How to Eat Chocolate Every Day and Stay Lean With Pro Athlete Brad Kearns

How to Eat Chocolate Every Day and Stay Lean With Pro Athlete Brad Kearns

I know what you’re thinking—clickbait title! But it’s really not. It seems hard to eat chocolate every day and maintain a lean physique. However, that is not the case with pro athlete Brad Kearns.

Brad Kearns, a New York Times best-selling author, pro triathlete, world record-holding speed golfer, and high jumper, tells us how he competes at a very high level… And… Wait for it… while eating chocolate literally EVERY DAY. Perfect!

So How Can You Eat Chocolate Every Day And Still Stay Lean?

Today we learn how an elite athlete can stay in top physical shape while indulging in a guilty pleasure, something many nutritionists don’t think is possible.

If this appeals to you, invest 20 minutes of your life and watch this video!

Listen In As I Interview Brad About Everything To Do With His Chocolate Obsession.

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