Gamify Your Way to Superior Health with Matt Ferguson and the Life Extend App

Health apps can be extremely helpful with staying on track, reaching goals, and with building better habits. One of the best health apps out there that allows you to truly gamify your way to superior health is Life Extend, by Lifeomic.

Matt Ferguson, one of the developers of Life Extend, shares the ins and outs on how you can transform your health through their science backed nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits all located in the app.

What brought you to Life Omic? Gamify Your Way to Superior Health with Matt Ferguson

I’ve worked in tech for about 15 years now. I have an undergrad in kinesiology and a masters in biomechanics. Originally, I was dead set on being a professor and then I figured out that you have to get a PHD for that, and realized I really hate scientific writing which is pretty important in that field. 

I then started working in healthcare technology because those were two passions that I had and I spent a decade at WebMD. During my time at WedMD, I spent a lot of time designing and implementing wellness programming for large employer groups and health systems. 

About three and half years ago I landed at Life Omic. I heard about Don’s vision about precision medicine and empowering users while empowering clinicians. It’s been fantastic being at the company because that vision is something we’re all really passionate about. 

Healthcare has really struggled to be disrupted. It’s very entrenched in traditional things so we saw an opportunity to leverage technology to try to change how people take care of themselves, how doctors treat them, and how people take an active role in their health and really prevent disease and chronic conditions.

There’s so much research coming out now that’s really supercharged around how many things you can do. Even small things on a daily basis to be healthy and longer.

That’s really the genesis of where Life Extend came about was trying to take all of that research that frankly hardly ever gets out of the scientific journal and really distill that down to very simple things for people. How can we make it approachable and simple for people to do the things that they love to do longer in life? Core value of life

The Core Value of Life Extend

How do we take a massive body of science and make that approachable and simple for a user?

A lot of people know that they need to be healthier but it can be really hard to do and can seem daunting. 

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The App’s Layout

Right when the user gets into the app they’re faced with 5 colorful pillars. We’ve tried to boil everything down to if nothing else, just open the app and try to fill up your pillars everyday. 

What the pillars represent are healthy plants, activity, mindfulness, sleep and intermittent fasting. We’ve been very particular on how we’ve phrased each pillar. 

With the pillars we’ve made tracking as simple or complex as you want and we even integrate with devices and wearables. 

We’re a very researched based company so everything is going to have a scientific background behind it on why we are saying you should do this or that. 

The Social Aspect of Life Extend

You can track and see if you’re doing these healthy things that you know you need to do which is all great but what really ties it all together is the social aspect. 

A lot of encouragement is involved with the social aspect of the app where people can join circles and hear from life coaches like yours truly, Dave Sherwin in the Dirobi Health circle. 

Results Shown From Using Life Extend

If you fill your pillars everyday and you’re at an unhealthy weight, the chances are that your weight will come down because you’re focusing on a lot of really healthy things. 

The weight loss results we’ve seen with the app has been significant. About 40% of the people we looked at lost 5% or more of their starting body weight which is usually a clinical benchmark. If you’re going to a weight loss clinic or working with your clinician, an initial bench mark is usually set to lose 5% of starting body weight. 

We also saw around 18-20% lost 10% of their starting body weight. Once you start in that weight loss bucket of 10% or more is when you start drastically reducing the risk of chronic conditions or diseases. If you already have a chronic condition, the management of that gets significantly better. 

All of that is just one outcome metric that we looked at and that’s with very little involvement from any kind of health care professional or even us. We’re just building the app and people are using it, and seeing a lot of amazing results. 

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Life Extend’s Goal 

Every person’s health journey is very different and we’re just trying to supply the tools to make it easier. 


You don’t have to run marathons and you don’t have to be a vegetarian. Those are all good things and if that’s what motivates you, awesome. Though, some simple things done regularly will make such a huge difference over time. It’s a long game, not a quick fix.

Just find some way to do these things and how you can fit them into your life. Don’t worry about not doing other things, just try and do these things. Focus on what you should do not what you shouldn’t do.

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