Improve Your Eyesight Naturally With Jake Steiner

Hey all you glasses and contact wearing people!  Take a look at this…
How much did you pay for those Rodenstocks this year?  Are you getting tired of foggy lenses at the gym or in the wintertime?  Always having to clean those bad boys about 10 times a day?And for you contact lovers…
Are you enjoying putting those things in your eyes each morning?  Do they ever feel like you’ve just walked across the Sahara for a week? Well take a look at this…

No One Wants To Be “That Guy”

Sometimes we feel like we’re the only ones in the room who notice the elephant.

Jake Steiner noticed some conflicting arguments in the vision industry and decided to stand up and say, “Enough of this!”

There are vision centers, eye doctors and department stores everywhere…all willing to sell you a $12 pair of Chinese made glasses for ten times that amount. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry every year, and Jake caught on.

Wearing glasses as a kid, he often found himself on the receiving end of a bully’s bad day. Glasses were seen as “dorky” or worn on kids whose dad couldn’t afford to buy contacts for them. Either way, Jake saw his glasses-wearing fate as a curse.

Fast-forward to the 80’s and 90’s, and Jake used those imperfect eyes to watch the stock market. As an analyst, he was used to digging for the truth…anything less would have cost his firm and investors an awful lot of money.

Epic Epiphanies

“My parents are both medical doctors, and I used to believe that modern medicine equals reality.” But….”When I started reading peer-reviewed studies about the causes of myopia (near-sightedness) I learned that the muscle surrounding the lens isn’t designed for close up vision,”… which is what we do most of the time. Doctors and researchers are in a little bit of denial about the treatment of poor eyesight because there’s a whole lot of money at stake.  (4:45)

  • We stare at our phones and screens all day on average for 10 hours.
    • The muscle around our eye lens gets “stuck”  because it has to focus for so long close-up.
    • Myopia is not necessarily a genetic problem–It’s a muscle spasm that isn’t allowed to relax and be useful for distance vision.
  • Glasses and contacts actually cause weakness in the eye muscles, and cause vision to get even worse. (8:30)

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Seeing Red Yet?

This is money in the bank for the eyeglass and contact industry. Blue blocking lenses are promoted to help filter out certain light, and those who need corrective lenses can’t see without them….It’s a win-win for those selling any kind of eyewear. (10:30)

Our lenses in our eyes harden with age and lose flexibility needed to focus.

  • Poor lighting in many of our work environments make it difficult for the eye muscles to work properly.
  • Rods and cones start to deteriorate with age.
    • Full-Spectrum light bulbs are best for better vision.

“I’m almost 50, and don’t need glasses, and most of the people I’ve worked with over the past 20 years don’t need them either,”  says Jake.

  • In Asia, over 80% of school children are myopic now.
    • Increased screen time during Covid=Vastly growing numbers of people with myopia.
  • 50% of U.S. adults now require some kind of eye glasses or contacts.

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