How To Be Healthy Over 40, 12 Great Tips for the Over 40 Crowd

How to Be Healthy In Your 40’s.

What follows are 14 summary takeaways from a 2 part podcast interview of Dirobi owner Dave Sherwin on the Over 40 Fitness Hacks podcast by Brad Williams.

Brad is a gym owner and private trainer, who focuses on the health of middle aged people, especially the over 40 crowd. And really, the following tips apply to pretty much anybody who is past college age.

Brad Williams image, over 40 fitness hacks podcast
Brad Williams, over 40 fitness hacks podcast

1. Sports as a foundation for fitness. Find something you enjoy! One of the reasons I enjoy a higher level of fitness than the average man my age is because it’s fun for me. Too many people think health and fitness has to be some kind of drudgery. Not so! Do sports and activities that you love, not ones that you think you “should.”

2. When it comes to dietary supplements, you are more likely to have deficiencies after you turn 40, so make sure you are buying from companies that do third party verification of their supplements. One hack: If they sell on Amazon, they had to prove efficacy.

3. The Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric and Glucosamine winning combo! A high quality turmeric combined with an inexpensive Glucosamine Condroitin have been compared to being like brick and mortar for your joints. When I’m taking this combo, I am pain free. If I run out, the old joint pain comes back!


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4. Brad’s experience with high levels of Vitamin C. He claims that when he takes 5 grams of vitamin C daily he has no allergy symptoms! Interesting!

dave sherwin over 40 grampa
Guys talk about their dad bod, I’m over 40 and way past that! Working on the Grampa bod now!

5. Once you are over 40, it becomes more important to get testing done. For one thing, it rules out nasty problems that may be developing, and can be treated with early detection. Also, getting nutritional blood work done shows you what you may be deficient in so you can take action!

6. Dirty Fasting! Some people haven’t adopted intermittent fasting yet because it seems like too much of a sacrifice. However, taking a small supplement stack (more on that later along with a fat based drink like bullet proof coffee can take away hunger pains, and make sure you have all the nutrients you need 24/7.

7. Some nutrients need to be ingested every 12 hours (roughly.) So, if you are doing intermittent fasting, Dirty Fasting gives you the chance to take supplements like Turmeric, Electrolytes, vitamins, Glutathione, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, and omegas, so that you don’t get depleted during your fast.

The Law of Hard Things! A struggle with the over 40 crowd.
The Law of Hard Things! A struggle with the over 40 crowd.

8. The Law of Hard Things! In short, hard things kind of suck, so people won’t generally stick with them very long. Weight loss is often a struggle with the over 40 crowd. Having been in the weight loss space since 2009, we found that a weight loss routine has to be reasonable, involve normal foods, and not be too restrictive. Our Dirobi UnDiet is what we recommend (free, download a PDF here).

9. Tip! Drink water before a meal. It helps keep you hydrated, and you eat less calories, naturally.

10. Don’t underestimate the power of a walk at sunup and sundown. The benefits to circadian rhythm, improved sleep, burning a few extra calories, and emotionally decompressing can’t be over stated.

11. Adopt a daily rehab routine on your problem areas and joints. Too many people live with weaknesses and pain that can actually be improved through mobility and rehab work. Make daily rehab part of your fitness routine, and watch your problem areas become strong again!

12. Glutathione decreases with age. I got an antioxidant test recently, the machine measured in units from zero to 100,000. I was 80,000, and the highest test the clinic had done previously was 60,000! The clinician was so impressed, and surprised. They asked me what I did different from other people, and my answer was easy and quick: Mimi’s Miracle Glutathione. There’s a reason webmd calls Glutathione The Mother of All Antioxidants!

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