Hitting the Health Reset Button with Sara Banta!

Sara Banta, owner of Accelerated Health Products in addition and host of Accelerated Health Radio and TV helps her clients and listeners reach their optimal state of health through proper frequency enhanced detox supplements, cutting edge technologies, and modalities.

Her journey hit rock bottom about 15 years ago suffering from Crohn’s disease, hormonal issues, PCOS and heavy metal toxicity.  After Western medicine couldn’t give her answers or solutions, she discovered natural solutions that actually worked.  As she was on her journey, she was hit with her 9 year old son’s diagnosis of leukemia.  It was that moment that she knew she had a bigger calling in life; to open people’s eyes to the world of natural healing. Fast forward to today where she serves her clients and listeners with cutting edge protocols that combine Scalar frequency-based supplements, Chinese medicine, healing devices and much more to detox, reset and rebuild their body, mind and spirit.

A lot has changed since we’ve last talked! Tell us what you’ve been up to in the health space! Hitting the Health Reset Button with Sara Banta

Something really exciting that I’ve been doing is focusing on frequency medicine; taking supplements and enhancing them with scalar frequencies. 

The scalar frequencies enhances the benefits of a supplement above and beyond any other product in the market. 

I’ve also been focusing on modalities and technologies that can heal the body naturally through frequencies, and even patches. You can wear patches that increase stem cell production through phototherapy. 

There’s a whole world that’s opened up since we’ve last talked. 

Resetting Your Health with Proper Supplements  


Iodine was used for the Spanish flu in 1918 which was a pandemic then. Iodine is known to help with your thyroid health, to devitalize viruses, bacteria, parasites, and is also extremely important for depression. If you’re iodine deficient it’s the number one predictor for depression.

The Acceler Iodine also helps detox the body of heavy metals and radiation. 

Iodine in Foods

Our food sources, soils, water and seafood used to be full of iodine and we used to not need to take a supplement. Now, a lot of the sources of iodine are contaminated with heavy metals and radiation. 

Hitting the Health Reset Button with Sara Banta96% of the United States is deficient in Iodine.

Some would then say to do iodine salt instead. Though, iodine salt strips all of the other minerals out of the salt other than the sodium. 36 out of 39 salts that were tested in a study were full of micro plastics. You have to be very careful with the salts that you’re taking. 

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NucNoMore for Radiation

In 2021, we are being bombarded with a whole other level of heavy metals and radiation. It’s really important to detox the body to make sure the liver and the kidneys are working correctly. Our liver and kidneys were amazing for our ancestors and they did not have the toxin overload that we’re bombarded with right now. 

Even if you’re eating every whole food that’s all organic. Some of those organic crops are being over sprayed with a GMO and other things.

We’re also being exposed heavily to radiation with video, cellphones, etc.

The NucNoMore is a scalar enhanced frequency remedy that zeros you out of all non ionizing and ionizing radiation. That is the only supplement that I know of that zeros you out of all radiation. 

Though, if you don’t have a sufficient amount of iodine, the NucNoMore won’t be able to work in your benefit and will attract heavy metals.

Mimi's Miracle Multivitamins

How Sara Got Into Researching Detoxing and Helping Others in Resetting their Health

The way I learned about all of this was through a mentor. When I was at my rock bottom I was loaded with heavy metals, I had Crohn’s disease, zero digestion, constipation, bloat, PCOS, had a hard time getting pregnant, acne, hair loss, etc. I was falling apart. 

My mentor used a SCIO machine which is frequency based machine that scans your body for over 10,000 items. As I would introduce different ways of eating or different supplements the bio feedback of the machine would say what was working and what wasn’t working. 

That machine is very expensive now so what I use instead is the Genius Insight app which is a mini version of the SCIO machine. 

Through voice technology, it will scan your voice and scan over 10,000 items, telling you what you are struggling with that day. It might be your kidneys, EMF exposure, maybe that you’re exhausted because you didn’t sleep last night, that you’re about to start your cycle or that your vision is bad, etc. 

Once it tells me that, I then put in a program to play back which plays music that puts the frequencies that are unbalanced back in balance. 

If something keeps coming up with the scans, then it’s time to go get a test from a doctor. Hitting the Health Reset Button with Sara Banta

This is not just a 30 day diet. This is a lifestyle change. This is opening your mind to how the body really works and giving you that power back, especially in an environment right now where everyone is so fear based.

The Health Reset Diet Plan 

The diet plan includes the silver, the Acceleradine and the Accelerated keto but it also has the Accelerated detox powder that has six organic ingredients that help soothe the intestinal tract, soak up the toxins that are getting pulled out, and takes them out of the colon. 

At the end of the cleanse we take you through a liver flush. You’re never starving through this process. Your energy increases physically and mentally, your appetite gets suppressed, and you crave healthy nutrient dense food. At the end you flush out 100’s to 1,000’s of gallstones and liver stones in the toilet. 

You liver is where you hold your anger and frustration so when you’re flushing out these physical stones, you’re also flushing out a lot of the anger and frustration that has been built up. 

Through all these different things we are reversing aging. 

Mimi's Miracle Minerals

The Importance of Protein

One thing that I don’t think people realize is the power of protein. I’m talking about wild meats such as deer, elk, fish, etc. 

Your gut has a hormone called CCK that is only triggered by Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids from protein. That CCK goes to your brain and lets you know when you’ve had enough to eat. That’s why you can easily scarf down a bag of potato chips and still be hungry. 

If you’re doing intermittent fasting and break your fast with a straight protein snack, you will increase that glucagon to insulin ratio. That means you’re going to take your fat burning up a whole other level above what you were even getting with intermittent fasting.

The other great thing about protein is that you burn 25 calories out of 100 just by digestion and increasing the heat in your body. And your body has a really hard time turning protein into fat. 

There’s a cascade of benefits when you focus on getting that protein. 

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