Go From Stuck to Unstoppable in All Areas of Your Life with Lisa Goldenthal

Imagine your dream body, your dream career, your dream life. What if you could make that all into reality? With Lisa Goldenthal’s expertise as a best-selling author of the Boss Weight Loss and creator of the original Skinny Jeans Workout, you have the opportunity to do just that: to go from stuck to unstoppable in all areas of life –wellness, weight loss, business, and mindset!


How Lisa Got Started in the Wellness Industry


I’ve actually never really known any other career my whole life. I started at the beginning with teaching exercise classes.


I’m a pretty anxious type of person so I think I gravitated towards exercise from the beginning because it calms me. If I ever feel anxious and stressed, if I jump up and down for a few minutes, it calms me down. 


So, I’ve just always been passionate about fitness and I always saw a huge future in business. I’ve always been in the same industry but it just changes all the time. 


Whether it’s spinning, running, teaching classes back in the day, to now coaching high level executives. I really feel like I have a message to share and I’m passionate about longevity as I get older and my clients get older. “It’s not just about the vanity metrics anymore. It’s all about the added value that fitness can bring to your life.” [2:55]

The Biggest Improvements that Lisa has Seen in Exercise Science 


All the easy buttons –I’ve fallen victim to all the crazy diets there ever was. I will be a guinea pig and try whatever it is. 


I think we’ve come full circle. Although, I do support a lot of nutritional products, I think now it’s not about the fads and the crazy diets, it’s about, we’ve been through a couple of crazy years here. 


“Never has health and wellness, both mental and physical been more important. We’re going on our third year here of insanity. Having a healthy mindset and healthy body and healthy diet is a necessity now. [4:20]

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What to Do With a Lack of Resources


There were so many of us in the wellness space that felt victimized by this pandemic and felt like, “Here we are doing anything and everything to take care of our immune system and the mental and emotional benefits of exercise are so well documented. It’s the best mood booster there is. 


I’d say at least 4 out of 10 people struggled with their mental health and their physical health even more so.


It’s crazy that the CDC didn’t recommend exercise, meditation, other stress relief, getting support, all kinds of nutritional stuff. It’s crazy that they actually closed down the gyms –the one place where people could actually boost their immune system. 


Difficulties Around Weight Loss


I have so much of an easier time getting men to lose weight than women. I don’t want anyone to be offended by this but I have systems in place where I can help people lose weight, but a lot of times you’re not tracking. 


If weight loss is a goal and you’re saying nothing works, you need to have a lot of data to support you and a coach to hold you to the highest level of accountability that you can send your data to on a weekly basis. 


All good systems work when you work them. If you’re not getting support you might not know that if it didn’t work, you have to try something else. [9:02]


Weight loss is one of those frustrating things –you hit plateaus. There’s all of these people and I’ve felt their pain about being able to create social distance from the fridge because we’ve all been way too close to the fridge. 


So, how do you remedy that? 


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Intermittent Fasting


I am obsessed with intermittent fasting and intermittent nutritional fasting. Those strategies work but it’s hard work. 


“In order to accomplish anything great in life, you have to do the hard things.” My road to success has never been a straight road –it’s been a really bumpy road.


Fasting is not easy but you have to drink enough water, you have to pick a plan that works and you have to get support along the journey, and never give up on your goals. 


Differences between Intermittent Fasting for Men & Women


Men find intermittent fasting incredibly easy. They get amazing results. 


For women, there’s a lot more emotions involved because we mess with our own hormones by not eating a certain amount of times. There’s moodiness and hormone fluctuations that can happen with intermittent fasting. 


For women, I would say, maybe instead of the of the 16 hour protocol, maybe you can do the 14 and 10 hour protocol. Just skip breakfast. The dogma that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is not true anymore. You can have coffee, tea, water and stay busy in the morning. 


Then, amazing things happen within your body. It’s not even just about weight loss. You’re getting cellular regeneration that allows you to fight aging and disease. 


I would say, just start small with intermittent fasting. [22:54]


Find Your Why


Why do you want to lose weight? 


Start with the why. You want to get to the why that makes you cry. 


Why do you want this? It can’t be, “I want to look hot on the beach.” Why do you want to look hot on the beach?…”Because I’m single and I want to attract the right guy.” Well, why do you want to attract the right guy? “Because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone.”


Then keep going from there and get to the roots. [11:27]


Dealing with Plateaus 


There’s always going to be plateaus on that bumpy road to success. 


  • Don’t start too big 


I would say it’s good to have short, medium and long term goals but try to not do it all at once. If in 3 months from now you want to lose 10lbs, you already know your what and you know your why, making sure it’s a SMART goal (smart, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound). 


Then, you have to reverse engineer that goal for the short-term goal. 


  • What is your first step?


When you know your what, your why, and your 90 day time frame, you can chunk that down into smaller time frames like weekly goals.


  • Never give up on your dream big goal


I focus on my goals all the time. I focus on them first thing in the morning when I wake up and do my morning mindset routine, focusing on what I want and why and how.


Then, at night, I’ll focus on it again. 


Instead of focusing on what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow, being present in the present moment and what can I do today to make one small step? Can I drink half of my body weight in ounces of water? Can I move my body for 10 minutes every day this week and maybe 15 minutes next week? 


Try to find chunks of stuff you can do one step at a time, one week at a time. 


Those are habits that can stack upon each other. Because the first week you accomplished the water, then you have a good sense of accomplishment and can build on that and add an exercise goal, and so on. [15:12]




If you eat a lot of carbs and sugar, you will gain weight as opposed to losing it. 


My recommendation is to eat less carbs, more healthy fats, more healthy protein and take the things that come in a box; the processed foods and get those out of your diet. 


Aging can be reversed when you make these changes. The information in your body can still be young again –it still exists in your DNA. We’re all born with a perfect set of genetic information and here’s how to fix it:


  • Reduce your calories 
  • Eat clean 
  • Fill your plate with veggies, soups and salads 
  • Eat enough protein



Lisa’s Favorite Meals


I like to make meals fast and healthier. I love things that are semi-homemade.


For example, I’ll buy a bag of frozen shrimp and cook it up really quickly or I’ll do meal prep and prep a bunch of healthy stuff to keep in the fridge. 


I love to make turkey meatballs, cauliflower mash, roasted shrimp, smoked salmon, salads, use real butter and real olive oil, and vegetables. When I’m really dialed in, my diet is really all about protein and vegetables.


A hack if you don’t like to eat the same things all the time is to prepare the same foods in different ways. For example, change the seasonings or pair the foods differently to provide variety in texture.


How to Show Up and See Results


If you’re not losing weight and weight loss is a goal, you need to have a four word vision statement. You need to be a visionary and think and frame it as if it has already happened. 


Whatever your three adjectives and one noun is, state those and focus on them all throughout your day and never give up on your dream big goal.


Remember, just break down the goal into bite size pieces and frame your goal as if you are already there. [44:50]


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