Glutathione Spray: Uses and Risks

You want to increase your health as a whole. But there are a lot of ways that you read about doing this from a lot of different sources. That makes it tricky when you need to make a decision that is best for you, your body and your lifestyle. 

What supplements are you supposed to take? How do you know if the ones you hear about so often are safe to consume? What trustworthy resources can you turn to when you are on the hunt for the right information? 

It all starts with glutathione. More specifically, you can continue your journey to better health and a more sustainable healthy lifestyle with glutathione spray. 

Today, we are going to talk about glutathione spray, how it might help you and its possible risks/side effects. 

What is a Glutathione Spray?

Glutathione spray sounds great. But you might not know what glutathione is, even if you have seen supplements like L-glutathione on the shelves of your local health store. 

And as always, that is why we are here to help. We are the experts on achieving your personal health goals for a better you at every age. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And in the meantime, keep reading for more.)

Glutathione occurs naturally in your body. It is an antioxidant that your cells produce. And three different amino acids make it up: glutamine, glycine and cysteine. Since glutathione is an antioxidant, it fights against free radicals that plague your body’s cells. Free radicals are molecules that can harm the cells in your body

But glutathione also has many other potential health benefits. The list goes on and on, but we have more information on those benefits below. 

As you age, you may diminish your body’s natural supply of glutathione. There are many other reasons you might have a deficiency or need a glutathione supplement to boost your health. 

Now, what is a glutathione spray? 

In a nutshell, there are a good bit of glutathione supplements on the market. They come in various forms, like nasal suppositories and liquid glutathione. There are also newer forms, like trizomal glutathione and nasal spray glutathione. Then there are ones that lots of people do not prefer, such as IV glutathione and glutathione injections. 

Glutathione spray is another way to supplement your diet with a powerful antioxidant. But it avoids the unfavorable, like needles and sticking suppositories up your nasal cavity. Instead, you simply dispense the glutathione spray into your mouth. There is a handful to choose from, like ones with an ACG supplement. 

But our favorite is Mimi’s Miracle Glutathione (Spray) by none other than Dirobi. More on that later. 

What is a Glutathione Spray Used for?

We mentioned the possible perks of using glutathione spray earlier. But it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. 

Below, you will find nine possible benefits of using a glutathione spray. If you have any more questions after reading through them, click here to schedule your 20-minute consultation with Dirobi owner Dave Sherwin. 

Powerful Antioxidant

If you pick the right glutathione spray, you could increase your body’s natural glutathione levels in no time. Mimi’s Miracle Glutathione (Spray) has up to twice as much glutathione concentration as similar supplements. This means that Dirobi made it to be the most powerful and effective antioxidant supplement out there. 

But why is glutathione so powerful to begin with? Well, you will find it in almost every single one of your body’s cells. And it has close to the same concentration in each cell as other vital nutrients that boost energy levels and cellular function. That’s some serious power. 

Helps Keep Your Liver FunctioningHelps Keep Your Liver Functioning

One of the reasons you might have a glutathione deficiency is because of your liver. Fatty liver disease can either be because of alcohol- or non-alcohol-related damage. But the cell damage is there nonetheless with this disease. 

With this condition, your liver cells die. And it could become a lot worse with an antioxidant deficiency. Though a terrible disease, there are options to manage it. Glutathione is one of the suggested ways to do so. 

Glutathione can help to boost your blood’s protein, enzyme and bilirubin levels. This could be especially true for those with fatty liver disease (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). 

But wouldn’t you have to get a large IV dose of glutathione to achieve that? Not necessarily. 

The NIH cites a small study. In the study, oral doses of glutathione (like glutathione spray) helped patients with fatty liver disease. The subjects of the study took 300 milligrams of glutathione supplement every day for four months. And the positive results speak for themselves. 

Helps to Increase Sperm Count

Fertility is a concern for many couples. But did you know that a glutathione deficiency could be at fault for fertility issues? Oxidative stress, those free radicals that glutathione fights against, can impact the health of your sperm

But you can battle that by starting at the source and increasing your glutathione levels. 

Ann Arbor Holistic Health says that there is plenty of clinical research on the subject. They say that men who have an infertility diagnosis prove to experience increased levels of oxidative stress. That means they may have lower-quality sperm to match. 

Helps in Breaking Down Some Free Radicals

Let’s talk about those free radicals some more. We have to get more in-depth about the details of oxidative stress in order to understand how to combat it. 

So you know that your body produces free radicals no matter what. But when you cannot fight them off (for any number of reasons), this leads to an imbalance. That imbalance is the root of oxidative stress and why it happens. 

If you end up with too much oxidative stress, you could be more at-risk for other, more-serious diseases later on. Arthritis, cancer and diabetes are just some of them. 

But when you take glutathione to fight against that imbalance, you could be helping your future self’s health. 

Helps Develop Certain Enzymes

Glutathione plays a distinct role in developing other enzymes your body needs. 

Science Direct says that in general, people do not know very much about glutathione-dependent enzymes. But that has to change. To synthesize necessary bodily processes, we need these enzymes. And one of the top ways to do that is to make sure you have the right levels of glutathione in your body. 

Helps in Regenerating Vitamins C and E

Helps in Regenerating Vitamins C and E

Again, glutathione is your body’s most treasured antioxidant. And it has a domino effect on other natural processes you need to live a long and healthy life. 

Vitamins C and E are a prime example of that. They also help to rid your body of oxidants and protect you in a proactive way from cell damage. 

And glutathione recycles both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

Helps Unwanted Cells to Be Disposed of Naturally (Apoptosis)

Apoptosis is a process your body has to carry out to keep your organs and tissues healthy. But apoptotic cell death can happen when you do not have the right amount of glutathione. 

Stress, drugs, environmental pollution and more are ways that this can happen. That is to say, you cannot always control apoptotic cell death. But you can prevent it and regulate it with the right glutathione consumption. 

Helps in Making DNA

So now you understand that glutathione fulfills a lot of roles to keep your body healthy. You can boost your energy levels, reduce carcinogens that you pick up and a lot more. 

And it also helps you in making DNA. Often, the condition that causes problems with building DNA is genetic. So one of the best ways you can help your body with this process is to supplement with glutathione spray. 

Supports Immunity Function

Autoimmune diseases are gut-wrenching to deal with in and of themselves. But most people who have serious illnesses like autoimmune disorders have a glutathione deficiency

Chronic inflammation is a common side effect of these sorts of diseases. That inflammation elevates oxidative stress. Lupus and celiac disease, among others, are examples of these autoimmune disorders. 

NIH references a study where glutathione can decrease oxidative stress from some of these autoimmune diseases. 

Possible Risks Side Effects in Taking Glutathione RegularlyPossible Risks/Side Effects in Taking Glutathione Regularly

As you can see, glutathione is a powerhouse of an antioxidant. But as with all supplements, there could be some potential side effects

Regular use of glutathione supplements over a long period of time may lead to lower levels of zinc in your body. And some glutathione supplements, unlike glutathione spray, come in the form of inhalants. These inhalants might cause asthma attacks in asthmatic patients. 

As with other changes to your lifestyle and diet, consult with your doctor first. You may be sensitive to glutathione or have an underlying health condition or other prescription drug that means you could not take it. 


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