes. Sometimes they’ve even gone to holistic vet and you know, uh, now as we all know, cbd oil is kind of the rage for both people and animals or people are looking to that and you know, there’s some promising preliminary information for pets that, that may be something, cbd oil, that can support pets with seizures and I will work with that. But I always say say the big caveat, you know, uh, you know, I’m not a vet if you’re willing to play. Let’s see what’s possible.

Dave Sherwin: 17:45 I like the premise it reminds me of um, what some of my local holistic practitioners do. For example, I had a serious sprain on and my right ankle, uh, the week after father’s day and it was almost a level three sprain. It was very loose. It was very painful, very swollen. And um, I went to Dr Joe, my, my chiropractor right away, as a matter of fact, I sprained it on my way to see him. So that was good timing. But, but he wanted me to get an x ray to rule out a fracture. And that’s just smart. I appreciate that type of care. Right? I think some people sometimes jump into a holistic type of, of care. Like I say, holistic care is not going to help a fracture. Well don’t get me wrong. It could certainly help speed recovery. And I’m sure there’s, I’m sure it could help in some way, but a fractures got to be stabilized, right? It’s gotta be you gotta put, put on the boot for six weeks and that’s just, you know, there’s not much way of getting around that. So it sounds like the same mentality here. You’re saying, you know, get a good diagnosis from a professional veterinarian. And then from there I take it, you’ll want to see that diagnosis and work with the client to understand what the vet said. And then you take it from there.

Mark Hernandez: 19:08 Listen to your vet. If your vet has recommended your pet be on an antibiotic, you know, I will never recommend that you get off the antibiotic because I’m not a medical doctor. What I will see, how I can support inner at the energetic level, you know, the recovery rate, healing of your pet. So the ideas that we’re working together to create a synergy that hopefully will make things go faster, the healing process faster. And I’ve seen that when, like you said, sometimes things are at the physical level. If someone, you know there’s a little bit dramatic but an auto accident, you don’t want someone sprinkling herbs on them. That’s not what they need right now that you want them to get the care, like you said, stabilize the acute situation and then once they’re stabilized, see how you can support with energy work. Promote their healing.

Dave Sherwin: 19:59 Okay. I want to review that list. I mean you gave a very specific list. Obviously you’ve done this long enough, you know, the top conditions, and I, I’m trying to remember. I think the number one was, was a urination or in the house, right?

Mark Hernandez: 20:14 Improper elimination is the proper term. But better known as peeing and pooing.

Dave Sherwin: 20:19 peeing and pooing in the house. Obviously that would be a nasty thing for people to deal with. And so I assume this is mostly with an older dog who was trained and everything was fine, or a cat I suppose end and then all of a sudden as they get older, this kicks in and needs to be dealt with. Is that the most common situation?

Mark Hernandez: 20:39 Yeah, I’ve seen it with like pet sitter to. I’ll go and start, you know, they know where to go so you know. But I always tell them if they’re doing that, take your pet to the vet, make sure there’s no infection, something going on that’s causing that. Okay. If we ruled that out, let’s see what’s going on with the energetic level. Here’s what happened. Lots of times, pets, whatever the issue is, the peeing and pooing, the anxiety. There are two main reasons. One, pets will often take on the energies that are taking place in a household. So let’s say there’s a family and the couples going through some work stress, a lot of stress at work. The animals will often take on those energies to try to take off the humans or if there’s a lot of fighting in the relationship. Once again, the pets try to help us out, take on the stuff and get out of whack themselves, so that’s one major source of their imbalances. The other stuff is toxicity. Every session for the last two years, we had a person, animal toxicity, cell phone, radiation, Wifi. Those are two big things and it’s not uncommon to see the mercury there from vaccination pets. Vaccinations often comes up pretty frequently and other sources of imbalances. Let me add to pets can have their own life issues too, so that’s putting it all on the humans but are the environment, but those are the top two, the people’s stuff going on the house and the toxicity.

Dave Sherwin: 22:03 Could you give us a case study of how you’ve worked with an animal with a situation

Mark Hernandez: 22:09 Of the peeing and pooing?

Dave Sherwin: 22:10 Yeah. Maybe pick out a a certain story or example that comes to mind and how you dealt with it so that we can understand what you would do if we. If we came to you with this problem, how do you deal with it?

Mark Hernandez: 22:22 Right. So, uh, so a typical consultation, the client comes to me with an issue at PDM pooing. Okay. I’ll say, let’s say it’s a, a dog Rover. Okay. How long has Rover been doing this? Oh, it’s been going on six months, but it’s really gotten intense over the last year. So if they’re coming to me I’ll ask them also to rate it. Zero. No issue, no peeing and pooing 10 peeing and pooing to the Max. If they’re doing a consultation with me, it’s usually level seven or higher. Okay. So with that information, that’s pretty much the information I need. Would that information? The next steps I do is first of all, I tune into the animal first, make sure that the animal energetically testable, which means the animal is properly hydrated and the spine, the line, I can get that information energetically to when I’m working with a pet, I test on myself, so I don’t need to physically touch the pet.

Mark Hernandez: 23:19 I can access the field of information and get that. And the third step before starting the session is I ask for for help from above, from universal source, God, creator, whatever works for people, because I’m very clear. That’s where the changes in healing comes from. So once we’ve done that, I’ll ask the animal energetically, I’m looking at my body code charts and ask the reason for this peeing and pooing out my body code charts. I’ll take them to an area. Let’s just say it’s toxins, emf, electromagnetic frequencies. I’ll ask the body, do I need to know more? Know often say no, I’ll just release it. Do Three. Swipes, one, two, three. Both in the emotion code and the body code. The original protocol Dr. Nelson developed was to do three swipes of a magnet since I’m kind of proxy for the Animal. The original protocol called for me to swipe the magnet three times over the governing Meridian.

Mark Hernandez: 24:17 The governing Meridian for those that are a little familiar with acupuncture, that governing Meridian starts at the top of the lip, top of lip, and goes all the way down the spinal column, the back of a person or human. Okay. The governing meridian is kind of like the grand central station of the energy system, so by swiping the magnet and through intention will release that trapped energy. In this case I mentioned emfs, so one, two, three. It will release when the field as I’m doing it. Sometimes the person or animal is aware of the issue. I mean the release. Other Times they’re not and I know it’s gone. Then I’ll ask the body of the next reason. Okay. A toxicity. Vaccinations. How many? One, two, three, four, five, five vaccinations. Do I need to know more? Probably the mercury and other junk in there.

Mark Hernandez: 25:04 Release it. One, two, three. Gone. So I keep going until the body will either tell me the animal’s body there. We’re completely done with the issue or we’re done for today. So I’ll close out the session and now I often will track the energy. What I mean by tracking the energy is  I’ll say there was so much change and this is a likely trajectory. Okay. This is a likely trajectory. It’s definitely not set in stone, but that’s okay. Today, with the peeing and pooing issue, there was a 90 percent change with the issue. Right now your pet is a two percent consciously aware of the chains, so probably for the next stretch of days you’re going to continue seeing the peeing and pooing in your house. Okay? It’s not going to go wait tonight, uh, the cat will be fully or the animal will be fully aware of the change in two weeks, 10 days, three weeks, a month. The peeing and pooling usually takes about three weeks to a month to fully clear out. And that’s how the session ends.

Dave Sherwin: 26:08 I’m familiar with this and, and, uh, and I know a lot of people listening right now, Mark’s, they’re not familiar with it and they’re probably for those that are skeptical. I’ve got a, I’ve got to share something with you right now. I, like I said in my family, we’ve been doing this, including what we is called proxy work. Uh, at least that’s what our local chiropractor calls it in. And, uh, it’s when someone remotely can be worked on with someone else acting as proxy. It sounds crazy. And I had absolutely no confidence in it at all- zero, and my wife would do it anyways if our kids were away and they were having any type of a medical problem or pain or whatever, she’d go to Dr. Joe act as proxy for them and tell them about it. And I thought, well, it’s probably just placebo, but who cares if they think it works, that’s fine.

Dave Sherwin: 27:02 But I got to tell you, one day my daughter who lived in Atlanta at the time and was pregnant, her husband was going to Georgia Tech getting his master’s degree and so there they are in Atlanta. We’re in, we’re in Utah, and I’m talking to my wife on the phone. She says, where are you going? I said, Oh, I’m going to get a adjustment with Dr Joe. Oh, Jessica was wondering if she could get a proxy adjustment. Well, I’d never done it before and I’m looking. I’m like rolling my eyes. Yeah, sure, sure, I’ll do that. So I get my adjustment. And then I said, oh, by the way, my daughter Jessica wants to get an adjustment by proxy. Can you do that? He’s like, sure. And so he goes to the procedure, I said something like, I am acting as Jessica, uh, or along those lines, and then immediately my hips shifted.

Dave Sherwin: 27:54 It was just the weirdest thing. Right? Then Dr. Joe goes, oh my gosh, is something wrong with her hip? I said, I don’t know. My wife just said she needed an adjustment. He goes, well, her hip is way out. I was like, what the heck? So he adjusts me. Okay. And then when he’s done, there’s an ending, were ending words. I said something like, I am no longer acting as Jessica whatever. And uh, and I went on my merry way, but I was just surprised there was like this very specific response and he worked on her right hip. And so when I got home I said, hey, what exactly was it with Jessica? Why did she want an adjustment? She’s, oh, her right hip is out. It’s really bugging her. I was like, you’ve got to be kidding me. I was absolutely shocked because I wasn’t told what the problem was. I was only told she wanted an adjustment. So for those of you listening, I’m just telling you, that was my experience. That’s what happen. Jessica felt better after that. And so mark, you’re, you’re probably just smiling because you deal with this all the time.

Mark Hernandez: 29:02 Yeah, and definitely using case in your case, you as a proxy is obviously one way and very effective for doing the type of work he was doing, obviously did an excellent job. And one way I do again, I have a person’s permission first so I have their permission to work with their field and I basically just pull up a virtual hologram of the person and see what’s going on.

Dave Sherwin: 29:29 Well, it’s such an interesting world. Let’s jump into number two though. You talked about urination. Now the other was the second one, excessive barking.

Mark Hernandez: 29:37 Yeah, that one’s separation anxiety. Lots  of times people leave their pets at home. They come and you know, they get home and they’re just like following them everywhere. Or uh, sometimes they’ll act out their separation anxiety, tear things up in the apartment or the home. So again, each case is unique and different, but what I find is usually a, often the pet parent has anxiety in himself or her, usually her herself because frequently women, they come to me and again, so we work with, we’ll work with the pet, but then it comes up, know if you choose, you could use some sessions to help yourself up your pet. I, along those lines, this is a little bit different, but I was recently in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. That a fair and this a younger woman in her thirties came up and uh, she, she wanted me to help her cat with digestive issues.

Mark Hernandez: 30:33 Okay. Kind of like the bed. It said it was like them ibs. Okay. So in the course of doing the session, you know, you ask the cat has some of its own issues, but ultimately virtually everything was tracking back to her. Okay. She had a heart wall. She’s going through a lot of tough stuff herself. The cat was taking it on and as I’m doing it she started crying, which, which is great. Release the emotions, feel it, let it go, because she knew that she was the source of a lot of the cat’s health challenges.

Dave Sherwin: 31:07 So interesting. I think it’s commonly held by, by a lot of people that animals take on the personality of the owners and you framed it a little bit differently, uh, hear a similar concept, but to me a little bit differently in that they can take on the energy of their, of their owners are. And so what they’re owners might be going through they can take onto themselves. So that’s very interesting concept.

Mark Hernandez: 31:31 Yeah, absolutely. I mean, and also people can take on energies. We all know people that are empaths that are kind of like sponges for everyone’s, you know, junk, energetic, junk and that kind of collect it and get imbalanced themselves. So,yeah, but people in animals can absorb the emotions or energies of others or even spaces. What, let me have what I find as a rule of thumb, again, as a rule of thumb, if an animals and pets in pretty good shape overall and something changes, usually they will clear up, usually in fairly short order. One, two, maybe three, but usually they’re in pretty good shape pretty quickly. Okay. Now if it’s a rescue pet that’s been through trauma and abuse, different forms that were rescued, that they have something going on, like they’re really aggressive or really scared of people that’s usually going to take a series of sessions that period of time.

Dave Sherwin: 32:28 Yeah. Well that makes sense and I appreciate you being realistic about that. Although it is exciting also to know that some of these problems could be solved fairly quickly in a noninvasive type of a manner. It’s just a fascinating world and, and frankly I think you’ve covered it so well. I imagine people listening, if they’re having problems with their pets are probably at the point of, of saying, okay, enough we get it. It sounds interesting. How would we contact you? So mark, if someone has a problem with their pet or personally, if they’re feeling, uh, you know, resonating with this and feel like they want to reach out to you, how do they reach you?

Mark Hernandez: 33:05 Yeah, several ways. First of all, they give me a call, let me give you my number. So if people want to grab a pen and paper. Okay. My phone number is area code 210-775-2696, that’s one way that they can contact me. Also, feel free to visit my website, peopleandpetsenergetics.com. There you’ll find contact information and you can send me a message. You can visit my website, check out the articles, other appearances I’ve had on the media and we can go from there.

Dave Sherwin: 34:03 Well this has been super interesting. I’m sure people listening or are fascinated and especially those who are having any problems with their pets. You want to get ahold of mark and you are out of A. Although you work with people anywhere, you’re out of Illinois, right?

Mark Hernandez: 34:17 Yeah. I’m based in Chicago most of the time. Uh, but I work with people around the world.

Dave Sherwin: 34:23 I appreciate you being on the show. This is our first episode on anything to do with pets. So for pet lovers, I hope you enjoyed this. Mark Hernandez. Thank you so much for joining me on the show.

Mark Hernandez: 34:33 Yeah, thanks Dave. Thanks for having me.

Dave Sherwin: 34:35 It has been great, and as always, this is the Dirobi Health Show. I’m Dave Sherwin wishing you health and success.

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