Top Tips for Flat Abs After 40

Top Tips for Flat Abs After 40

Let’s be real here. Everything is harder to achieve in the physical fitness world when you’re over 40 (Don’t tell that to Tom Brady — He might be an alien)! Especially, when having to achieve or maintain a rock-hard, well-sculpted and flat abs.

We eat 3 jelly beans, and our thighs grow 1/2 an inch. Our over-40 bodies could care less that we spend an hour on the treadmill every morning. Metabolism is disappearing like our hair lines, and we begin to wonder if maybe our waning eyesight is a God-given mechanism to reduce our depression caused by our physical decline!

But there’s hope. Look around, and you’ll see a few over-40 crowd who have found the magic formula for looking great and competing with the youngsters.

Want Flat Abs? Keep Tabs On Your Body Fat

Weight Vs. Body Fat %

Scales are a cheap, accurate and useful tool for keeping tabs on our weight. But did you know that for under $50, you can find a scale on Amazon that accurately measures your body fat?

This, says the experts, is the real measurement of health.

“Any goal worth accomplishing is worth tracking,” says celebrity and CEO trainer Lisa G, “and pre and post menopausal hormones make it harder to lose that excess fat.”

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The Good News

You can win this battle of the muffin-top with a few tried and true tips:

  • Use A Body Fat Scale And A Measuring Tape: First, lets address goal number one is to make sure you aren’t in the visceral fat “danger range.” Women, you need to keep your waistline under 36″, and Men, keep yours under 40″ for most body types. Any more than that is an indication that you have too much visceral fat, raising your risk of metabolic diseases. Since fat is reduced in over-all fashion when burned, the smaller waistline translates to lowered fat over the entire body.
  • Write Down Your Starting Point: A great way to track your progress is to know your baseline.
  • Muscle Is Good: One more reason to pay attention to fat % rather than the scale is that muscle weighs almost twice as much as fat. Lean muscle looks fantastic on our bodies, ladies. Don’t shun the muscles. Keep in mind that muscle is hard to overplay, and keeps your fat-burning level higher the more you have. Estrogen levels decline after 40, so most older gals will not bulk up even if they work out like The Rock.
  • Avoid Sugar: Sugar is an enemy to the aging body. It literally speeds up the aging of our cells, and acts like starter fluid on tinder to store fat on our bodies. Watch out for anything that comes in a box or a wrapper at the grocery store… It is not your friend.

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  • Planks: Beginners – Start on your knees and elbows for 30 seconds, and work up to a minute or more. Repeat as many times as you can each session.
  • Planks: Advanced – Start on your toes and elbows, holding for 1 minute and working towards more. Tighten those abs on each exhale for added benefit.
  • Focus On Those Veggies, Proteins And Healthy Fats: Every meal, even breakfast can contain these vital food groups. Get creative.
  • Intermittent Fasting: Push back breakfast til’ late morning, and keep your eating window limited to 8-12 hours each day. Remember that your cells are in repair mode during fasting periods… It’s great for your body!
  • Supplements: When the body gets older, it’s harder for it to produce all of the vital nutrients it needs. Enter High-End quality supplements to make up the difference!

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Our bodies can’t lose the weight if it’s constantly trying to repair all the broken cells. Give it the tools it needs to be a master construction operation from the inside out!

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