Fit Body Boot Camp! With Bryce Henson

Have you finished your workout today? Great. Good for you! One more session in the books.
How’s that # on the scale looking these days?  Still need a little help getting there?Reaching a weight loss (or gain) goal can be a perplexing effort to even the most devoted gym rats.  The questions remain, Why can’t I lose my extra pounds?  What am I doing wrong?

Tradition Omission

Over the years, the “experts” have pushed a low-intensity/longer time cardio workout routine for those seeking to drop their extra pounds. (2:15)

“It’s certainly better than nothing, and will still help you be healthier to an extent, but if you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, the right combination is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
program where you work out less time at a higher intensity.”

When combining HIIT with resistance training (weights of varying sizes and types) the fat loss increases substantially.

Women who are concerned about “bulking up” will find solace in the fact that lean muscle gain increases metabolism far longer than the workout session itself–up to 48 hours after. (3:30)

A 30 minute session of HIIT combined with resistance training burns calories and extends metabolic rate to the highest degree.

Ignore the Scale

Obviously, 5 pounds of fat looks very different from 5 pounds of muscle. Top that fact off with the truth that fat does absolutely nothing for increasing metabolism. (5:00)

Shifting focus to body fat percentage gives a better indication of fitness, says Bryce. “Growing up in the midwest, I wasn’t exactly in the fitness capitol of the world.  I loved going to Taco Bell with my buddies. When I moved to California, I was introduced to circuit and resistance training, and nutrition.”

Bryce found that some good coaching and accountability helped him to take off 20 pounds of fat, and replace it with 20 pounds of muscle…and there’s a fun story behind this transformation.

“My new friends in southern Cal body-shamed me at a pool party one day, and this was kind of a wake-up call for me.” Bryce decided if he was going to live in a state where going to the beach and spending a lot of time in the outdoors was a daily event, he needed to make some changes.  “I wasn’t super out of shape or anything,” remembers Bryce, “but my body needed a little changing.”

Instead of feeling offended or upset about the pool party embarrassment, Bryce went to work. He started asking questions about how his friends became the Greek Gods they looked like.

You can weigh exactly the same as you did before, but look completely different when you lose fat and replace it with muscle. It’s all about having more energy and health, not just improved self-confidence. We can’t afford to be unfit…health problems=$ problems. (32:00)

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Fit Body Boot Camp

Cross-Fits and Orange Theories are everywhere, but there’s a unique vibe to this new franchise, which is the fastest growing fitness gym in North America currently.

“People come to us for results, and we have 3 different programs designed to accommodate each individual’s preferences and goals.” (8:00).

  • The Metabolic Conditioning Workout (emphasis on cardio) focuses mostly on getting the heart rate up and increasing metabolism.
  • The Strength Workout has an emphasis on resistance/weight training.
  • The Classic Workout is a great combination of both cardio/resistance training.

“All 3 workouts combine metabolic conditioning with strength training to get the best results, but the focus leans towards the name of each workout.”

Culture is Key 

The vibe of the gym and its members creates the all-important culture of belonging. CrossFit has a lean towards military respect, and Orange Theory creates a “high-end” feel. “The relationships formed and encouraged at gyms is what keeps people coming back for more.” Otherwise, they would just go to a Planet Fitness or Vasa for their daily routines.

“A fun, uplifting,  friendly environment based on strong relationships with the coaches is what keeps our members active.”

  • Training programs are recommended based on the fitness goals of each member…each is unique.
  • Clients begin with a 3 X per week baseline schedule most often, typically increasing to 4-6

The Sweet Spot

Fit Body Boot Camp is famous for its 30 minute workouts…no more and no less. But why? Shouldn’t we spend hours at the gym to get fit? Is there really another way? (12:15)

  • 30 minutes allows each member to get a full-body workout incorporating the HiiT techniques.
  • After about 12 weeks or ramping up, most clients can go a full 30 minutes of HiiT, or “full-force” training.
  • 30 minute time limits on working out help participants to avoid burnout and quitting on their newfound routines.

“Typical Fit Body Boot Camp members are common, everyday people, not athletes. For most, 3 workouts a week is a great start. Hydration and sleep are also critical habits we focus on to improve while ramping up.”

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Nutrition Transition

“Nutrition and movement go hand-in-hand, but many times our coaches specialize in only one or the other. So what we’ve found is, our clients have the option of selecting the Boot Camp Baseline model (which covers all the physical training), or the Boot Camp Plus model, which gives all the coaching and training, but you also get nutrition coaching as well.” (17:45)

Custom designed workouts are accessible to everyone, no matter where you live. (Go to your app store and search for the FitBody App)

  • Nutrition coaching can be done in person, or over the phone.  Tracking what you eat is a great way to figure out what your optimal diet should be.
  • Whole-food, low-sugar diets are highly encouraged.  Proteins, carbs and fats all play an important   role.  No crazy fads here.
  • 12-week cycles of goal setting, working out and evaluation are optimal.

Abs are Nice, But Overrated

Have you ever heard of the saying that “Abs are made in the kitchen…not the gym”?  Well apparently this is mostly true.

“Everyone’s body responds to working out, but genetics plays a huge role. Body builders will train hard for competitions and dramatically reduce calories for about 90-120 days prior to their events. Then they take a break and are not nearly close to their peak fitness in their off-season.” The damage sustained during these body-building months is substantial. Immune systems may be compromised, dehydration is common, and the stress on the body is extremely unhealthy.

The cost for lean abs is too high for most people…They require great sacrifice, says Bryce.  (27:45)

Getting back to the basics will help us all prepare for new challenges, says Bryce.  Whether those are physical, mental, or emotional, being fit will help us face anything the future brings.

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